Bee Saving Paper – To Inspire and Raise Awareness

In the beautiful ecosystem we live in, all organisms live in harmony. It is important that we continue taking care of the ecosystem we live in. That includes being aware of the bees and their current situation. While many of us are scared of bees, bees play a very vital role in our ecosystem and everyday lives. Unfortunately, the population of bees is declining and this can cause disruptive effects on our ecosystem.

Did you know that almost 90% of wildflowers and 75% of agricultural crops depend on animal pollinations, such as the bees?

In fact, without bees, we won’t have as many fruits and vegetables as we have now. Without bees, the beautiful valley and meadows would be flowerless. Without bees, not only would our ecosystem be disrupted, but our economy and lifestyle would change drastically.

The United Nations has warned that the declining bee populations are a major threat to global food security.

It is important to be aware of the importance that bees play in our lives and start looking after bees. Luckily, 1 woman took the initiative to look after the bees and wanted to raise awareness for these buzzing hardworking little fellows. With her creativity, she started something to help raise awareness, inspire others, and give the bees some sugar boost. Allow me to introduce to you the quick energy drink for bees, Bee Saving Paper!

You must be wondering what is Bee Saving Paper? How does it work? And who is the amazing woman that helps the bees?

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to interview Anna Gadecka, the creator and owner of Bee Saving Paper, and get to know her and Bee Saving Paper.

Now allow me to share her journey with you.

What is Bee Saving Paper?

So what is Bee Saving Paper?
To put it simply, Bee Saving Paper is an emergency solution for tired bees that are on their way home.

Bee Saving Paper is a special type of tree-less paper that is made with glucose and upcycled lemongrass that is 100% compostable. The glucose in the paper mixed with water will create the perfect concoction that will give the tired bee enough energy to get back home.

Please remember this is a temporary solution and also the last resort for a tired bee, it is recommended that you bring the bee to a flower first instead.

This leads to the second amazing thing about Bee Saving Paper, this innovative paper has honey plant seeds embedded in it. Not only can it be temporary and quick save for bees, in the long term the paper can be planted to make future stops for the bees on their way home or new sources of food for the future. Thus, making Bee Saving Paper the perfect item for the hardworking bees.

Why do we need Bee Saving Paper?

Bumble bee flying towards flower for nectar
You must be thinking what is the point of Bee Saving Paper? Why is it important to provide bees with these energy boosts or future stops?

The truth is the bee population is declining and there are many reasons why. Including climate change, pesticides, air pollution, and the way our environment and society continue to change. With the way our environment has changed, the bees often have a hard time finding sources of nectar.

Plus, bees have a high metabolism, even with a full stomach of nectar, they can be used up in around 40 minutes, according to Professor Dave Goulson. This means in the process of going to get nectar and on the way back, they need a break. Thus, having rest stops can be very helpful.

Bee Saving Paper is here to provide both temporary and permanent solutions to help raise awareness of bees. If the bee is truly tired and placing them on a flower is not working, giving them a tiny bit of glucose water can help them reach home.

As for the long run, plant the honey plant seed, providing the bees more places for food in the future.

By helping and being aware of the bees, we are taking small steps to help fight against climate change and maintaining our ecosystem.

Now, you must be wondering who is responsible for such an innovative and important product as Bee Saving Paper and want to know more. Well, keep on reading!

The Creator: Anna Gadecka

Anna Gadecka - founder and creator of Bee Saving Paper
With 15 years of experience in the advertising industry as a copywriter, Bee Saving Paper was a whole new world for Anna Gadecka. However, that didn’t stop Anna from taking the leap to create Bee Saving Paper.

Bee Saving Paper is a small business, while it did go viral through social media, however, like any business it had its hardships. Luckily, Anna used these obstacles to grow and continue to raise awareness for the bees.

Who is Anna Gadecka?

Anna Gadecka is the founder and creator of Bee Saving Paper. She is also an animal lover and a copywriter. She is currently residing in a small town in Poland.

Ever since young, Anna has loved nature. In fact, when she was 9 years old, together with her family they moved to a small village in the Southern East parts of Poland, where she was surrounded by nature.

In addition, she had pets growing up, animals were like family. Her brought up and love for animals made Anna realized that nature is a big part of her life. This was extremely clear to Anna once she started working on Bee Saving Paper.

I honestly had no idea [how much nature] really affects me. Only after I moved back home [Poland] to run Bee Saving Paper, then I think I realized that I’m not a city person.

As Anna said in the interview, “Glass building is not in my nature”.

That being said, Anna loved her work in the advertising industry. Before Anna started Bee Saving Paper, she was a copywriter at an ad agency. She loved her job and was in the industry for 15 years. Due to her job, she was able to move around Europe and met people from all around the world.

Advertising was a true passion, the most important thing and it drives you

While she loves advertising, she realized that she needed a new start. Juggling her copywriting job and Bee Saving Paper wasn’t working, and she decided to quit her advertising job.

If I don’t do [Bee Saving Paper] now, I’ll regret it

While it was a bold move, Anna believed in herself and Bee Saving Paper. Which makes Bee Saving Paper all that more worth knowing about.

The Journey

Bee Saving Paper: 3 different styles
Anna’s Bee Saving Paper journey was not easy, but she never gave up and continues to work hard to raise awareness for bees and the environment. Let’s take a look at her journey in developing Bee Saving Paper.

Two Seeds that Sprouted

It all started with two points, the TED Talk sparked Anna’s interest in bees and the hopes of winning Advertising Awards. Through advertising, Anna met many creative and open-minded people from all over the world. And it was through advertising that the idea of Bee Saving Paper was planted.

In hopes of winning awards, Anna went outside the box and created the concept of Bee Saving Paper.

With an inspiring TED talk about bees by Marla Spivak, the fact that bees can produce a special frequency that is like symphony for the flowers. Particularly with bumblebees, where they unhinge their wing muscles and vibrate their bodies to produce the buzzing sound, which is also in the tone of middle C.

This interesting fact stuck with Anna and made her even more interested in bees. Along with the sighting of more bees on the grounds in recent years. She began to create and construct the concept of Bee Saving Paper with her ad agency.

The Prototype

For the advertising award, Anna and her team created the prototype together. The prototype was an artistic concept design, where the team focused on artistic values over practicality.

It was originally handmade by an artist that specialized in papermaking. Due to the unique quality of the paper, it was not easy to make, especially with the pattern and design of the prototype.

It was an expensive project that was not practical to print in large quantities. Especially, if each paper had to be printed one by one by hand. In addition, Anna wanted more, she didn’t want to make the paper out of trees, she wanted a much more eco-friendly option.

While the original starting point of the project had the intention of winning awards, however, since then, Anna has totally changed perspective. She now focuses on making the best product for the bees and raising awareness. Making products that are useful for the customers, while can be educational.

Buzzing through Obstacles

Bee collecting pollen from a blue Thistle
Since Anna quitted her advertising job, she devoted all her time and money to make the best Bee Saving Paper. This was when the journey truly started for Anna and Bee Saving Paper.

As mentioned above, the prototype was not a feasible project as a business, as it requires very expensive labor and technology, in addition, it would take too much time to produce.

Looking for the perfect manufacturer was one of Anna’s biggest concerns. While there were many manufacturers, however, due to the special requirements of Bee Saving Paper, it was a hard task.

The paper need to be:

  • Tree-free
  • Contain glucose, which is also known as sugar
  • Be able to have flower seeds embedded

Along the way, Anna met many wonderful people who wanted to help, however, it was through luck that Anna found the perfect manufacturer. It was through Instagram she found a tree-free paper maker that was just as passionate about nature as Anna was.

The papermaker was able to provide Anna with tree-free paper made with lemongrass leftover from lemongrass oil. In addition, provide Anna with different thicknesses and dimensions of paper and even produce other paper-based products, such as paper bags and so on.

I saw and felt the sample, the lemongrass paper was really nice and of good quality.
At that moment, that was the first real product, not the prototype paper, but the real Bee Saving Paper.

Being able to find the manufacturer was a huge accomplishment for Anna. This meant that turning Bee Saving Paper from an artistic concept project to a real product is actually possible.

Bee Saving paper made gift box

However, Anna is not finished yet, she still hopes to create the best Bee Saving Paper, one with UV printed on. Unfortunately, UV printing technology is extremely expensive and hard to acquire. Also, the idea was hypothetical, so Anna turned to another solution. Lemongrass.

Lemongrass was the perfect ingredient for Bee Saving Paper, not only is it tree-free but it is said that lemongrass scent can help attract bees. As she continues to perfect Bee Saving Paper, she hopes to educate more about bees and together leave an impact on the world.

Queen Bee at Bee Saving Paper

Bee Saving paper made paper bag
Anna being the Queen Bee of the Bee Saving Paper had learned a lot about business and is continually learning every day. She is grateful to all the people that have helped her create her dreams and continue to be able to make Bee Saving Paper.

In particular, she is truly grateful to Robert Sheehan, the actor from Umbrella Academy. When he purchased and shared on social media about Bee Saving Paper. He helped Anna gain the exposure she needed. And she hopes in the future she can have more chances working with big artists.

Now, on there are a wide variety of different products, including the original Bee Saving Paper, postcards, notebooks, paper boxes, and bags.

With a love for nature and a creative mindset, Anna Gadecka took the challenge and created Bee Saving Paper. While it was not the smoothest ride, but it is a ride that she never regretted and is continually learning and perfecting. She hopes to inspire more and make a difference for the bees and the world.

Making a Difference Now with Bee Saving Paper

Anna's favorite Bee Saving Notebook
Bee Saving Paper is much more than just a quick energy drink for bees to Anna, Bee Saving Paper meant hope and she hopes to use Bee Saving Paper to inspire others out there to pursue their dream of making a difference for the earth.

Bee Saving Paper meant taking small actions that are better for the people and the bees. It meant successfully raising awareness about bees and climate change.

Plant a seed of consciousness about bees into people’s mind

Anna hopes to inspire more people with Bee Saving Paper, and hope inspired more people with her story to take action.

She hopes that her products, specifically, the Bee Saving Ideas Notebook, can be the starting point of your new adventure and inspired you to take action.

Anna is continuing to work hard in expanding and creating items that would help raise awareness for bees.

Last but not the least, be transparent and honest and encourage everyone to take small actions, you can make a difference.

So if you are interested in Bee Saving Paper, or want to support Anna is continuing her dream, please check out the official Bee Saving Paper’s website or their Instagram account!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that Bee Saving Paper is a temporary solution, the main purpose of Bee Saving Paper is to raise awareness of the bees and the climate issues.

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Author: Monica Chang
Director of Ethical Choice
I am passionate about finding amazing sustainable and eco-friendly products and sharing them with more people. Interesting in plastic-free, reduce waste, and DIY.