Understanding and Shopping Cruelty Free Products

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For many of us, cruelty free products are essential and while for many of us, we are not sure what cruelty free products are, what they mean, and what are some good cruelty free products.
Well, if you have such questions, you have come to the right place. In this article, you can find answers to the questions above and more! Let’s learn more about cruelty free products and why you should consider buying them.

What does cruelty free mean?

Before we go into what cruelty free products you should get and all the good stuff, we need to have a basic understanding of cruelty free. Here is a simple and direct meaning of cruelty free:

Cruelty free means the product is produced and made without harming any animals or being tested on animals.

However, in reality, cruelty free definition is quite complex and there are some important factors you need to consider such as the regulations regarding the use of the phrase cruelty free. But for now, the general understanding of cruelty free is not harming or hurting animals at any stage of the production. It is also important to know that some countries would expect foreign products to be tested on animals in order to be sold locally. While the brand themselves is not testing on animals, the local government would conduct 3rd party testing on animals, which means they are not 100% cruelty free. So when a product is labeled as cruelty free, it means during the production, no animals were harmed or tested. Now let’s find out what cruelty free products are.

What are cruelty free products?

Protect the bunnies with cruelty free products
Most common cruelty free products are cosmetics, such as skin care and makeup products. That is because oftentime these products are tested on animals before they are released into the public. However, the animal testing are not necessary and often cruel. Thus, many brands stop testing on animals or harm animals in any way, therefore, we now have cruelty free products.

There are also cruelty free fashion and other products, such as personal hygiene products, some cleaning products might label themselves as cruelty free too. Since there are no regulations or restrictions on what cruelty free products really mean from a legal viewpoint, sometimes, brands would label them as cruelty free products for marketing purposes. So it is important to do some research and digging if you want to make sure the brand is truly carrying cruelty free products. Or you can also look for cruelty free labels that have certified if it is truly a cruelty free product. Cruelty free labels is a quick and easy way to find cruelty free products, however, not all cruelty free products have the label. So I still suggest you do some digging before if you want to make sure that the product is truly cruelty free.

Here are some useful links that can help you find cruelty free products:

We need more cruelty free products

You must be wondering so what is the purpose of cruelty free products, why do we need more? One of the main reasons is that animal testing is not necessary. In fact, there are some countries that have banned animal testing, such as Korea and New Zealand. Second, animal cruelty doesn’t just happen to the animals when they are being tested. The inhumane action starts from the most they are determined to be testing animals. If it is not necessary to test on animals, why would you want these animals in pain? In addition, with current technologies, there are other alternative ways to test products without using animals. Choosing cruelty free products is a way to vote with your money, showing companies that you are advocating for change. A change in the way how we involve animals in our lives creates a harmonious balance between humans and animals.

3 Cruelty Free Products Recommendation

With all that said, you must be wondering about some cruelty free products. Here are 3 different cruelty free products that you should know about!

New Cruelty Free Product: Glow Lust™ Luminizer by Auric

Glow Lust by Auric (cruelty free makeup products)
Photo Credit: Auric’s Official Site
Auric is a newly launched (2021/01/26) cruelty free makeup brand by makeup artist Samantha Ravndahl. With their new initial launch, they came out with their unique luminizer (Glow Lust™ Luminizer) and cream eyeshadow duo (Smoke Reflect™). Certain products and shade are vegan too! If you are interested in a multi-use radiant luminizer, make sure you check out Auric.

Cruelty Free Hair Products: Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo

Cruelty Free Product for your hair: Briogeo
Photo Credit: Briogeo’s Official Site
If you are looking for some amazing cruelty free products for your hair, try Briogeo. I have personally used their Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask and it has made my hair soft and nice. In addition, Briogeo is a black-owned brand, more reasons to support!

Cruelty Free Product: First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream

Cruelty Free Skincare Product: First Aid Beauty
Photo Credit: First Aid Beauty’s Official Site
Lastly, a skin care cruelty free product that is raved by many. First Aid Beauty is another cruelty free brand with amazing skin care products. First Aid Beauty has many cruelty free products that target specific concerns while making sure the product is dermatologist tested, safe for sensitive skin and no artificial fragrances.

Shop more cruelty free!

There are so many more cruelty free products on the market! Another great thing is more and more companies are choosing to become cruelty free! Cruelty free products allow us to use them without worrying about hurting animals, supporting an ethical relationship between humans and animals.
If you still have questions about cruelty free, here is an article all about cruelty free for you!

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!