7 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands for a Sustainable Wardrobe

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We live in a world where the fashion industry is dominated by fast fashion – a business concept focused on making a lot of cheap, low-quality clothing and encouraging overconsumption. However, this has devastating effects on the environment.
If we hope to make the next decade a change for the greener, we need to change our shopping patterns. Eco-friendly clothing is a great way to do that, but it can sometimes be hard to know if you’re dealing with a truly green brand or one that’s lying about its environmental performance – especially if you’re new to creating a sustainable wardrobe.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

For those searching for reliable eco-friendly clothing options for the first time, as well as anybody looking to discover more brands to add to their sustainable wardrobe, we’ve created this list of our top 7 eco-friendly clothing brands.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand #1: People Tree

People Tree: Eco Friendly Clothing Brand Option 1
Image from People Tree’s Site
There’s a good reason why People Tree is one of the best-known eco-friendly fashion brands of today. This UK-based company has a wide offering of sustainable clothing, from basics to more intricate and varied pieces. This means that anyone will find what they’re looking for in the People Tree range.
The brand uses natural materials only, such as lyocell or GOTS certified organic cotton. Additionally, they also employ various techniques for water conservation through their whole manufacturing process, such as collection of rainwater or water recycling. The dyes they use for the fabrics are non-toxic and disposed of responsibly.

Sustainable: Organic Basics

Another well-known brand in the eco-friendly fashion community is Organic Basics, which focuses on crafting everyday basics from high-quality sustainable materials, including lingerie, loungewear and basics such as t-shirts and turtlenecks. Making clothing that will last you a long time is their number one priority.
They use Tencel, organic cotton, as well as recycled materials which have a much lower impact than any new fabric. The products are made in factories across the UK, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Turkey, which means they have a much lower carbon footprint than fast fashion clothes, often made in Southeast Asia. The brand even has a low carbon footprint website!

Nudie Jeans: Eco Friendly Jeans

Eco friendly Jeans: Nudie Jeans
Image from Nudie Jean’s Site
On the lookout for a pair of jeans to last you a lifetime? Nudie Jeans is specialising in creating exactly that, looking to become the single most sustainable denim company in the world. The transparency behind their operations is admirable, as you can find a reason for and details about everything they’re doing on their website.
Most of their garments are made using organic, recycled or Fairtrade cotton (94%, to be exact). To help ensure that their jeans really do last a lifetime, they offer free repairs on any of their products. Although perhaps, your old pair doesn’t fit anymore. In that case, they will offer you 20% off your next pair if you send the old one back. These used pairs are then listed in the discount section on their website, perfect for anybody looking to save a little more on their purchase.

Trendy Eco Friendly Clothing Brand: COSSAC

Although much of the eco-friendly clothing on the market today falls into quite a minimalist aesthetic, that’s certainly not the rule – and COSSAC is a proof of that. They take a timeless twist on current trends and craft them using eco-friendly practices.
The garments are made to be re-worn frequently, as part of a minimal wardrobe. COSSAC only creates a limited number of items for their collection, so that they can ensure nothing goes to waste. The pieces are crafted from Tencel, ecovero viscose, organic cotton, as well as repurposed deadstock fabric that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Will’s Vegan Store (UK)

This UK-based brand has started by selling sustainable vegan shoes but has since expanded to accessories and clothing too. They use plant-based leather, which is a more sustainable alternative to both synthetic vegan leather and animal-based leather, as both have a large environmental impact.
The entire supply chain of the brand is plastic-free and carbon neutral and products come in recycled cardboard packaging, with any shipping-related emissions offset by the brand.


Trendy Eco Friendly Clothing brand: Mayamiko
Image from Mayamiko’s Site
Here’s another brand offering something different than the traditional eco-friendly clothing minimalist aesthetic. Mayamiko’s collection is full of colour and pattern. All their pieces are crafted on demand so that no clothes go to waste. The design process considers the lifetime of the garment and the collections are made to be timeless.
The brand provides fair work opportunities to disadvantaged artisans in Malawi and gives them the education and training they need. The fabrics are sourced at local markets, to help the local economy grow. The materials they use include GOTS certified organic cotton or salvaged silk, which would otherwise go to waste.

Eco Friendly Clothing Brand: Noctu

Last but not least, let’s talk about eco-friendly nightwear. The brand started by offering one nightie for women and one for men and has since expanded their collection to a variety of women’s, men’s and kids’ options, as well as homeware.
Their pieces are made from GOTS organic cotton, which also certified as ‘Standard 100 Oeko-Tex®’ – this means that the materials have not been treated with toxic chemicals and are safe to the environment and people. The brand also supports World Land Trust, saving 10 sq metres (108 sq ft) of endangered wildlife per each purchase made on their website.

Many More Eco Friendly Clothing Brands

We’re happy to see that eco-friendly clothing is on the rise, becoming more popular with both brands and people. The 7 brands on this list are a good example of companies reducing their impact and being transparent in their operations.
If you’re buying from a different brand, it’s important to make sure that, similarly to these 7 brands, they back up their environmental claims with facts and certifications, rather than making empty promises.

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!