Eco Friendly Gifts for this Holiday Season!

Eco Friendly

As the year is coming to an end, we all know it is one of the most gifting seasons, the holiday seasons. It is time to put on those gift selecting hats and get some amazing eco friendly gifts for your friends and family. Of course, depending on the person, gift buying can be hard and time consuming on deciding what is best for them. Don’t worry, this article here is to help you find the perfect eco friendly gift for your friends and family.

Gift with More Meaning

First of all, for those of you wondering if it is necessary to buy an eco-friendly gift or why people would want eco-friendly gifts, here are a few reasons why. Introduce your friends and family to some new amazing products that are not only good for them but the environment, win win situation. Also by buying eco friendly products, you are supporting the cause, voting with your money against the non eco friendly choices. Last but not least, with an eco friendly gift, you are raising awareness and educating more people about the situation. So let’s get right into the amazing eco friendly gifts.

Eco Friendly Gifts

Giving eco friendly gifts is good for both parties
There are many different types of eco friendly gifts and presents, so I have separated them into a few different categories.

Eco Friendly, Zero Waste Gifts

One way to be eco friendly is to produce zero waste! So here are a few amazing zero waste gifts that are eco friendly and great presents. So here is a list of 3 great zero waste, eco friendly presents:

  • Reusable food wrap or bowl covers! > No more single use plastic wraps, with these you can easily save your food for later and be very eco friendly.
  • Eco Bag! > By now you should have an eco bag, however, there are so many times we would forget about it. So, give your friends the type of eco bag that you can fold up into something tiny and clip it to your bag. That way they will always have a bag with them!
  • Compost Bin > This is one for those friends that are already eco friendly. A compost bin will help them level up and it is great for the environment!

These are just a few eco-friendly present ideas, there are many other zero waste products that you can give, for example, reusable straws and tumblers.

Ethical + Eco Friendly Gifts

Ethical and eco friendly gifts? Yes, here are two items that are ethical in terms of labor and how they are produced and definitely environmentally friendly too.

Luxurious Eco Friendly Gifts Picks

Now for those special someone, a more luxurious present might be what you want to get. Don’t worry there are plenty of eco friendly gifts that are very luxurious.

  • Sustainable Jewelry > Many jewelry brands pride themselves on fair trade gold and diamonds and take actions against climate change, such as using recycled gold and other materials to create beautiful accessories.
  • Sustainable Clothes and Shoes > Similar to organic cotton clothes, there are many brands that take green to another level. With high quality and technology creating the most sustainable apparel that can last you a lifetime. However, they aren’t cheap!
  • Home farming kit > By growing your own produce can help reduce a lot of plastic packaging and other waste. Get your friend or family one of the fancy plant stands that is space-conscious and super cool looking, such as The Smart Garden, or Lettuce Grow.

Let’s go shopping

Let's buy eco friendly gifts!
So now we know a few amazing and eco friendly presents and gift options, what are you still waiting for. All of these gifts are great and the recipients will definitely be thrilled. Still not sure if these are the best presents for them? Don’t worry, we have many other articles available with all kinds of eco friendly present options and ethical products you can check out! At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!