Why you should start wearing eco-friendly t-shirts?

Eco Friendly

Our dear mother nature is in danger. We children of earth, need to wear the armor of eco-friendly t-shirts and answer its call for help. Our negligence can bring horrible consequences that might even be beyond imagination.

Living Eco-friendly life has become more of a necessity and responsibility rather than a choice. Eco-friendly t-shirts get to play an important part in this environment-friendly lifestyle. By wearing eco-friendly t-shirts you are doing more than you think.

Eco-friendly Fashion and Clothing

Fashion has a vast ground for diversity and new trends. To live an environment-friendly life, we need to adopt changes that should bring an overall healthy impact on our surroundings. Clothing is a human necessity and switching it with eco-friendly materials is a positive addition to protect nature from utmost damage.

Wearing eco-friendly t-shirts might not be your first but it’s surely a very responsible decision towards making healthy life choices. So start wearing an eco-friendly t-shirt to be a part of a campaign that claims its love for this planet. Let’s take a look on how eco-friendly t-shirt can make a difference and what are some options for you to help mother nature.

How wearing Eco-friendly t-shirts is beneficial?

As far as one knows, Earth is the only home for humanity because life on Mars is still a myth. We need to start living a life that can benefit both us and our globe. Eco-friendly t-shirts are a win-win situation. They help us to minimize environmental pollution and also ensures that our needs to wear clothing are met with great style and fashion sense.
We all are aware of the challenges that our earth is facing right now. From thinning of the ozone layer to increased global warming, our planet is fighting hard to resist as much damage as it can.
It’s our moral duty now to protect our motherland as it protected mankind once.

Eco friendly fabric such as sustainable cotton

What are the criteria for eco-friendly t-shirts?

Eco-friendly t-shirts are a great addition to the apparel and clothing industry. They are labeled as “ethical fashion” now. An eco-friendly t-shirt must be manufactured throughout in such a way that the process brings minimal damage to the surroundings.
A safe criterion for an eco-friendly t-shirt is that it must be made up of the following criteria.

Recycled plastic

Imagine our oceans and beaches clean and plastic-free and the beauty of nature at its best. Even the idea of this plastic-free life is so soothing that one can’t resist its temptation to adopt this kind of lifestyle. Plastic is known as the least disposable material on earth. We should recycle it as much as possible.
Eco-friendly t-shirts are made and designed in such a way that right from their production to their final use, they ensure environmental benefits. They are made of recycled plastic.
Fun fact: 4 plastic bottles can be recycled to make one t-shirt (Eco friendly t-shirts Organic cotton t shirts). Isn’t it cool?

Sustainable cotton

Sustainable cotton is produced by adopting production techniques that ensure minimal damage to the environment while growing and processing it. For sustainable cotton, they use less water for irrigation and avoid the use of chemical fertilizers. This improves biodiversity and soil quality as well, as a result, sustainable cotton is way better than new synthetics or even ordinary cotton.

Eco-friendly t-shirts avoid toxic chemicals and colors

Many brands that claim to make eco-friendly products use different coloring techniques. They either use color-zen technology or environment-friendly colors that don’t have hazardous chemicals involved in them.

Durability of eco-friendly t-shirts

Buying clothes that can be used for a longer timespan is an added concept to an environment-friendly lifestyle. Durable clothes involve less wastage (ecoconscious.
Adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle on minor grounds can benefit us on larger scales.

Brands that have Eco-friendly t-shirts

Many brands offer eco-friendly t-shirts. They must be endorsed well for their positive contribution to society. Here are three brands that you should check out their eco-friendly t-shirts and other clothing items.

Coaltree's CT Pocket Tee (Eco-friendly T-shirt)
CT Pocket Tee (Image Sourced from Coaltree’s Official Website)


Coalatree claims to vote for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Their t-shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. The idea of using coffee grounds to make t-shirts odor resistant is quite attractive. This also saves clothes from washing them repeatedly just to eliminate odor. Less washing means less use of detergents and chemicals and hence a great addition to an eco-friendly family.

Protect The Lungs of Our Planet T-shirt
Protect The Lungs of Our Planet T-shirt (Image Sourced from Ethical Earth’s Official Website)

Ethical earth

Ethical earth introduces the slogan of bees, trees, and seas. They claim to support an eco-friendly environment campaign by putting efforts to save trees and make our waters plastic-free and clean. Their shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and are more durable than ordinary wear.

Alternative Apparel's eco-friendly t-shirts: Eco-Jersey
Eco-Jersey (Image Sourced from Alternative Apparel’s Official Website)

Alternative apparel

Alternative apparel use soft and eco-friendly fabrics in making their shirts. They are also WRAP-certified and have adopted a fair and clean workplace for their labor.

Living an eco-friendly life

Plastic is a poison that we are injecting ourselves into our globe. Let’s move forward and take steps for the betterment of our planet. Our little doings can bring a major change. Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle is important.
Nature was created with blessings but we have agonized it and the ultimate result is suffering for ourselves. The use of Plastic has increased to an alarming level and the danger remains until we decide to throw away this lifestyle. Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle is Salient.

We need to give something valuable to our planet and switching to eco-friendly t-shirts can be a great start to this journey. These shirts are made with environmentally supportive fabrics and are more durable than ordinary clothes. From growing cotton to transforming it into eco-friendly t-shirts, less toxic chemicals are used. We all should act as responsible human beings and take this pollution-free agenda seriously.

Curious to find more eco-friendly fashion brands? Or curious what it means to have an ethical fashion sense?

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!