Amazon Rainforest Day – Celebrating the Amazing Amazon


I am sure all of us know or heard about Earth Day, and if you’ve been reading our articles, you know about World Ocean Day too. How about Amazon Rainforest Day? Have you heard of the Amazon Rainforest Day? Which is different from the World Rainforest Day, that is another day, but also very important. Today we are going to talk about the Amazon Rainforest Day, since we are in September and the Amazon Rainforest Day just happened, let us do a recap.

Amazon Rainforest Day

Amazon Rainforest Day is on September 5th of every year. The point of Amazon Rainforest Day is to celebrate the amazing Amazon Rainforest in addition raise awareness to the issues the Amazon Rainforest is currently facing, such as wildfires, deforestation, and so on. However, unlike Earth Day, Amazon Rainforest Day is much more urgent and loud in hopes to make a lasting impression of the urgency of the issue of protecting rainforest. Originally, Amazon Rainforest Day was mostly celebrated in Brazil for its diverse ecosystem and amazing habitat and animals. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of deforestation and the way the climate is changing with numerous wildfires and so on, it seems like the Amazon Rainforest is facing a lot of difficulties. In addition, with the present government, showing minimal interesting preservation and causing harm to the indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest, it makes Amazon Rainforest Day even more important.

Why is Amazon Rainforest Day Important?

Amazon Rainforest Day - raising awareness of the wildfires
The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest rainforest on earth, it covers 5.5 million square kilometers of South America. In the Amazon Rainforest alone, it habits around 10% of species and has been around for 55 million years. But with big corporates banking on deforestation and little regulation from the government, the Amazon Rainforest is rapidly being destroyed. Similar to the ocean, the Amazon Rainforest is responsible for absorbing tons of carbon dioxide. In fact, the Amazon Rainforest produces 5~6% of oxygen of the overall global air. The Amazon Rainforest can also cause an effect on the local and global climate. This is the reason why Amazon Rainforest Day is much more aggressive as it is directed to large corporations and governments that are taking advantage of the Amazon Rainforest and hurting the indigenous people that are living there. Just like the ocean, the Amazon Rainforest is a very important part of everyone’s lives, however, unlike the ocean, most people don’t know about what is happening in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Indigenous People have been sounding alarm for years

Though it seems like the Amazon Rainforest problem is only occurring now, however, the indigenous people that have been living in the Amazon have been sounding alarms for a while. However, their voice alone is not enough, that is why more people should know about Amazon Rainforest Day. The Amazon Rainforest Day is about taking action, and the

Indigenous earth defenders have put out an urgent call for international solidarity and Amazon Watch, the National Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), and Extinction Rebellion are mobilizing a Global Day of Action for the Amazon on September 5th, directed at Brazilian embassies and consulates – but also the global corporations profiting from Amazon destruction.

(Global Day of Action for the Amazon #Sept5Act4Amazonia)

Showing the government, the corporations and the whole world that the Amazon Rainforest problems are urgent and people need to take action.

What to do for Amazon Rainforest Day?

Amazon Rainforest Day - big rainforest in the world
Learn more about the issue of Amazon Rainforest, do your research and this doesn’t have to be only on the Amazon Rainforest Day. You should do this any time and continue to do it all year round. Plus, there are many ways you can contribute to help with the amazon rainforest, donation, develop an ethical lifestyle, and show your support to organizations that are fighting to protect the rainforest and earth. Raising awareness to the issues, deforestation, wildfires, destroying the homes of indigenous people are all things we can easily participate in. I hope this article urges you to do research and motivates you to do something about it.

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Author: Monica Chang
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