Earth Day Things To Do Guide (2021)


Earth Day is coming up, and have you thought about what to do for Earth Day? Not yet? Well, there are many things we can do on Earth Day for the earth. Let’s check out the different Earth Day things to do and how to make a difference for the environment and mother earth while enjoying Earth Day.
In this article, you can find earth things to do for children, adults, and things you can easily do at home too.

Earth Day is fun!

First off, Earth Day is fun! It can be a fun day for people of all ages. Not only can you cater these Earth Day activities to your audiences, such as children or even your colleagues. You can easily enjoy these Earth Day activities at home or with your friends. Let’s take a look at these Earth Day things to do!

Earth Day Things To Do At Home

Earth Day Things To Do: Get some plants
While if possible, it would be great to go outside on Earth Day. However, with the pandemic going on right now, many of us are staying home, whether it is working from home or taking online courses. So here is the list of Earth Day things to do at home!

  1. Show some love to plants! If you are looking to add some plant members into your home, here are some great choices for beginners, pothos, ZZ plants, succulents, and snake plants! If you already have some plants, make sure they are in a good condition, check if they need to be repotted.
  2. Join the Official Earth Day Event! This year’s Earth Day event is online, 24-hours live streaming. You can easily join from the comfort of your sofa and learn and become inspired by others.
  3. Go Vegan for a day! Why not try out some vegan dishes on Earth Day! There are plenty of amazing and delicious vegan dishes available. Who knows, maybe, you discover your new favorite dish!
  4. Watch some movies! This is one of the simplest Earth Day things to do. There are many movies and documentaries that are great for Earth Day. Such as the recent Seaspiracy, take a look, learn about the environment, and see if there is anything you can do individually to make a difference. Even if not, the fact that you decided to educate yourself is really good!
  5. Unplug items in your house. Unplugging electronic appliances that are not being used can save you money and electronics. Or if you want to go the extra mile, switch off your light a few hours earlier tonight. Go to bed early, not only is it good for you, you’ll saving electricity and money too! If not, you can also participate in the Earth Hour activities, just switching your lights off for 1 hour.

Earth Day for Adults

Volunteer in cleaning up and planting trees
If you google online, you will see a lot of Earth Day things to do are targeted at children. Such as craft, science experiments, and so on, and of course, as adults, you can definitely do them. But if that is not what you are looking for, here is a list of Earth Day things to do as adults.

  1. Declutter; Recycle or Donate! Why not make Earth Day the day for some spring cleaning, get rid of some stuff you are no longer using, recycle them, donate them, resell them, fix them if possible. Not only will you feel better after organizing, but the items you decide to donate or sell or fix are also so much better than just throwing them away.
  2. Volunteer! While volunteering is not exclusive to adult, but some volunteer does require you to be at of legal age. See if there are any places that are looking for volunteers and sign up! It could be a volunteer to pick up trash, or even volunteer at food drives.
  3. Start a conversation. With social media, you can easily start a conversation about earth day on Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, and Tiktok. Learn from each other and make ethical choices together.
  4. Mini Earth Day Shopping Spree! Buy a tote bag, a cute water bottle that you’ll remember to use every day, or anything from a sustainable brand. If you need groceries, try the local farmers’ market! Don’t forget to bring your own containers and bags! Support sustainable brands that are actively making a difference is great. You must think why is shopping on Earth Day things to do list, it is important to remember to shop smart! Don’t go overboard, buy what you need and choose wisely!
  5. Tie Dye your old sweater! Why not spice up some old shirts and sweaters with some natural dye, onion skins. Not only is it super easy you are also upcycling onion skin and creating new spring outfits for yourself without spending a lot of money! P.S. This is an activity you can do with your kids too!

Earth Day Things To Do For Kids

Earth Day Things To Do for Kids: crafts
If you are looking for Earth Day things to do with your kids or for your kids, I have a few fun activities too. While some of these activities are aimed at children, but technically anyone who wants can participate in these Earth Day Activities.

  1. Let’s Color! Coloring is a soothing and fun activity for kids and adults. So why not print out some Earth Day related coloring sheets and grab a box of colored pencils and start coloring with your kids! What a fun and soothing Earth Day thing to do.
  2. Make S’mores! One of my personal favorite Earth Day thing to do when I was a kid, made making s’mores out of pringle cans. It was a very fun, safe, and delicious Earth Day thing to do. You simply need an empty pringle can, scissors, plastic wrap, tape, and s’more ingredients (graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate). Cut a window out of the pringles can to let the sun in, so that it can become a solar oven. Place your s’more inside, seal the window with some plastic wrap and tape. Set it outside in the sun for 10~20 minutes depending on the weather and done! Bon Appetit!
  3. Play the Recycle Game! It is important to teach the kids about recycling at a young age. So get some recycling bins and regular trash can, gather some items, ask them to sort the different items into the different recycle bins and make it into a tossing game. Make earth things to do fun and educational!
  4. Bake vegan cookies together! Baking is a great way to bond and have a ton of fun with your kids. So why not try vegan cookies instead on Earth Day! If you are interested in some vegan cookie recipes, I got you!
  5. Earth Day Things To Do: Crafts Edition! There are so many crafts you can do with your kids on Earth Day. Such as diy bird feeders, or these beautiful upcycled plastic suncatchers.

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day Together!

I hope you enjoyed these Earth Day things to do! These are definitely some of the Earth Day things I would do this year, especially some vegan cookies and s’mores. While many of these are Earth Day things to do, however, they are not specifically and exclusively Earth Day. In fact, it is best if you can regularly shop from sustainable brands and shops, support local farmers, use reusable products, declutter and recycle whenever possible. However, if you are not sure what to do on Earth Day specific, here are some lists of Earth Day Things To Do.
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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!