Energy Efficiency Day: All about saving energy and money


For those of you who are living in Canada, and the United States, Energy Efficiency Day is coming up! Energy Efficiency is important and similar to all of the other awareness days, where people are encouraged to take actions and raise awareness. On Energy Efficiency Day, one is encouraged to be energy efficient, however, the ultimate goal is that you will be energy efficient every day, so what do you really do on Energy Efficiency Day? Keep on reading to find out more about Energy Efficiency Day.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Before we go into Energy Efficiency Day, I think it is best that we establish what energy efficiency means and why more people should be energy efficient.

Energy efficiency means that you are consuming electricity and other energy sources appropriately and not wasting it. In addition, it is also about being sustainable and creating products that are energy efficient. Having clean energy so the earth is also sustainable. Being energy efficient is great for your life, businesses, and of course, the earth/environment. Not only does being energy efficient means you are using less energy, it also means you are saving money and protecting the environment from waste and pollution. This is why it is important to learn more about how to be energy efficient and celebrate Energy Efficiency Day.

Energy Efficiency Day

Canadian Energy Efficiency Poster
(Efficiency Canada’s poster)

Energy Efficiency Day is October 7th this year, or the first Wednesday of October. This day is usually celebrated by people living in Canada and the United States. While the rest of the world has World Energy Efficiency Day. The purpose behind Energy Efficiency Day is to “Save Money. Cut Pollutions. Create Jobs” (About Us). Hundreds of organizations and companies get together to share their tips and tricks on saving energy and how to efficiently consume energy. Plus, every year, new technology and energy saving businesses are created thus, creating many new job opportunities. So being energy efficient is also a very big part of the economy. Which is truly amazing to see more and more people aware of the importance of energy efficiency and why we need it. But this is not just a U.S. or Canada thing, but since 1998, the World Energy Efficiency Day has been happening (World Energy Efficiency Day).

Benefits of Energy Efficiency

If you think being energy efficient is just to save some energy and money here and there, then you are wrong. Energy Efficiency is a big part of the economy and makes a huge difference in the environment. With energy efficiency, many new companies and technology are being made, thus, needing human resources, therefore, energy efficiency creates a lot of job opportunities for people. This not only helps people but it also helps the economy. As for the environment side, with clean energy (wind, solar, or water) we are reducing the amount of pollution that is being released. We are replacing fossil fuel with solar panels, which is much better for the environment. There are

World Energy Efficiency Day

While Energy Efficiency Day is mainly celebrated by people living in the United States and Canada, the World Energy Efficiency Day is an international event. World Energy Efficiency Day is every March 5th. Similar to Energy Efficiency Day, it raises awareness and aims to “sensitize all people on the need to reduce energy consumption by reasonable and sustainable use of energy”(World Energy Efficiency Day). In addition, the World Energy Efficiency Day also encourages and hopes to raise awareness for energy efficient building and home improvement. That way you can truly live an efficient lifestyle.

How to be Energy Efficient?

Even though October 7th of this year is Energy Efficiency Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t be energy efficient every day. You can easily be energy efficient every day by reducing the amount of unnecessary energy consumption. Such as using LED light bulbs instead of traditional light bulbs, which are much more energy efficient and long lasting. Simply remember to switch off the lights when you leave the room or appliances when you are no longer using them is another great way. Don’t go extreme with your thermostats (nothing too hot or too cold), or use smart thermostats that have energy saving modes. If you live in colder areas, insulating your home properly can save you some money and energy. When replacing electronics and home appliances, look for ones that have energy efficient features. There are so many more ways you can be energy efficient on a daily basis. Not only are these chances good for your bank accounts, but also great from the earth.

Everyday is Energy Efficiency Day

Energy Efficiency Day is also about clean energy, like these solar panels and wind mills.
As mentioned above, every day is Energy Efficiency Day. It is important to consume energy rationally and not be wasteful. If you are interested in learning more ways to be energy efficient, Energy Efficiency Day is a great way to find out more tips and tricks, plus, some of the new technology that is both money saving and energy saving. Also, find out if your local government or your company is participating in Energy Efficiency Day, if not, maybe it is time to ask them to join. If we are all energy efficient, we all are saving a lot more money and protecting our environment. What a win-win situation!

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!