International Forest Day is Important and Here is Why


With the pandemic, there has been a surge in activities that involve the outdoors, hiking, camping, and so on. Being in the forest and nature has become increasingly popular, however, it is important to know that if want to continue to visit the different beautiful forests around the world, we need to start taking care and protecting the forests. In recent years, deforestation and climate changes have been extremely damaging to the forest. We need to stop and take a look at what is happening in our forest, the lungs of mother earth. Luckily, International Forest Day is almost here, the perfect time to stop and reflect and help save mother earth.

International Forest Day or International Day of Forest is a day to reflect and understand the importance of forests and trees in our everyday lives and for the environment. International Forest day is very important because by understanding we have a chance to change the world and save the planet. Find out how you can save the forest by participating in International Forest Day.

What is International Forest Day?

Beautiful green forest
First of all, what is International Forest Day? The International Forest Day is March 21 of every year. International Forest Day is similar to other awareness days, where we raise awareness of the problems that are happening to our forest. But more importantly, we get together and think of ways to help save the forest, and protect the forests and trees. Together we discuss the importance of forests and the impact that we as humans have on forests and what we should do to protect the forests and trees. The International Forest Day is also known as International Day of Forest, World Tree Day, and Forest Day.

Why is International Forest Day Important?

You might not know this, but trees and forests have a very big impact on our everyday life. Oftentimes we take nature for granted and forests and trees are definitely one of them. On International Forest Day, we take Trees and forests that play an important role in the environment, the ecosystem, the economy, and of course, people’s lives.
Here are seven ways that why forests are important:

  • Food Source: The forest is like a supermarket, there are nuts, fruits, and vegetables all around the forest. It provides food sources for people that live off the forest and for the animals.
  • Medicine: Similar to food, many ingredients for medicine comes from the forest.
  • Water Source: The forest not only have trees, oftentimes inside the forest there are natural lakes and rivers. Which provides water for the plants but for the people that are living near the forest.
  • Energy: “Around one-third of the world’s population use wood as their source of energy for necessities such as cooking, boiling water, and heating. Wood from forests supply about 40 percent of global renewable energy”.
  • Providing Air: As we all know, trees can help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The forests can absorb “the equivalent of roughly 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.” They are a big part of combating climate change and the about carbon we are producing. Protecting our forest means we are protecting our air.
  • Lives Depends on Forest: “Around 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihood, including 70 million indigenous people.”(Forests, desertification, and biodiversity – United Nations Sustainable Development) Not only human lives depend on the forest, animals, insects, and plants all need the forest. In addition, protecting and sustainability maintaining the forest is part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 15, Life on Land.
  • Economy: For many countries, their economy is dependent on the forest. For example, eco-tourism, where “nature-based tourism is growing three times faster than the tourism industry as a whole and now accounts for approximately 20 percent of the global market.”

(7 secrets that forests have been keeping from you)
Protecting the forest is important to create a sustainable future for the earth, the economy, and the people. With International Day of Forest, not only do we look at the importance of forests and trees, but we identify the issues and figure out how to solve them.

Deforestation is a serious global problem

Deforestation is a huge issue, as seen in the image, destroy forest compared to the lush green forest in the background
“Each year, 10 million hectares of forest are destroyed (2015–2020)” (Life on Land Infographic)
Deforestation is a very serious problem and not only is it going to affect the countries that rely on eco-tourism, but everyone on the planet. Deforestation can happen because of climate change, human action (destroying forests for consumer purpose), and so on. The continuation of deforestation can lead to harsh weather such as colder winter, big storms, and droughts. “Lost forests mean the disappearance of livelihoods in rural communities, increased carbon emissions, diminished biodiversity and the degradation of land.” (Life on Land: Why It Matters)
An example of deforestation and the effects of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. In recent years, the forest fire has caused significant damage to the Amazon rainforest, and if the deforestation continues, find out more about the Amazon rainforest.

2021 International Forest Day Theme

International Forest Day 2021 Web Banner
This year’s International Forest Day theme is Forest Reforestation: A Path to Recovery and Well-being. Now that we understand deforestation or the importance of forests, it is important that we take actions to protect the forests and trees through reforestation. Reforestation not only helps us fight climate change, but will also help protect the ecosystems that are slowly dying, and slow down biodiversity issues. There are many ways you help out and participate in International Forest Day.

How to participate in International Forest Day

Here is a list of things you can do this March 21st.

  • Join the online International Forest Day event!
  • Start Conversations about the forest > using hashtags like #IntlForestDay and start a discussion about the importance of forest with others.
  • Plant a Tree! > You can either plant a tree yourself by participating in such an event, or you can donate to organizations that plant trees for you.
  • Learn more about the forest > Learn about how important the forest is and what role the forest plays can help us understand the importance of the forest. Plus, you will also understand the cause of the problems now and thus, come up with ways to fix them.
  • Share this article! > Spread the words about how important it is for us to take action for the forests. Or go on to International Forest Day website and share information with your friends and family.

Join us!

Now that you understand the importance of forests and trees. Are you ready to join us for International Forest Day? With International Forest Day, we can plan and take action for reforestation.
Learn more about the different ways you be part of the movement to help create a sustainable future, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Author: Monica Chang
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