Sustainability Day Plans for the Future


There seems to be a day for almost everything, while some are for laughs and giggles, or for marketing purposes, the sustainability day is neither. Sustainability Day is an important day that more people should know about and take apart in. Sustainability Day is not just another Earth day or Eco day, in fact, Sustainability Day has its own purpose just like Earth Day and Eco Day. Sustainability Day is a day that encourages young people to take action and reflect and prepare for their future. Though it might seem like Sustainability Day is only targeting younger generations, that should not stop you from participating and contributing if you are older. Keep on reading to find out more about Sustainability Day and why you should know about Sustainability Day.

What is Sustainability Day

Younger generation participating in Sustainability Day
Sustainability Day is the fourth Wednesday of October each year. On Sustainability Day, people get together and think about how to be more sustainable and what are some plans for the future. People gather together to discuss and plan for the future, how to be more sustainable, and what are some problems that we need to address for a better future.

Sustainability Day’s Background

It is hard to say who exactly came up with Sustainability Day, however, many universities all over the world celebrate Sustainability Day. It seems to be connected to the Campus Sustainability Day, which was started in 2014. CSD stands for Campus Sustainability Day.
“Each October, colleges and universities are encouraged to create events on campus and elsewhere that draw participants for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among faculty, staff, and students, from across all departments and disciplines, and even from across the campus ‘edge’ between town and gown.

CSD is devoted specifically to the achievements of, and challenges for, the tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff working to instill sustainability principles in higher education institutions and their surrounding communities.

CSD is held annually on the 4th Wednesday of October, with celebrations occurring all week, and throughout the entire month of October.(About)”
While each university celebrates differently, there is a common theme of reflecting and planning around the topic of sustainability. How to be more sustainable and what are actions we can take to make the world a better place, a more sustainable place.

Who celebrates Sustainability Day?

Many schools are celebrating Sustainability Day, where members and students gather together and discuss. With presentations and brainstorming on how to be more sustainable and what are some ideas for the future. Due to the influence of Campus Sustainability Day, students are encouraged to participate and be active about being sustainable. But that should not stop you if you are not a student. You don’t need to be a student to celebrate Sustainability Day, and since it is no longer Campus Sustainability Day, that should make it even more appealing. Go to the next section to find out what you can do to participate in Sustainability Day.

You Can Do It Too

Participating and enjoying Sustainability Day
While there is no official organization that states or regulates Sustainability Day. You can definitely take the initiative to start something in your local community or your company. Even though the origins of Sustainability Day seem to be for students, that should not stop you for making a difference. It could be a simple get together and clean up, or brainstorm ideas on how to be more sustainable in the future, replacing certain products for more environmentally friendly options and so on. If enough people decide to participate in Sustainability Day on the fourth Wednesday of October, the movement will get bigger and better. In addition, you can also organize the Sustainability Day in collaboration with the university, this way you can raise more awareness. If you are shy and not sure, starting small is fine too! Do something with your own family and friends, come up with a new plan for recycling, or even upcycling. Try out some new sustainable products and or discuss easy ways to reduce plastic waste. There are so many ways you can be active on Sustainability Day.

Share and Be Sustainable

As mentioned above, if there isn’t any Sustainability Day event near you, you should definitely do something. If you are still a student, check out if your school has a Sustainability Day event, if not, it could be something you take initiative and start. If there is one, participate, join, listen, and get involved. Share with others what you have found out or did, spread the word and get more people to participate in the years coming. On Sustainability Day, we want to gather people and do something for the future. Whether it is reflecting what we are currently doing and how to improve or plan for the future. Every small thing that you decide to do for Sustainability Day is important and is better than nothing.

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!