15 Women-Owned Brands You Should Support!


A great way to support women and participate in International Women’s Day is to support a women-owned brand! While you should support women-owned brands every day, on International Women’s Day, let’s go the extra mile. Show our appreciation and give them a shout-out, and who doesn’t love shopping! In this article, you will find 15 amazing women-owned brands.

15 Women-Owned Brands

Here are 15 women-owned brands that you should check out. There is a wide range of women-owned brands, such as cleaning products, apparel, cosmetics, accessories, and food. I am sure there are plenty of other amazing women-owned brands out there, but here are a few that I found and I think you should know about.

Blueland: Cleaning Kit
The Clean Suite (Image sourced from Blueland’s Official Website)

Blueland – Eco Friendly Women-Owned Brand

Blueland is an eco friendly cleaning brand that carries plastic free cleaning products, such as multipurpose cleaning spray, refillable dish soap, laundry detergent, and so much more. Blueland offers a set cleaning kit that is plastic free and you can simply buy refills once your current ones are done. Not only is this Blueland eco friendly but it is also a women-owned brand. I have mentioned Blueland and their products in another article all about plastic free cleaning products.

Package Free Shop: Lauren's Essential Kit
Lauren’s Essential Kit (Image sourced from Package Free Shop’s Official Website)

Package Free Shop

If you ever want some zero waste products you need to check out Package Free Shop. Package Free Shop is founded by Lauren Singer, a.k.a the girl with a jar, she was able to fit her waste from 8 years into a single mason jar! Not only do they offer a wide range of sustainable and eco friendly products, but Lauren also has a blog that helps you become more sustainable and green, Trash is for Tossers.

Rainbow Bundle from Stasher
Rainbow Bundle from Stasher (Image sourced from Stasher’s Offical Website)


I am sure many of you already know Stasher, but did you know that is a women-owned brand? Yes, stasher was founded by Kat Nouri when she was packing her children’s lunch. The idea of reducing plastic ziplock bags and plastic waste with more sustainable alternatives came stasher.

Honey Wrap
3 Packs of Honey Wrap (Image sourced from Honey Wrap’s Offical Website)

Honey Wrap

Another amazing zero waste kitchen item you can purchase from a women-owned brand. Honey Wrap is a reusable beeswax wrap that replaces single use plastic wraps. With these, you can reuse them multiple times and they are a much better choice for the environment.

Women-Owned brand: Mate the Label Non-toxic Organic Clothing
(Image Sourced from Mate the Label’s Official Website)

Mate the Label – Circularity focused Women-Owned Brand

Mate the Label is a true definition of a sustainable women-owned brand. Mate the Label values the idea of circularity and making choices that is sustainable and eco friendly. Not only do they choose to produce locally, they use non-toxin organic materials, they are a firm believer in ciricularity of products and material. Even their packaging are from recycled materials.

Wasi Clothing - Anti-Racist Long Sleeve
Anti-Racist Long Sleeve (Image sourced from Wasi Clothing’s Official Website)

Wasi Clothing

Wasi Clothing is a one-woman-run business based in Los Angeles.. Vanessa Acosta founded Wasi Clothing due to the injustice she felt from the fashion industry and she wants to a more diverse, sustainable, and ethical clothing brands that is for everyone. In addition, she was to celebrate her Bolivian roots, the textiles are all sourced from South American countries and then made from scratch by Vanessa herself.

Nubian Skin - Black Women-owned brand
(Image Sourced from Nubian Skin’s Official Instagram)

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin is a London-based lingerie bra that took the industry by storm with “nude” bras that are actually catered for women of color. The industry was lacking more colors and spice, so founder Ade Hassan decided to create “a different kind of nude”. Not only are the bras super flattering, but these women-owned bras also offer men’s lingerie.

Fumikoda - Alex Bag
Alex Tote Bag Size L (Image sourced from Fumikoma’s Official Website)

Fumikoda – Japanese Women-Owned Brand

Fumikoda is a Japanese Women-owned brand with a wide range of purses, bags, wallets, and other accessories. Fumi Koda founded Fumikoda to fulfill her needs as a busy businesswoman, a bag that is fashionable, high capacity, and of course sustainable. After graduating from Parson School of Design in New York and working for a marketing firm in New York, she decided to return to Japan and started her own businesses, and one of them was Fumikoda.

Ricci Everyday - 4 models
(Image sourced from Ricci Everyday’s Official Website)

Ricci Everyday

Ricci Everyday is another Japanese Women-owned brand. It is run by a mother and daughter combo based on the idea of empowering woman through colorful and bold African patterns in everyday clothing. They want to encourage people to live and dress as they feel, not by societal pressure or others’ opinions. All products are made by local women in Uganda that usually don’t have a chance, such as single mothers or former child soldiers. Ricci Everyday provides a safe place for these women to grow and be proud of their culture and products.

Mejuri - Lindsay Jang for Golden Campaign photo
Lindsay Jang for Golden Campaign (Image sourced from Mejuri’s Official Website)


Mejuri is a rather well-known brand for its fair prices and direct sources of business methods. Their mission to provide traceable and transparent supply chain and production, while paying attention to their social and environmental impacts. Mejuri pledges to make a difference through donations and other commitments to empower women, and according to their founder, Noura Sakkijha, “I know from my own experiences that arming someone with education gives them optionality in the future to take control of their lives. There is nothing I believe more. And despite what we as women are often told, it isn’t and never has been selfish to take care of yourself and to invest in your future.”

Sharon Cutter - Founder of Uoma Beauty (Women-owned Brand)
Sharon Cutter – Founder of Uoma Beauty (Image sourced from Uoma Beauty’s Official Website)

Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty was another women-owned brand that took the industry by the strong. Not only does Uoma Beauty have 51 shades of foundation, Nigeria born founder Sharon Cutter made sure the brand is inclusive, diverse, and of course bold and rebellious. The brand has some of the best concealers in the industry a lot of other amazing products.

Colorfix Matte Swatches from Danessa Myricks Beauty (Women-owned brand)
Colorfix Mattes Swatches (Image sourced from Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Official Website)

Bold and Colorful Women-Owned Brand: Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks is a black woman, an entrepreneur, a mother, a photographer, makeup artist, her beauty brand is innovative and different. With her unique background, this women-owned brand offers Pro Makeup products that allow the users to enjoy, explore, and play with makeup. Danessa Myricks Beauty also offers lessons to help educate more people about makeup.

Bite Toothpaste Bit - Daily Habit Set
Daily Habit Set (Image sourced from Bite’s Official Website)


Founder Lindsay McCormick created Bite toothpaste bits with two questions in mind, “Why does toothpaste come in plastic tubes, and what exactly are we putting in our bodies when we brush our teeth?” Bite is a sustainable alternative to conventional toothpaste. Instead of plastic tubes, Bite are tiny tablets in a glass bottle that you can easily refill. Since launch, the brand has expanded to include sustainable floss, mouthwash, toothbrush, and so on.

Miyoko's Butter
(Image sourced from Miyoko’s Official Instagram)

Miyoko’s – Vegan Women-Owned brand

Miyoko is a best-selling chef, animal lover, environmentalist, global speak and entrepreneur, and cheesemaker. She founded Miyoko’s Creamery in hopes share the love of animals with more people through vegan cheese, and other dairy products.

Burrito with Siete's grain-less tortilla
Burrito with Siete’s Grain-less Tortilla (Image sourced from Siete’s Official Website)


Vanessa Garza the president and Founder of Siete started the business with her family. After diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, her family supported her with love and a healthier diet, which then turn into Siete Vanessa created her own grain-free tortillas and she knew she had to share it with others who love Mexican food as much herself. Siete carries tortillas, tacos, chips, sauces, and sort of traditional Mexican delicious food.

We need more Women-Owned Brands

Luckily, we are having more and more women-owned brands every day and all over the world. However, we need more!! We want more women-owned brands by women of color, married, have children, and so on. In fact, in the IT sections, there are significantly fewer women-owned businesses or brands, or women CEO in big companies. Shopping at women-owned brands is a great way to help support women. There are many other ways of supporting women or how to participate in International Women’s Day available.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!