Kaho Komatsu – Being Ethical Can Be Simple

Ethical Journey

Welcome back to our interview series, where I sit down and chat with some amazing people and learn more a little bit about them and what they think about being ethical. As the title mentions, being ethical can be simple, and that is coming from our interviewee. She believes in every small step you take with a conscious mind can make a difference. Which I definitely agree, making ethical choices is about putting yourself in the right mindset and even the small step is beneficial to the overall cause. So, shall we get right into the interview?

A Bundle of Sunshine: Kaho Komatsu

Today, I had the honor to have a quick chat/interview with Miss Kaho Komatsu. Before we jump into that, I would like to give you guys a bit more background information about Kaho.

Kaho is currently an university student in Japan, while she is interning at a web marketing company. Kaho enjoys running as it makes her feel better, mentally and physically. In addition, she has an interest in makeup too. Kaho is on a mission to find the perfect red lipstick that not only empowers her, but is her. She is one of the most energetic people I have met, just a bundle of sunshine. Now that we know a bit about Kaho, let’s take a look at her opinions about being ethical and how she is involved.

Being Ethical Cleanses My Mind

Kaho believes that being ethical is what we are supposed to do, it is something that more people should be doing. As mentioned before, just like running which helps her to feel healthy both mentally and physically, “being ethical cleanses [Kaho’s] mind”. That the idea of being ethical is very soothing and makes her heart feel clean. In addition, she wishes that more people know about being ethical and how to be ethical. She suggests to those that are interested in making a difference for themselves and others, or love nature, they should definitely consider taking care of nature. By doing the simple things as being ethical; buying ethical products, reducing waste, and single use plastic, you are also cleansing your mind and soul for yourself and the community and earth we are all part of.

Big Determinations + Action

Of course, Kaho is personally taking some actions on being ethical. She is a woman with her words, and she is definitely interested in learning more about being ethical and how to improve herself even more. With the help of the internet and social media nowadays, Kaho is exposed to many sources, such as influencer, Instagram ads, and so on about ethical products and how one can be ethical. Luckily, the influencers she tends to follow also exhibit similar actions and promote ethical products and ideas, which was really helpful for Kaho. Now let’s take a look at some things that Kaho does ethically.

Fashion and Friendly

So you must be wondering what is Kaho actually doing to be ethical? Kaho’s actions exhibit the fact that being ethical can be affordable and simple. First, she is conscious of her fashion choices, choosing to buy clothes that are ethically conscious is important for Kaho. She chooses H&M because it is affordable and they offer eco-conscious clothing, plus, you can always stay in fashion and on-trend.

It seems like being fashionable and eco friendly is still not as popular as it should be (in Japan), so it is amazing that H&M also allows me to do so.

H&M also has a clothes recycling system. Which is amazing especially when a lot of second-hand stores in Japan do not accept fast fashion clothes or non branded clothing. Which makes fast fashion clothing even more wasteful than it already is, with H&M’s recycling system, any brand or even non brand clothes can be recycled which is great. By shopping at brands that have eco-conscious and are actively trying to do something is a great way to start being ethical. There are many fashion brands out there that do similar or more stuff, after all, green is the new black.

Reusable Wrap, Bottle and More

Kaho's ethical item: Reusable thermal water bottle, lunch box and portable utensils.
Other simple and affordable ways Kaho does include bringing her own water bottle around and using reusable wrap instead of single use plastic wraps. Both items have a wide variety of options and price ranges. Not only are they good for the environment, but extremely easy to use and start. By reducing the amount of single use PET plastic bottles you buy from supermarkets and convenience stores with one reusable bottle, you are saving more than just the environment but also your own money. Similar can be applied to the reusable wraps, in fact, in Kaho’s opinion,

Both products are so usable and affordable that it doesn’t make sense for you not to use it. They are simple and a great way to be ethical.

Which is true, it is important not to overwhelm and stress yourself out about becoming ethical.

A Wrap Up

It was a pleasure to have a quick chat with Kaho about her thoughts about being ethical. With her enthusiasm, one can easily tell that she is excited to learn more about being ethical and eco-friendly. In fact, she hopes that more and more people would look into ethical lifestyles, and that every work together to make the world a better place. For those of you that like nature, here is a message from Kaho,

if you like nature, it is even more important that we protect it. If you are interested in protecting nature, the environment, by buying ethical products and reducing the amount of trash you produce are very simple and effective.

As these are the things that Kaho is currently doing, and in the future she will be doing more as she is constantly learning to do better.

I hope you enjoy this quick pick me up and see how anyone at any age, financial status and stage of their life can begin to be ethical. Being ethical can be simple.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!