Ron Roy – One Ethical Step for At a Time

Ethical Journey

I am sure many of you have heard of “One for All, All for One”, the famous Latin phrase that unites people together for the greater good or the famous french The Three Muskerteers. Personally, I think this applies to becoming ethical and achieving a sustainable planet. Where people get together for the better of this earth, one tiny step individual is one big step for all. This is also the tone of our interviewee today, Ron Roy.

Ron Roy, 25, currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. A team player that wants the best for everyone surrounding him and the environment. Ron would often stop and enjoy the flowers and trees surrounding him, he treasures and cares for his friends and family and this planet. This is why he is a great candidate for this ethical journey interview.
(Ron was uncomfortable with his photo taken so there won’t be any photo.)

Ethical means?

To Ron “being ethical means living in a way that is inclusive of consideration for not just myself but also the people, the animals and the environment surrounding me.”
Which is really reflective of Ron’s personality and the action he takes. Taking time to look and enjoy the green that is surrounding him at the same time doing his best to save and preserve it.
In fact, Ron has been very conscious of his surroundings and what is happening right now. It was through learning about the environmental issues that have been happening that urged him to begin his ethical lifestyle and ethical journey. By learning about the happenings, Ron also wanted to find solutions or ways that can slow the environmental damage that has already started. Even now, Ron is continuing with his journey to find more ways where he can help and contribute to the greater good, the environment, and his loved ones.

Ethical Steps for All

You must be wondering what ethical steps Ron is taking to make a difference. What are some ethical products he is using? Don’t worry, I got the list and here it is! Also, I will go in and break down what they are and their benefits!

Reusable Q-tips

Reusable Q-tips are rather rare and a new product that many people are still learning about. But that doesn’t stop Ron from trying and making a difference. I am sure that many of us love to use Q-tips or cotton swabs after showering and washing hair, getting those yellow gunk (earwax) out, but unfortunately, these single-use products have been causing some issues for our environment. First of all, almost all single-use products have effects on the environment, whether it is the piling of the landfills or improper disposal that leads to the product ending up in the ocean. The best solution to this issue is to reduce the usage of single-use products, such as cotton swab (Q-tips). With reusable q-tips, you can be saving up to at least 30 q-tips a month, that is around at least 360 q-tips a year, that’s a lot. While it is true, q-tips are small items and they don’t pile up as much, but oftentimes they end up in the ocean and cause an effect on the marine environment. Also, to make q-tips it’s a lot of resources and energy (mass production) that are also a burden to the environment.

Eco bag

I personally feel like almost everyone by now would have an eco bag, but having it doesn’t necessarily mean you would remember to use it or bring it around with you. However, Ron is making his purchase count, where he would carry a separate eco bag with him, in case of sudden grocery shopping. In fact, Ron has always been very aware of reducing the use of plastic bags, so this ethical product is a no brainer.

Reusable straw

Last but not least, reusable straws! Similar to q-tip, single-use straws have flowed into the ocean and get stuck in animals or mistaken eaten by marine animals and thus caused them pain and suffering. Having a reusable straw that you can easily carry around with you and wash is the best option. In fact, many cafes and restaurants have been converting from using single use plastic straws to paper straws or biodegradable straws that are much better for the environment. However, the best option is still your own personal, reusable straws, more sanitary and good for the environment.

Your Ethical Step

Eco friendly products
“Every bit of effort makes a difference. It all starts with one.”
Just like what Ron has said, he believes that any tiny step or ethical product you choose to use “are helpful, there is always room for improvement and we can always strive to look for new opportunities to live alongside nature in harmony rather than having a relationship with nature where we plunder and abuse its resources in the name of economic growth.” And this makes you think about your past purchases and what you should do for your next purchase. What is your ethical step going to be and what kind of difference do you want to make for yourself and others.

And yes, it might be hard to start or confusing where to start, but anything you choose to take is an improvement and a difference. “Taking a stand to make ethical choices makes a difference regardless of whether it involves one or many. The important point to remember here is that living in a sustainable way is not an option but a necessity as any ecosystem depends on a balanced harmony and not a rampant culture of use and throw.”

Closing Remarks

After interviewing Ron and seeing his stances on making a difference for others, even if it is a tiny step, it is still a step that is truly inspiring. This one small, ethical step is a step for all. Hope you guys are a little more inspired and motivated to start your own ethical journey. Ron has definitely got me more interested in using reusable q-tips and other products that can reduce single-use products. And by using this tiny product, it is definitely a contribution to the greater good and can make a difference for the environment and the people. So will you considered using a reusable q-tip or straw?

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!