Ethical Choice’s Ethical Meaning


If you are into environmental issues, or anything related to sustainability, you must have heard of the word ethical. However, ethical meaning is somewhat confusing or ambiguous to you because it has been thrown around too much. Which is why it is important to do some research and find out the meaning of ethical, so that you can truly continue on your journey to become more sustainable. As a person, who is similar to you, seeing the word ethical everywhere, however, not sure of ethical meaning, I am here to help you and share with you what ethical meaning is.

Ethical Meaning (Simple Terms)

First off, let’s go over the simple ethical meaning. This ethical meaning is a simple dictionary meaning, which is “relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.” Yes, that was a very broad ethical meaning and still somewhat confusing, especially if you have seen many different uses of the word ethical. So let us break it down together for a better understanding. When we think about things that are related to moral principles, it is often about doing the right thing, doing good for the people or the subject at hand. It can be said there are ethical perspectives to almost all subjects, nursing, teaching, and so on. So in the case of environment and overall earth, it is to assume that doing good for the earth or the right thing for earth is part of ethical meaning. So what are the good things or right things for earth? Based on the current activities and trajectory, it is reasonable to assume that doing something that can slow down the effect of global warming and climate change is definitely something ethical. Such tasks include decreasing the amount of trash that is ending up in landfill (zero waste movement), or reducing the amount of plastic thrown into the ocean (plastic free), and so on. So in simple terms, the ethical meaning is doing the right or morally correct things for the subject, and in the case of the environment, it is doing something good for the environment. Help it or slow down the effects that are already happening.

Ethical meaning for Ethical Choice?

Ethical Choice's Ethical Meaning
Now you know the ethical meaning, so you must be wondering what is Ethical Choice’s ethical meaning. I mean ethical is in our service name and all over our branding, so what does our ethical meaning. Ethical Choice’s ethical meaning is based on the original meaning, doing the morally right and good thing for the environment, however, we expanded it even more. We expanded the ethical meaning to be more than just about the environment but the overall earth. As part of the earth, we, humans, are very much part of the issue and the solution. Humans need to do more and do better, both individually and as a society. So for Ethical Choice’s ethical meaning, we combine all aspects of the earth; the environment, the people, and the society. We hope that by making ethical choices, we are doing good for all three aspects, we are doing the morally correct thing in helping the earth. Not only are we going to cover the zero waste movement, plastic free ideas, we are also going to share about food loss, fair trade, animal welfare and other ethical conducts that are going to make a difference for our earth.

How to move forward with our ethical meaning?

So what does our ethical meaning have to do with you? Well, first of all, I am really happy that you have found our website. Thank you for coming and I hope up to now, everything has been fine. With that being said, there is a reason why you click into this site, and most likely you know the reason already. You and I both have an interest in making a difference for the earth, just like Ethical Choice’s ethical meaning. We want to do something that is good and right and definitely needed to help our earth. So my advice is to join us, learn more about what you can do, the different movements there are and find one that you can do without stress. Start making a difference with something small, doing something ethical for the earth.

Join us!

Ethical Meaning: Able to enjoy the beautiful view
Join us, Ethical Choice, to make a difference, to do something ethical for the earth, the environment, the people, and the society. Make a difference by doing something you already do, just supporting the right people, product and movement. Ethical Choice hopes to expand and share it’s ethical meaning with more people and create a community. Together we are stronger and much more effective in what we can do for the earth. We are doing more than just the environment, but for the people that are mostly likely affected by climate change, the ecosystem and the animals. Help the society that is in need, support them, and help grow. Doing good for those, doing good for the environment, the people and the society is our ethical meaning.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!