Ethical Shopping is a Lasting Trend


Want to become more ethical and sustainable as a new year goal? But don’t know where to begin? Why not try being an ethical consumer, don’t worry, it is much simpler than one would expect. You can start small and my suggestion is to start with ethical shopping. As an eco-friendly, ethical lifestyle advocate, I understand that one can easily be overwhelmed by all the information there are and not knowing where to begin. I personally find it easy to start with learning about the products you are buying and switching to ethical shopping slowly. Besides, if you like shopping, ethical shopping is just as fun, in addition, you can learn so much more and do so much more good for yourself, your family, your community, and the people around you. Now let’s take a closer look at ethical shopping.

Ethical Shopping is Step 1!

As mentioned, ethical shopping is a great way to start your ethical lifestyle transition. Of course, my suggestion is to do this slowly and as much as it is financially acceptable for you. What I mean by this is don’t go out and buy all new ethical products and throw away your old things. Ethical shopping is a great way to start your transition, but don’t burn yourself out financially. By beginning ethically shopping, you are already doing a lot, it means you have become aware of the product you are currently using can be better. In addition, you are preparing yourself to become an ethical consumer and starting your ethical lifestyle. Before we go on any deeper about ethical shopping, for those of you that are reading but not quite catching up with what is going on, allow me to explain what ethical shopping means.

What Does Ethical Shopping Mean?

Ethical shopping in plastic free store
Ethical shopping means when you are shopping you are conscious of how the product was made, how the product will affect the environment, or the people while using or afterward. That you are actively researching and learning about products and services that are doing something that is beneficial to the environment, the people, and more.

There are many different kinds of ethical stances, and obviously, you don’t have to and should not start all of them at once. I recommend finding a stance that you feel most aligned with and start there. For example, you are an animal lover, you can start with shopping for products that care about animal welfare, are cruelty-free (no animal testing), or vegan.

Another way for animal lovers to shop ethically could be shopping at brands that are very conscious of animal welfare and are actively donating to animal shelters or so on. Or if you don’t know what stance you are vibing with, but you are a big fashionista, there are also many ethical shopping choices for you too. One, you can start shopping at ethical fashion brands, brands that are working on using recycled materials, that are conscious of the working conditions of their workers and manufacturers, that are properly sourcing materials and paying their workers appropriately, and so on.

Another ethical shopping way is to shop second-handed or vintage, there is nothing more environmentally friendly than repurposing or reusing clothes.

Lastly, find out what the brands you are currently using, and what they value, what action they are taking for the environment, the people, google to see if there are any criticisms. If the values, actions, or criticisms online don’t sit well with you, maybe stop buying or reduce how often you shop there. There are many ways to shop ethically.

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Why is Ethical Shopping Important?

Why is ethical shopping important? It is important because every small step you take can benefit someone or something significant. It is important that everyone take a small step for a better society, and for the earth. By actively supporting brands that are taking initiatives on human rights and safety of their workers and manufacturers can mean there is less forced labor, less child labor, more safe workhouses for the workers with proper pay, and thus helping the local community, reducing the danger, increase quality of life of those workers and their family so on. One small step can lead to a big effect change for the better. Ethical shopping is a powerful action that can transform people’s lives and have a positive effect on the environment.

Ethical Shopping can making a difference

There has been evidence of ethical shopping making a difference and creating new standards for shopping. There have been multiple cases where consumers used their buying power to show big corporations that consumers want changes. Such as boycotting certain brands due to the brand’s inhumane action or environmental damaging factors. In addition, recently, big corporations have become aware of the increasing demand for ethical brands and ethical products from consumers. More and more brands are willing to shift to be part of the ethical shopping options. Ethical shopping is no longer just a one time thing, people are showing more and more support of ethical brands and businesses causing the big corporations to take note and take action to do better. So you starting your ethical shopping now means you are making a difference for yourself, your community, and your future generations.

How do I become an Ethical Shopper?

Ethical shopping, buying eco-conscious clothes
There are many ways for ethical shopping as mentioned above, but they fall into 2 main categories.

Buy Ethical: Actively looking for ethical products and showing support for ethical brands and brands that are trying to make a difference! As mentioned, don’t go overboard, your transition speed should be based on your personal financial situation. This is an easy way to start your ethical shopping journey; also it is exhilarating to shop online.

Replace or Refuse: Stop buying from brands that no longer align with your ethical choices/stances. The best way would be to replace those products with ethical products, for example, once you finish your current dish soap, for the next one you can try a non-toxic, organic, and recyclable packaged dish soap. This is easy and there many ethical dish soaps available.

The best way is a combination of the two categories mentioned above. For example, I am actively looking for ethical options for daily products, so once I am done with my current products, I can switch to buying from ethical brands. At the same time, I am changing my shopping habits to be more ethical, by reducing or stop buying from certain brands that don’t align with my ethical stances. Every day I am learning more about ethical shopping and how to be better, while slowly transitioning.

Let’s All Take 1 Baby Step for Earth

Let's all shop more ethically!
Now you know all about ethical shopping, please remember, ethical shopping is not a one-time thing. The importance is continuing ethical shopping, supporting and tackling this new ethical lifestyle one step at a time. Don’t go crazy and burn out fast. It is ok to do it slowly, the important thing is that you are doing it bit by bit, whether it is finding a new cleaner, shopping at new ethical fashion brands or stop shopping at companies that don’t align with your ethical stances. Let us all take one baby step together, and let that first step be ethical shopping.

Learn more about ethical consumerism and the idea behind ethical shopping!

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!