Ethical Sustainable Clothing is a Must


Trying to find an ethical sustainable clothing replacement? Not sure where to begin? Not sure how to navigate the new ethical fashion or ethical sustainable clothing? Don’t worry, this article is here to help you find the perfect ethical sustainable clothing for you and help you get your style. Keep on reading to find out more about ethical sustainable clothing!

Ethical Sustainable Clothing?

Before we go into anything, let’s have a quick rundown of what ethical sustainable clothing means. First of all, the ethical here symbolizes the brand or the company that makes the clothing is ethical, that they are doing good for the people, the society, and the earth. That could mean they are environmentally conscious and trying to reduce their waste, carbon footprint, using recycling technology, and donating to organizations that are protecting the environment. Or they are ethical in terms of treating their workers and makers fairly and right, provide appropriate workplace, fair wages, and transparency. The best scenario is when they are a combination of both kinds. While the sustainability here is somewhat similar, the brand maintains their claim and the effort of being ethical, creating a sustainable business but also sustainable in terms of resources and so on.

Ethical Sustainable Clothing vs Ethical Fashion

Before we go into what some amazing ethical sustainable clothing are, let’s take a look at the difference between ethical sustainable clothing and ethical fashion. Ethical sustainable clothing is part of ethical fashion, while fashion is very broad (high fashion, everyday wear, bags, accessories, shoes, and so on), ethical sustainable clothing focuses mainly on clothes. In addition, there is an emphasis on sustainability, not just on the brand, but the product itself is also sustainable. The material is environmentally sustainable and the company is sustainable, it is giving back and maintaining the level of integrity it has for its brand and products. Which can be quite a challenge, while many brands are becoming ethical fashion brands, but to be able to label as an ethical sustainable clothing brand might be a different story. You must be wondering, how do I find an ethical sustainable clothing, keep on reading to find out!

How to find ethical sustainable clothing?

Ethical sustainable clothing include thrift shopping
Similar to any ethical shops, brands, or companies, it is always important to do some research. By simply googling ethical sustainable clothing, many options would pop up. Google does an amazing job, but it is also important to do some digging yourself to make sure. Make sure if the brand/company is truly ethical. Look for information that shows their transparency on materials, how the products were made and where the clothing were made. Transparency is key to being ethical for more subjects, it allows criticisms and changes to happen because people know what is going on. In addition, look for signs of the brand giving back to the local community. To be truly sustainable it is not just able to make a profit but also creating opportunities and ways so the resources are not depleting. It is important to take a good look at the review and the news of the brand/company too! Just like any ethical shopping, it is important to always research!! Another great way to find ethical sustainable clothing is make your own, or look for second-handed clothing. Not only is thrift shopping or repurposed clothing extremely sustainable, it is very ethical as many of the thrift stores are giving back to the local community or supporting smaller creators. It is also extremely ethical to the earth, as you are reducing waste and creating less carbon footprint to begin with. You don’t necessarily have to find brand new ethical sustainable clothing brands, you can easily find affordable second handed clothes that are great.

Why you should choose ethical sustainable clothing!

Ethical sustainable clothing provide transparent workers' conditions
Ethical sustainable clothing is a great option for those of you looking for new comfy clothes. Not only are they just as cute, fashionable, and comfortable as regular clothing shop you go for, but ethical sustainable clothing brands are doing so much more. They are making a difference for the people, the society and the earth. Which is what being ethical and sustainable is all about, making a difference that is good for the earth and the people that are making it. No more taking advantages, sweatshops, child labor, hazardous factory, and unlivable pay. More sustainable fabric, environmental conscious brands, giving back, doing good brands that can and are willing to go the extra mile for others. Not only are you wearing something good, but you can also be sure that they were made fair and ethical. Win-win situation that is good for all.

Our Picks!

Here are some of our picks for ethical sustainable clothing brands:

Pricing Guide:

  • $ = up to $50
  • $$ = $51 ~ $100
  • $$$ = $101 ~ $150
  • $$$$ = $151 ~ $200 +
Ethical Points: Giving Back, Protect Workers, Environmentally Conscious
For Women, Men, Kids
Price: $$
Ethical Points: Organic Cotton, Fairtrade
For Women, Men, Kids and More
Price: $
Ethical Points: Zero Waste Commitment, Energy reduction, Transparency
For Women and Men
Price: $$$$
Alternative Apparel
Ethical Points: Recycled Material, Organic Cotton
For Women, Men, and Kids
Price: $ ~ $$

What can you do more?

Start looking for some ethical sustainable clothing brand that suits your style or get ready to thrift shop! Start small when going on ethical sustainable clothing, unlike fast fashion, the idea of behind being ethical is less is more. Little by little you are doing a lot. Don’t know where to start? You should definitely check out the brands recommended. We have already done some work for you. Also, keep on researching and reading our article about ethical fashion and more.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!