Ethical Wallets for a Sustainable Living


As trailblazers in the fashion industry launch trends and brands that have entirely revolutionized the fashion world, these trends and styles may refine your outlook however we must discontinue sacrificing innocent lives for that purpose. Every year, one hundred million animals are poached, hunted down, and brutally killed (YJ). Unfortunately, these raw materials supplied to factories are used to create those glamorous products your carry and wear today.

Over these years, activists have been raising their voices on this particular issue. Moreover, several notable brands have condemned claims of condoning this brutal attack, as they emerge as ethical, sustainable fashion brands who have shifted to alternative methods to manufacture fashion products. Such fashion products include clothes, bags, and wallets. So instead of supporting such brutal actions, we should support ethical wallets instead. Purchasing ethical wallets and make a difference for the animals.

What are Ethical Wallets?

Many new fashion brands have emerged, and they have been releasing several clothing lines and accessories such as ethical wallets that reform your appearance. Yet, they are made from recycled materials and are eco-friendly. Ethical wallets are eco-friendly alternatives for pure leather wallets. Vegan wallets and recycled wallets crafted from repurposed materials reduce the risk of promoting unethical practices and contribute to the production and disposal of harmful waste in our environment.

How to shop ethically

This question about ethics is always looming large over all ethical consumers. They often hesitate to trust the clothing brands they purchase from because they don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. To ensure that the clothing products that you have purchased are environmentally friendly and ethically made, make sure that you note these FIVE main pointers:

  1. Research about the brand – how do they make their products? Where do they produce them? What resources do they use to craft them?
  2. Buy second-hand or recycled products – you are not only bringing home a unique item but are also playing your part as an ethical consumer.
  3. Look out for ethical labels. Several notable organizations are working to increase ethical consumption.
  4. Promote and purchase from local artisans – in addition to saving your time and money by cutting out transportation costs. By purchasing local products may help to reduce the amount of pollution emitted into the environment.
  5. Less is more – let’s limit the number of items we purchase every day. If possible, make sure that you recycle and reuse the clothing items at home, and if you have to buy something, make sure that you don’t shop excessively.

What is the fair trade organization?

Fair Trade organization has been pushing business owners to sell products at sustainable prices and has helped over 1.16 million farmers in developed countries (Faletra).

It has improved their positions by gaining control over their businesses, enhancing their working environments educating them about the secrets behind a sustainable, lucrative business. Their work has positively impacted low-scale farming businesses and has eradicated the threats of discrimination and unfairness they usually face while trading. They have also been recognizing and promoting organizations and brands that support the ethical production and consumption of goods.

For further information about this organization, you can visit their website.

Top 5 Fair Trade and Ethical Wallet Brands

We support brands and organizations that go out of their ways to make a change in this world. We have created a list of ethical wallet brands that have transformed the fashion industry into an eco-friendly sector.

BEEN LONDON's ethical wallet/coin purse
Wilton Purse (Image Sourced from BEEN LONDON’s Official Website)

BEEN LONDON: Eco-friendly and Ethical Wallets

In 2018, BEEN London was born with a creative ethos and the spirit to innovate a solution that would solve modern-day environmental issues. BEEN London crafts chic and sleek wallets from resources such as apple peels and empty plastic bottles. Their products optimize the style game while increasing their impact on the environment and making eco-friendly ethical wallets available. Shop at Been London for ethical wallets.

Svala's Purse/wallet in Black
Sara Chain Wallet Purse (Image Sourced from Svala’s Official Website)


Svala focuses on sustainability and creates locally handcrafted and ethically made products – that are 100% Vegan and PETA approved. The brand uses biodegradable, PVC- free and animal-friendly fabrics and crafts premium, versatile clothing products and accessories. Furthermore, 10% of their products are donated to charities and organizations such as Wild Aid – to end the illegal wildlife trade. To purchase their ethical wallets, visit Svala’s website.
O MY BAG's ethical wallet
Sonny Wallet (Image Sourced from O MY BAG’s Official Website)

Ethical Wallets & Bags: O MY BAG

O MY BAG does not only have a wide shelf filled with some modish, trendy bags, but they are a social enterprise that lifts leather producers in India out of poverty by approaching business sustainably. In addition to this, the leather they use to create their timeless ethical wallet pieces is eco-friendly tanned leather, and does not produce any harmful toxins and is PVC-free. Shop at O MY BAG.

Raven and Lily's Card case wallet
Addis CC Case (Image Sourced from Raven and Lily’s Official Website)

Raven and Lily

A 100% women-led brand and a member of the Fair Trade organization, Raven and Lily want to uphold a positive environmental and social impact. They work closely with skilled artisans and use natural and sustainable materials to craft versatile, smart fashion accessories and products including ethical wallets. Moreover, they donate the profit they earn to organizations with similar ethos and motives. Visit Raven and Lily today to get your ethical wallet.

Tentree's Bi Baron Fold Wallet
Baron Bi-Fold Wallet (Image Sourced from Tentree’s Official Website)


Tentree is emerging as a popular ethical wallet brand working diligently to create a sustainable future; for every purchase of their ethically manufactured clothing products and accessories – they plant ten trees. To date, Tentree has partnered with a charitable organization that helped them plant over 53 million trees. Visit Tentree.

Ethical Wallet Summary

As ethical human beings, it’s our solemn responsibility to change our lives and take the eco-shift to create a better world. Buying ethically made wallets for sustainable living would not bring about instant change, but it’s the first, small step towards improvement.
If you are looking for other ethical products, such as ethical jewelry or cruelty free fashion, we got you!

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!