10 Sustainable Coffee Brands You Might Not Know


A good cup of coffee in the morning can give us all the energy we need to get through the day. While the taste is important, having sustainable and eco-friendly coffee is also very important. Many sustainable coffee brands pride themselves on their coffee beans’ quality and taste.

It is important to show support for sustainable coffee brands and help make a difference by making ethical choices. By choosing to buy from sustainable coffee brands means you are actively making a difference. If you want to know more about sustainable coffee , sustainable coffee brands and fair trade coffee brands, just keep on reading!

What Does Sustainable Coffee Means?

A sustainable coffee means the coffee that is being produced and sold is done so with acknowledging the importance to protect the environment and the people involved in producing the coffee.

It’s coffee that is grown in a way that conserves nature and provides better livelihoods for the people who grow and process it.

One example of sustainable coffee would be fair trade coffee, fair trade coffee means that the producers and coffee bean farmers are being paid equally and fairly for their work. Below some fair trade coffee brands will be introduced!

Another example will be organic coffee, where no synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used, which is better for the environment and the farmers. Brands that use these sustainable coffee are called sustainable coffee brands. Many sustainable coffee brands provide fair trade and organic coffee, which takes care of the people and the environment.

With the mindset of doing better and more for the environment and people, sustainable coffee brands are helping us make a difference. Sustainable coffee brands help us consumers act more sustainably by buying or supporting them.

10 Sustainable Coffee Brands For You To Try

Here are 10 sustainable coffee brands that look after their workers, farmers, and producers and take extra care to make sure they are protecting the environment and more.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee - Women Producer Sample
Must Try: Women Coffee Producers Sampler

Tiny Footprint Coffee is an amazing sustainable coffee brand. Not only are they extremely environmentally conscious and aware, but they also make sure that every cup of coffee that they make can make a difference.

Tiny Footprints works with a small artisan roastery and a non-profit conversation organization to reduce the amount of carbon emission. A portion of the profit is donated to Mindo Cloudforest Foundation to help reforestation in the Mindo Forest in Educator. Plus, Tiny Footprint Coffee believes in supporting women whenever possible, thus, has a special curator selection of women-produced coffee. Truly a sustainable coffee brand!

BLK & Bold – Black Owned Coffee Brand!

Blk & Bold - a sustainable coffee brand
Must Try: Rise & GRND Medium Roast Coffee

BLK & Bold is B-Corp certified sustainable coffee brand meaning they are actively making a difference for their employees, the local community, and the environment through their profit and business growth.

They donate 5% of their profits to help youth at risk, eradicate youth homelessness. Also did you know that it is a Black-owned business! More reasons to support this sustainable coffee brand.

SLOW COFFEE – Japanese Coffee Brands #1

Slow Coffee's Spring Seasonal Coffee
Must Try: Seasonal Blends

SLOW COFFEE is a Japanese sustainable and fair trade coffee brand , where they only use organic fair trade coffee beans and roast the coffee beans themselves for the best coffee beans. SLOW COFFEE also makes sure when sourcing coffee beans, they are doing the most to protect the local environment, such as agro-forestry.

They work with the AACRI (local agro-forestry organization) in Intage, Educator to help protect the forest and hopes to continue to help the local people.
*Unfortunately, currently they only ship within Japan. If you live in Japan, you should definitely check them out!

Conscious Coffees – Conscious of the Earth

Conscious Coffee
Must Try: Conscious Coffees 8oz Sampler 4 Pack

Conscious Coffees is another B-Corpo certified sustainable coffee brand. Conscious Coffees make sure they provide the best coffee, but also make a good impact for the earth, such as organic coffee beans.

In addition, to ensure the best for the coffee farmers, Conscious Coffees have joined the Cooperative Coffee organization, which allows them to directly import from farmers and create lasting relationships, which ensures the best for the farmers.

Wonderstate Coffee

Wonderstate Coffee, a sustainable coffee brand

To make sure they are a sustainable coffee brand, Wonderstate Coffee has many ways to provide the best for their customers and their farmers.

Including a minimum price guarantee to pay the farmers that are much higher than the industry standards, annually donating 5% of profit to help local communities, such as On the Ground Congo. As for the environmental side, their factory is solar-power and they sourced organic coffee beans to protect the environment.

Café Mam – Decaf Sustainable Coffee Brand

Café Mam's Royal Espresso coffee beans
Must Try: Royal Espresso

Café Mam (it’s pronounced as ‘mom’) has been around for quite a while. Since 1990, they have only sourced fair trade, organic, and shade grown coffee beans, plus, all coffee beans are grown by Native Maya farmers in Mexico.

Café Mam makes sure they are a sustainable coffee brand by working with the indigenous farmers who know and understand the land and how they protect the earth. Shade grown coffee beans mean that the coffee farm does not destroy natural forests by cutting down trees, instead the coffee beans are grown in the shade of these trees, which makes a huge difference for the biodiversity and ecosystem.

In addition, Café Mam uses recyclable/compostable packaging, recycled boxes for shipping to reduce the waste and environmental impact in their business. Not only being a fair trade coffee brand, as a sustainable coffee brand, they also donate a certain percentage of their profits to non profit organizations that focus on organic agriculture, social and environmental causes.

Counter Culture Coffee

Apollo from Counter Culture
Must Try: Apollo

Counter Culture Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand that makes sure that they are sourcing the greenest and sustainable coffee beans. Not only do they pay more for the coffee through partnership, they support environmental stewardship efforts at the farm level through premiums, Seeds projects, and third-party verification.

In addition, Counter Culture Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand that makes sure they are participating in local community support, such as donations and volunteering. A green sustainable coffee brand you definitely should try!

Grounds for Change – Fair Trade Coffee Brand

Grounds for Change's Congo Coffee farm
Must Try: Congo “Muungano Natural”

Grounds for Change is part of the B-Corp, participating in the 1% For The Planet where they donate at least 1% of their profit to nonprofit organizations.

That’s not where Ground for Change stops, as a sustainable coffee brand and fair trade coffee brand, they make sure all operations are using renewable energy and off-set all carbon dioxide emissions, sourcing from organic and fair trade coffee beans. Making sure all packaging is from recycled materials and leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.

Hiro Coffee

Hiro Coffee's Organic Blend Inagawa
Must Try: Organic Blend Inagawa

If you are interested in another Japanese sustainable coffee brand, Hiro Coffee is a great choice. Hiro Coffee aims to coexist with nature through actions that respect the environment and the people. They are part of the Rainforest Alliance and they actively support the farmers and protect the rainforest. Through activities for environmental conservation around the coffee bean producing areas and raising labor conditions.

Hiro Coffee has certification from Good Inside which is an organization that helps educate sustainable farming practices and better agricultural practices, the Bird Friendly label, where the coffee is grown in the shade while protecting the rainforest, and certified organic.

Wandering Bear Cold Brew Sustainable Coffee Brand

Cold Brew - Wandering Bear (1 of the 10 sustainable coffee brands)

Last but definitely not least, Wandering Bear Coffee is a great sustainable coffee brand if you love cold brew. Wandering Bear Coffee uses 100% recyclable packaging for all of its products, including the boxed cold brew, to-go single-serve coffee, and coffee pods. If you are looking for a sustainable coffee brand that sells cold brew and the cold brew is strong, Wandering Bear is a great option!

Let’s Support Sustainable Coffee Brands

Brewing a nice cup of sustainable coffee
With these 10 amazing sustainable coffee brands, you can definitely find the perfect coffee for you. Plus, these sustainable coffee brands offer a wide range of options and that can easily be turned into gifts for your friends and family. Each of these sustainable coffee brands wants to bring you the best coffee while making sure they are doing their best for the farmers and the environment.

After all, if the climate destroys all the forest and land, there will be no more coffee, which will be a problem for many people. So by supporting sustainable coffee brands, you are helping others, the planet, and yourself in a way.

If you are curious to know more about sustainable coffee or specifically fair trade coffee, read Fair Trade Coffee More than Just Fair Wage to find out more.

Join us at Ethical Choice to make more sustainable and ethical choices in our everyday lives, so we can make better decision for our earth.

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