6 Brands With Best Sustainable Shoes


Recently, the world has recognized the importance of sustainable production and consumption due to increased environmental challenges and their impacts on human life. This concern has pushed consumers to transform their buying habits and opt for sustainable products.

Mostly, we focus on apparel production when it comes to practicing sustainability but there is an equal need to incorporate sustainability in footwear manufacturing. Using only sustainable materials in sustainable shoes production is not the main motive. The focus should also be on energy conservation, fair treatment of labor, and avoiding the spread of toxic chemicals from factories into the atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at sustainable shoes and footwear and why we should choose them over conventional shoes.

Why Do We Need Shoes That Are Sustainable?

Shoes being made in factory

According to a report “Measuring Fashion: Insights from the Environmental Impact of the Global Apparel and Footwear Industries study” by Quantis, the footwear industry is responsible for around 1.4 percent of climate impacts globally. Moreover, textile shoes account for about 82 percent of freshwater removal mainly because of cotton cultivation. Thus, to minimize these impacts and conserve natural resources there is a need to shift to sustainable shoes options.

Unfortunately, sustainable shoes are a bit pricey than traditional ones. Sustainable shoes help preserve the ecological balance and reduce waste in the long run because recycled materials are used in their production, allowing lesser animals to be killed. Below are some brands from which you can easily buy sustainable shoes and contribute to environmental sustainability.

6 Sustainable Shoes Brands

These are just a few sustainable shoes brands that you should definitely know about.

Allbirds – The Ultimate Sustainable Shoe Brand

Allbirds men and women sustainable shoes
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Allbirds is an eco-friendly brand that offers a wide range of sustainable shoes for both men and women. The brand aims to use natural fibers to craft its products including merino wool which makes their shoes breathable, easy to wear, and itching free.

Moreover, merino wool allows the brand to consume 60 percent less energy as compared to other fibers used in the production of synthetic shoes.

Another interesting fact about Allbirds is that it makes shoelaces from recycled plastic bottles to reduce plastic waste. To offset their carbon footprint, the brand invests in different projects such as Capricorn Ridge Wind that works for producing wind energy to minimize the dependence on fossil fuels.

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etiko's sneakers
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Etiko Etiko promotes its mission of wearing no evil by offering an amazing category of sustainable shoes made from 100 percent organic, fair trade certified cotton, and natural FSC certified entirely biodegradable rubber.Through the use of organic cotton, Etiko has managed to decrease global warming potential by 46 percent and water usage by 91 percent.

The brand also has a Take Back program through which its used products can be recycled to make outdoor furniture. Therefore, buying from Etiko will allow you to minimize your environmental impact.

Nothing New

Nothing New sneakers
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Nothing New offers a variety of sustainable shoes in trendy and bright colors made from the finest materials. The brand makes shoes from 100 percent recycled plastic that is Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. It also plays a part in water conservation by saving 160 gallons of water on a single pair of sustainable shoes.

Nothing New also works on its outsoles by incorporating recycled rubber and corks, to provide sustainable, durable, and flexible shoes to its customers. Their Virtuous Circle Program allows the customers to return their used shoes, which in turn gives them $20 for a new pair and ensures that these shoes are kept out of landfills and oceans.

Rothy’s Bright and Sustainable Shoes

Rothy's sustainable sandals

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Rothy’s is a sustainable brand that offers colorful, comfortable loafers, sandals, and sneakers. The brand uses eco-friendly material in its production along with ensuring its quality and longevity.

Single-used plastic bottles are used to form thread for its sustainable shoes. Moreover, they knit their products to the exact shape to reduce waste. This type of manufacturing has made it possible for them to reduce 30 percent of waste relative to previously practiced processes. Hence, opting for this brand of sustainable shoes will help you to contribute towards a greener environment.

Alice + Whittles

Alice + Whittles' Boots
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Alice + Whittles provides a comfy and stylish range of boots and sustainable shoes made from 95 percent organic and recycled material. The Weekend Boot New Beige is one of their popular sustainable shoes made from virgin-free and remodeled plastic, natural rubber sole bound together with vegan glue. The shoes are fit to size, easy to wear, and water-resistant that allows them to stay in shape for a longer period.

Alice + Whittles aims to keep waste generation as minimum as possible. So, if you are looking for sustainable shoes and boots that are vegan, Alice + Whittles is the best option.


Cariuma's sustainable shoes
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Cariuma is an eco-friendly brand that believes in restoring the environment. Its sustainable shoes products are handmade from a natural material, manufactured in eco-friendly factories, and packaged in recycled boxes.

The green and ethical practices of Cariuma allow them to ensure resource conservation and restoration. Moreover, the brand plants two trees, in the Brazilian rainforest, on a purchase of a single pair of sustainable shoes.

Buy Sustainable

Sustainability is a new normal now as we all have become aware of the global environmental impacts. To mitigate the negative impacts of our actions, we must adopt sustainable consumption and production practices.

If you choose to buy a pair of sustainable shoes from these sustainable shoes brands, you are certainly taking a step forward to a better and sustainable future. So, next time you buy any footwear, do keep these amazing sustainable shoes brands in mind and make conscious choices to save the planet. To check out more sustainable and ethical shoes here is 15 Sustainable and Ethical Shoes Brands You Should Know!

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