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Fair Trade

As we move towards a more sustainable society, many people are buying and supporting fair trade. This is great, as fair trade is great for the people and in some ways makes our economy and planet more sustainable.
For those of you that are interested in fair trade or want to buy from fair trade brands, here are 15 different fair trade clothing brands you should check out. Not only are they great clothing, overall they are great fair trade brands.
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Why do we support Fair Trade brands?
15 Different Fair trade brands for clothing
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Men’s Fair Trade Brands
Children’s Clothing Brands
Before we shop

Quick Background on Fair Trade System

It’s important to have an understanding of what the Fair Trade System is. A global system that links the farmers and producers of developing countries with the end-users and enterprises of the world to create a positive impact on international trade.

This system maintains sustainability across the world and compensates for the lower tier of this ecosystem, such as farmers or wholesalers. Similarly, the brands that take part in this cycle are Fair Trade brands. It’s appreciable, that there are many brands that offer to be participants in this initiative because of the benefits it provides to stakeholders associated with the product throughout the supply chain.

Why do we need to support Fair Trade Brands?

A question arises, why do we need to support fair trade brands? Here are the reasons to support fair trade brands:

  1. The brands adopt fair trade practices which are sustainable for environmental effects.
  2. The system promotes fair pricing. It means everyone involved will get a fair reward. It boosts the motivation level of farmers, artisans, craft workers, and wholesalers.
  3. The system believes in building bridges between communities. The cooperative structure encourages a win-win for both parties and this results in an overall improvement in housing, education, and healthcare formations.
  4. It helps to grow the economy of the country. When people are paid according to their work and when they feel happy, the overall growth chart improves. This brings sustainability and cohesiveness to society.
  5. It assists to create an impact on producers and buyers both in the end. These brands recompense the source and monitor an equal proportion of commission distributed to the overall members of this system.

These fair trade brand rules apply to all fair trade brands, whether they are selling clothes, jewelry, or even any fair trade products. The important thing with fair trade brands is they focus on making a difference for the people and create a sustainable trading system.

15 Different Fair trade Brands for clothing

Following is a glimpse of different fair trade brands that highlight the discussion. But before that, let me briefly explain the points that need to be considered while choosing apparel.
Here is a list of criteria we look at when suggesting fair trade brands:

  1. It should be a comfortable fabric for the skin.
  2. It must be clean from any hazardous chemical.
  3. It should be a longer-run fabric in terms of age and colorfulness.
  4. It must be organic cotton or linen so that farmers are protected from pesticides.
Pricing Guide:
$ = up to $50
$$ = $51 ~ $100
$$$ = $101 ~ $150
$$$$ = $151 ~ $200 +

Fair trade Brands for Women Clothes

Fair trade clothes for women
Below are the famous fair-trade brands for women clothing. Some of these fair trade brands are not exclusive to women clothes, many carry men and childrens as well.

Levi's Denim
Levis closely focuses on minimizing water while growing cotton to make a pair of jeans. It’s a remarkable thing because water scarcity is common nowadays, and we need to work to conserve this precious resource. Additionally, Levi’s also sells secondhanded jeans and demin clothing, you can also trade-in your old demins.
Price Range: $$ ~ $$$

Alternative Apparel

This fair trade brand, Alternative Apparel, search out different strategies such as recycled materials or organic cotton to manufacture T-shirts, leggings, and hoodies.
Price Range: $ ~ $$

Pact's women's dress
Pact is fair trade certified, therefore the entire manufacturing process follows organic guidelines. Pact monitors effectively regarding the wages and working conditions for the satisfaction of ground-level staff.
Price Range: $$ ~ $$$

Everlane - fair trade brand
Everlane promotes transparency and ethics. The good thing is that they designed their styles in such a way that they can be worn year after year, which reduces the manufacturing process and creates an indirect impact on environmental friendliness.
Price Range: $$ ~ $$$

Sezane's fair trade clothing
Sézane was founded in Paris. The brand focus on using eco-friendly materials along with fair trade labor. No overproduction, middle man, and the production is constantly being audited for ethical production. Sézane also conduct recycling programs to reduce fashion waste.
Price Range: $$~$$$

Fair Trade Brands for Men Clothes

Fair trade brands for men includes Kotn and more
Just like some of the fair trade brands mentioned previously, some of these fair trade brands also carries women or children’s clothing and some even footwear!

Buck Mason
Men's fair trade brand: Buck Mason
Buck Manson was founded in 2013 to produce fair trade clothing for men. The popular trademark deals in structured cotton and 100 percent Pima.
Price Range: $$ ~ $$$

Outerknown men's clothing
Outerknown is committed to providing men’s clothes with fair labor guidelines. The brand tried its best to consider every point to combat the carbon footprints to protect the environment.
Price Range: $$$ ~ $$$$

Patagonia's clothing
Patagonia is a well-known fair trade brand. It is famous for products like hiking suits, tracksuits, or people who love camping. They promote safe working conditions and an eco-friendly mindset, with a philosophy of harming no one.
Price Range: $ ~ $$$$


Allbirds are new into the fabric field, but they are committed to being a fair trade ambassador. The company prefers natural materials like wood-pulp and merino wool. They prefer recycled packaging with carbon neutral.
Price Range: $$ ~ $$$
If you are interested in checking out more about Allbirds and their clothing, here is a link to Allbirds Black Wool Jumper. (Please keep in mind, the link for Allbirds is an affiliated link, if you do end up purchasing something through this link, we will earn a small commission. Thank you)

Kotn's men shirt
A famous Canadian brand for soft and air-passing men’s cotton. Kotn committed to providing a fair wage to its employees with quality and comfort.
Price Range: $ ~ $$

Brands for Children’s Clothes

Fair trade brands for children's clothing is a great option
Last but not the least, we have to share some fair trade brands for children’s clothes.

Tentree is a fair trade brand with women, men, and children's clothes
A famous kid’s clothing brand promised to plant ten trees with a single purchase. Tentree set a target to plant one billion trees by 2030. The company is committed to producing eco-friendly kids’ apparel harming no one.
Price Range: $ ~ $$

Mini Mate the Label clothes
MiniMATE is a collection from the sustainable clothing brand MATE focuses on growing organic cotton kids’ clothes such as jerseys, joggers, and sweatshirts.
Price Range: $ ~ $$

Primary's children clothes
Primary is a US-based eco-friendly company aims to produce kids’ clothing with sustainable materials and recycled packaging.
Price Range: $

Jackalo's kid's clothes
A brand with a business model to create sustainable products for kids. Jackalo also buys back used clothes and exchanges them with new ones.
Price Range: $$ ~ $$$

Wild Dill

Wild Dill sets a target to manufacture soft fabrics for kids with a growth mindset of planting a fruit tree with a portion of their sales.
Price Range: $

Last things before we go shopping~

Fair trade brands drive with a motive to benefit source, environment and concoct sustainability. They prefer to opt for methods that conserve our natural resources. We must think critically for sustainable solutions and how we can prevent our surroundings from depleting from pollution and other hazardous phenomena, as this is the dire need of time. So support fair trade brands whenever you can, whether it is fair trade fashion or just fair trade products in general.

Want to know more than just fair trade brands, but overall sustainable and ethical t-shirts and ethical shoes? At Ethical Choice, we have plenty of articles that are here to help you find your ethical choices.

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