What is Fair Trade Cocoa? 3 Brands You Can Buy From!

Fair Trade

After a long day of staring at your screen, having a bite of sweet and creamy chocolate just gives you a boost of energy and happiness. These delicious chocolates are largely produced in African countries and Latin American countries. While many of us love chocolate and cocoa in general, the farmers and producers often face hardship in producing them.

In fact, it is said many of the farmers that produce cocoa have never had chocolate before. This is why fair trade cocoa is needed. As Fair Trade cocoa can help the farmers and producers in ways that can be life changing. Just like fair trade coffee, fair trade cocoa is important and necessary. Keep on reading to find out more about this amazing ingredient, fair trade cocoa.

Where Does Fair Trade Cocoa Come From?

Fair Trade Cocoa beans and chocolate
Chocolate and hot cocoa are many people’s go-to sweet and drink, and it makes sense because chocolate is delicious. However, like many of the billboards and phrases, if you know how chocolate and cocoa was made, the dessert won’t be so sweet anymore.

That’s where fair trade cocoa comes from. Fair trade cocoa is here to make a difference for the cacao community and farmers. Similar to all other products in the fair trade movement, the goal is to provide the farmers with fair wages, improve their working conditions, help those that are suffering in poverty, and at the end of the day, make the world a better place.

Difference Between Cocoa vs Chocolate

For those of you who are not sure what the difference is between chocolate and cocoa. Here is a quick overview. Cocoa is usually referred to as the powder after the cacao is fully processed (dried, fermented, roasted, and ground). Where the cocoa is then mixed with other ingredients to make chocolate or the hot cocoa drink. Another important thing, cacao is the main source for both chocolate and cocoa, cacao is the plant that cocoa and chocolate are made from.

Fair Trade Cocoa Benefits

Now let’s take a closer look at the benefits of fair trade cocoa. Fair trade cocoa is beneficial to the farmers and to the consumers. Here is a list of the benefits.

  • No Child Labor > One of the biggest things with fair trade is the help those that in poverty. By providing the farmers with a fair wage, it will reduce the need that children have to work. In addition, with many fair trade organizations, will regulate partner farmers and prevent the chances of child labor.
  • Fair Wages and More > Not only does fair trade provide the farmers with a stable price of their products. Many brands and companies would provide more than the minimum fairtrade price. This is to ensure that the farmers are compensated accordingly.
  • Improve Quality of Life > As mentioned above, with better wages and stable prices, the farmers can improve their quality of life. Where the money can help the family and feedback into the local community. Plus, some fair trade programs even have additional funds for the local schools and so on.
  • Help with recruitment > With better working conditions and wages, it is much easier to attract and recruit for future cacao farmers.
  • Better for the environment > Many fair trade programs encourage more environmentally friendly ways of producing, such as organic cacao, reduce carbon footprints, and so on. While there are still many things we need to do to make a bigger difference environmentally, every small step is better than none.

Supporting Fair Trade

Fair Trade Cocoa with cacao
With all those benefits to buying fair trade cocoa, why not support it? It is highly recommended that if you can buy fair trade chocolate, you should. And supporting fair trade cocoa can be very simple, next time you go to a grocery store check out if they have a fair trade option.

If they do and it is within your budget why not give it a try. Or look up to see if there are any local restaurants or cafes that use fair trade cocoa in their products. The idea of fair trade is truly something amazing, and with fair trade cocoa, it allows us to realize the importance of supporting fair trade. Also, it is not hard to support fair trade, if there are some fair trade cocoa or chocolate that you like, share it on your social media. Share your thoughts and opinions and why others should also try it out.

Supporting Fair Trade cocoa can be as simple as just buying fair trade chocolate and cocoa whenever possible.Keep in mind, the fair trade cocoa and chocolate mentioned here are not limited to the Fairtrade certified chocolate or cocoa, but rather brands that follow the fair trade rules and ideology, and produce fair trade cocoa with their farmers. Many brands are in fact fair trade, but they might not have the Fairtrade certification.

Fair Trade Cocoa Brands

For those wondering what brands to try or what are some fair trade cocoa options. Don’t worry, I got you a few great fair trade cocoa that you should definitely check out!

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is the only chocolate brand that is 100% owned by cacao farmers from Ghana.

Get UnReal

Get Unreal offers chocolate Bar that is also with fair trade ingredients, non-GMO, organic, and certified gluten free.

Species Chocolate

With different flavors featuring different endangered species, Species Chocolate not only is it fair trade cocoa, it is also certified gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and has a 10% give back program.

Here are just a few fair trade cocoa brands, there are many more fair trade cocoa brands available that you can easily find online or at your local supermarket.

Delicious and Good

Enjoying delicious fair trade cocoa and chocolate
To all the chocolate lovers, now is your time to shine! Go out and get some fair trade cocoa and share it with the world! Fair trade cocoa is not only good for you but good for others, so why not.

If you are interested in other fair trade products or find out more about fair trade itself, check out the articles! I hope you enjoyed this article and would maybe even try some fair trade cocoa!

Author: Thiri Zaw Yazawa
Member of Ethical Choice
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