10 Fair Trade Facts That You’ll Want to Know

Fair Trade

I am sure that many of you have heard about fair trade. Or see it on some of the products you use, coffee, tea, banana and or even in the supermarket. Fair trade is an amazing concept that does so much more than just paying more money. Unfortunately, sometimes the meaning and the purpose behind fair trade gets lost, so this article is here to tell you 10 fair trade facts . These fair trade facts might be something you already know or many not. Either way you are getting 10 fair trade facts. So keep on reading to find out what 10 fair trade facts you are going to learn today!

What is Fair trade?

Before we go on with fair trade facts, we need to be on the same page. That we know what fair trade is and the purpose of fair and so on. A quick rundown of what fair trade is, fair trade is the concept of paying the growers and producers the appropriate amount of money for their hard work. Meaning no more taking advantage of the revenue and paying them fairly, Paying farmers and growers what is enough for them to achieve a better life and grow, so that the money they are making can help develop their local communities and so on. Fair trade is part of the goal of ending poverty, by creating a partnership between the company and growers so that both sides receive fair wages for the work and the trading and business is sustainable. To find out more about fair trade, check out our article all about the meaning of fair trade and more!

10 Fair Trade Facts!

Fair Trade Fact- Coffee
Now, to the main point of this article, 10 Fair Trade Facts! While the word fair trade might seem to be very common in our daily lives, there are always more fair trade facts that you might not know about. So here are 10 fair trade facts!

Fair Trade Fact #1

The first fair trade fact is an important one. Fairtrade and Fair Trade are different! You might be surprised or even confused, but Fairtrade and Fair Trade are actually different. Fair trade is the concept/movement of fair trade, fair wages, no child labor, sustainable business relationship and so on. While Fairtrade is actually an organization that helps certify business to be fair trade. Fairtrade is also involved in the fair trade concept however they just provide certification processes to help market the fair trade products. Fairtrade and Fairtrade might be confusing, but understanding which fair trade we are talking about is very important. Most of the time, fair trade is the concept, as fair trade is something that we definitely need, while Fairtrade is a way to achieve it.

Fair Trade Fact #2

You don’t necessarily need to be certified with Fairtrade to be Fair Trade. In fact, there are many brands that have their own program of fair trade with the growers directly. This is especially popular for fair trade coffee. Interested in finding more about this fair trade fact? Check out this article about fair trade coffee.

Fairtrade School?

There are Fairtrade schools! Yes, in fact, there are around 1000 Fairtrade Schools in the UK. Not sure what Fairtrade school is? To put it simply, fairtrade schools are schools that educate their students about the fair trade movement and some even take part in being fair trade, fair trade cotton uniform, fair trade fruits, and so on.

More Fair Trade Products the better

This fair trade fact might be a good thing, but there are around 6000 products that are certified as Fairtrade. In addition, there are many other products available that are fair trade in nature, but not necessarily Fairtrade certified.

Fair Trade Labels

There are more fair trade labels/certification marks than you might know. Depending on where you live, there are different labels. While each of these certifications might have a different mission and system, their ultimate goal is the same, they are all part of the same Fair Trade Movement.

Ethical Jewelry and more

In the article, Ethical Jewelry, I have mentioned that there is fair trade gold. Just like any food and fruits, gold is a fair trade product. Fair trade gold is a big part of ethical jewelry. Find out more about ethical jewelry in this article.

Divine Chocolate, Divine Business

This is a representation of what fair trade can achieve and a good fair trade fact. The Divine Chocolate brand is a full farmer-owned business. Which is amazing!

Why We Need Fair Trade

This is a wake-up call fair trade fact. “Over 40 million people are estimated to be in modern slavery around the world. Including 10 million children. Products linked to slavery include at least 100 different types such as coffee, chocolate, cotton, shoes, toys, electronics” (Facts About Fair Trade).

Another Wake Up Call Fair Trade Fact

“152 million children work as child laborers. Almost half of these children (73 million) work in hazardous child labor” (Facts About Fair Trade). More reasons we need to have fair trade and protect the children.

Last Fair Trade Fact

Fair trade is more than just about human lives, but it is also about saving the earth. Fair trade products are also better for the environment. “The environmental footprint of Fairtrade cotton is 5 times lower than conventional cotton”(O’Brien). This is just one example of fair trade being better for the environment. There are many more!

Share Your Fair Trade Facts!

Fair Trade Fact 10: Fair Trade Cotton is better for environment
Here are the 10 Fair trade facts that you might not know. And now you know! Were you surprised by any of these fair trade facts? Do you have any fair trade facts that you think are important but not mentioned? If so, please do share your fair trade facts with us and your friends and family. In fact, sharing any fair trade facts is good because you are helping the movement. You are raising awareness for the fair trade movement and getting more people exposed to fair trade. So, share your fair trade facts!!

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Author: Monica Chang
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