Fair Trade Food: Good and Yummy

Fair Trade

When you go to the supermarket or grocery stores, we often see the labeling with the World Fair Trade on the food and products. Yet, how many of us are inclined to buy fair trade food and products? The good news is that more and more people are buying fair trade products and fair trade food. Which is great, however, we can always do more to support fair trade food. So today, this article is going to help you understand why we should be buying more fair trade food and supporting fair trade more. Keep on reading to understand more about fair trade food, how to buy and where you can buy them!

Why Fair Trade Food?

A variety of food, including fair trade food options
Before anything else, let’s answer the question of why fair trade food? Why is it important that we support fair trade by buying fair trade food? Well, first of all understand what fair trade means. Once you know what it means, it makes sense to support fair trade and buy fair trade food. Fair trade is a movement in hopes that more business would compensate their workers, producers, or growers fairly and more. This creates a sustainable business for both sides and there are benefits too.

Fair trade food allows the growers and producers to get the money they deserve for their hard work and improve their quality of life. This includes better working conditions, better pay, environmental options, upgrading equipment if needed, having extra money to feed into their local communities for education, better housing, and so on. In addition, many fair trade programs also have a certain amount of money that actually goes directly to the local communities. So by choosing fair trade food, you are making a difference in all the things listed above. This is why you should choose fair trade food. Fair trade food is much more than just extra money, but it is a movement and it can change another person’s life.

How to know if it is Fair Trade or not?

Now we know why we should pick fair trade food, let’s figure out how to tell if the product is truly fair trade.

First of all, many fair trade foods have fair trade certifications on their label. Depending on where you live there might be different fair trade certification bodies, but some of the big ones include Fairtrade International, World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Certified, and Fair Trade Federation.

Another way is research! With a quick google search, one can easily find out if the product is fair trade or not. In fact, many fair trade food brands are fair trade but do not use fair trade certification marks. There are a few reasons for this, one is the certification mark costs, another is maybe the brand has its own fair trade program that they are in direct contact with the growers, and so on. You can find this information often on their website. So these are two ways you can know if the product is fair trade food.

Where to buy Fair Trade Food

Fair Trade Food grocery shopping
Nowadays, many supermarkets and groceries stores often have fair trade fruits, chocolate, spices and other options. In fact, in recent years there has been an increase in sales of fair trade products, so many wholesalers and retailers are stocking up fair trade food and products.
Online shopping is another great way to shop for fair trade food products. There are many fair trade online shops and sustainable stores available.

Fair Trade Food Options

Lärabar - fair trade food (Granola bars)
Image Source: Lärabar’s Official Site

The regular fair trade foods are chocolate, banana, coffee, and tea. However, there are many other foods out there that are fair trade, cereal, cookies, ice cream, and spices. There are many food brands that pride themselves on being fair trade.

Fair trade food brands include:

  • Divine Chocolate > 100% Farmer Owned Chocolate Brand from Ghana
  • Ben & Jerry’s > The first ice cream brand to use fair trade ingredients
  • Zaytoun > Roasted almonds from Palestine and many other fair trade food products
  • Annie’s > A variety of options, from snacks to mac n cheese
  • Lärabar > Granola bars and protein bars
  • UnReal > Chocolate bars, peanut butter cups and so on delicious snacks
    • This is just a very short list of fair trade food brands. In fact, there are many other options that you can find at your local stores or online.


      Not only are you getting good food, sometimes even better food, you have changed someone else’s life for the better. These are the tiny things that we all can do. With every fair trade food we buy, we are supporting something bigger and changing the world. Plus, there are many options for fair trade food and they are easier to purchase than one would expect. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping for some delicious fair trade food!

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!