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Fair Trade

Nowadays, we often buy fair trade products without taking a second thought. Which is a good thing because we are making a difference for another person. However, only buying fair trade products every now and then might not be enough. It is important that we also look for products that are made with fair trade material or ingredients. Support brands that use fair trade materials and so on. Push the fair trade movement further and bigger is the ultimate goal, which will then bring sustainability. Encourage more brands to use fair trade materials whenever possible. Thus, we can truly advocate for fair trade.

What are some fair trade materials?

While we know many fair trade products such as fair trade bananas, chocolate, coffee, and tea. We often don’t look for fair trade materials within products. Which is just as important as buying fair trade products themselves. Fair trade materials include coffee, banana, cacao, cotton, sugar, honey, tea and so much more. In fact, most of the fair trade products can become fair trade materials. For example, you can buy banana bread that uses fair trade materials such as fair trade banana, sugar, nuts, and oil instead of conventional ingredients. Not only is the banana bread sourcing ethically and fair trade, but I am also sure they taste just as good. Another example is to buy clothes are using fair trade cotton instead of just cotton. If you want to take it one step further you can also try buying fair trade and organic cotton made clothes!

Finding fair trade materials

You must be wondering how do you find products that use fair trade materials. First, look at the labels, oftentimes brands will tell you that they are using fair trade materials or ingredients in the products. Or that the brand is certified Fair Trade, meaning they went through a third party that makes sure they are fair trade. Second, simple google research before purchasing is another great way. By doing your own research, you can easily understand what the brand believes in and if they support fair trade materials or not. Many brands not only uses fair trade materials, in fact, but many brands might also create their own direct to farmer and producer relationships to ensure their partners are getting the best, fair wage and benefits of fair trade.

Brands that use fair trade materials

If you are lazy or not sure where to begin to look for brands that use fair trade materials, here are some brands that use fair-trade materials in their products.

Fairly Traded Honey: Fair trade Honey

Image sourced from Lush USA website
Lush: Lush is a brand that believes in fair trade materials, organic ingredients, cruelty free and making a difference for society and the environment. Lush uses a wide range of fair trade materials, including, banana, honey, almonds, aloe vera, and clove. They have a strong stance on fair trade and making a difference for the producers. As consumers, there are no reasons why we shouldn’t support Lush and fair trade materials.

Gimme Coffee:
Gimme Coffee is a fair trade coffee wholesaler/retailer comapny. They believe it is important to have sustainable and ethical practices where each and every step is ethical from farmer to customer. Not only are the coffee fair trade, some options are also organic while some coffee, Gimme Coffee has direct relationships with the farmers and where you can learn something about the farmers and where the coffee beans came from.

Fair Trade Material made chocolate
Image Sourced from Endangered Species Chocolate’s Instagram

Endangered Species Chocolate:
If you are looking for fair trade chocolate, Endangered Species Chocolate is a great choice. Their fair trade materials/ingredients includes coffee, vanilla, and sugar cane. They offer chocolate bars, Single served chocolate treats, and chocolate chips for baking. Last but not least, they have many certifications backing them up, with fairtrade, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, and Green E (renewable energy certification).

Honet Tea banner
Image Sourced from Honest Tea’s website

Honey Tea:
If you are looking for some fair trade tea, Honest Tea is a great choice. Honest Tea tries made a commitment to be more environmentally friendly, while providing fair trade and organic tea that is not too sweet yet very flavorful. You should definitely check them out if you love a flavorful tea. Also, if you like a nice pun, Honest Tea is great.

Ben & Jerry’s:
Ben & Jerry’s is another brand that uses fair trade materials, such as cocoa, banana, coffee, vanilla, and sugar. It is amazing that big brands like Ben & Jerry’s is making a difference by support farmers. Hopefully more and more big brands will join Ben & Jerry’s in pursuit of fairness and a sustainable future for all.

Fair trade material made clothes - fair indigo
Image Sourced from Fair Indigo’s website

Fair Indigo:
Fair Indigo pride themselves on their high quality organic cotton clothing. They directly source from Peru and work with local artisans to make these clothes. They ensure that the artisans and workers are paid fairly. Fair Indigo also makes sure each and every step they take is sustainable and ethical for the people and the earth, with biodegradable plastic packaging, to making long lasting 100% cotton clothes. In addition, they have created the Fair Indigo Foundation to help fund the Peruvian local children’s education and school. Buying from Fair Indigo is a great way to support those that benefit from fair trade but also be apart of the change and making a difference.

These are just a few brands that certified if you are interested in finding out fair trade brands or products.
If you are looking for more, here is a list from Fairtrade Canada or you can check out Fairtrade Certified.

Fair trade is the way to go!

Supporting fair trade is a great way to help those that are in need. Not only is fair trade good for you, but it is definitely making an impact on others. That includes the farmers, producers, the company, and the environment. The brands mentioned are just a handful of fair trade brands, there are so many out there and the best thing is more and more brands are going fair trade too!
If you are interested in knowing more about fair trade in general or find out the exact benefits of fair trade, please check out the articles linked.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!