8 Fair trade Organic Coffee To Try

Fair Trade

Coffee is one of the highly traded products in the world, especially in the West Region. According to an estimate of Statista, About 27.16 million 60 kg pouches were consumed in the US in 2018-2019 relative to 25.56 million 60 kg pouches consumed in 2017-2018. Mostly, the US imports its coffee from developing countries such as Honduras which stands in the fourth position in terms of coffee exporting countries, as per the report of the International Labor Organization. According to the US Department of Labor, Almost 158,000 children are forced into child labor in Honduras mostly in agricultural areas. It means when you opt for fair trade organic coffee, you can promote the ethical treatment of labor all around the world along with obtaining healthy and chemical-free coffee produced organically. This would also allow you to bring a positive change in the environment as organic production reduces the risk of environmental challenges.

Why Fair Trade and Organic?

If you are wondering why you should choose fair trade and organic coffee, well here are the reasons why:

  • Fair trade ensures that the coffee beans are produced ethically. Meaning no child labor, workers are paid living wages, working in safe working conditions, and more.
  • Fair trade also means that money and business are helping the local community to grow and achieve a better standard of living.
  • Organic coffee beans mean that no synthetic chemicals are used when growing the coffee. It also means that the workers won’t inhale or be exposed to toxic chemicals. which is better for their health.
  • Organic also means the chances of synthetic chemicals pollution or contaminating the soil is reduced, which is much better for the environment.

Now let’s take a look at some fair trade organic coffee brands.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee Brands

We have created a list of the top 8 brands from where you can easily find fair trade organic coffee, Lets’ explore them together!


Groundwork Seasonal Selected Sundew Fair trade organic coffee beans
Image is sourced from the official site
Groundwork offers a wide variety of coffee blends in different tasting notes and roast levels. Their coffee is certified organic, fairly traded and obtained ethically. Moreover, groundwork supports sustainability in terms of packaging and local sourcing to ensure their mission of caring for the local and global communities. It also provides catering and delivery services to its customers wanting hot and fresh organic coffee. The most popular blends of Groundwork include B*tches Brew and Black Gold, both of which have a tasting note of Dark Chocolate.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee from Higher Ground Roasters

Higher Ground Roaster's coffee
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Higher Ground Roasters believes in environmental protection. Therefore, provides its customers with 100 percent organic and fairly traded coffee. At Higher Ground, only shade grown specialty grade coffee beans are used that account for topmost 5 percent of the global yield. It ensure the availability of fresh, smooth and flavorful organic coffee on ship to order basis. Moreover, the brand donates 10 percent of its earnings to a charitable institution such as Alabama Rivers Alliance and Black Warrior River Keeper, to reinstate rivers. By choosing to buy from this brand you can contribute towards a better future.

Strictly Organic Coffee

Strictly Organic Coffee Co. Logo
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Strictly Organic Coffee offers its customers a variety of smooth and tasteful coffee which is 100 percent certified organic and fairly traded. The blends introduced by Strictly Organic Coffee include Organic Haushammer Blend and Organic Paso Doble Blend which comes from the beans of Indonesia and Central America having smoky and rich taste. The brand also focuses on human and environmental welfare by donating its products to non-profit organizations and using products such as afterburners that help in reducing harmful emissions.

Ethical Bean Coffee

Ethical Bean Coffee
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Ethical Bean Coffee gives its customers a wide range of coffee blends and flavors from seasonally sourced beans. It is 100 percent fair trade certified and organically produced without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Lush having fruity and earthy flavor along with Sweet Espresso having caramelized taste notes are the most liked products of Ethical Bean. The brand has also introduced a bag return program to reduce its plastic consumption.

Equator Coffees

Fair Trade Organic Coffee from Equator Coffee
Image is sourced from the official site
Equator Coffees allows the coffee lovers to buy a variant range of coffee blends obtained from different regions of the world. It has introduced fair trade organic coffee which is rich in taste and color. Equator coffee’s best products include Sumatra Queen Ketiara which has taste notes of vanilla, chocolate, and herbs. It is also a certified B-Corporation and donates one dollar of each B’ Cause Blend pouch to a purpose driven institute.

Cafe’ Mam: Sustainable Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Café Mam's Royal Espresso coffee beans
Image is sourced from the official site
Cafe’ Mam ethically sources 100 percent fairly traded and organically grown coffee from Maya Farmers settled in Mexico. It offers freshly roasted coffee in biodegradable packaging to its customers and delivers in maximum one day. Moreover, it provides coffee beans in different flavors including Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. It has also established a Climate Change Mitigation Fund with the help of which more than 8,000 trees have been planted to prevent soil erosion.

Taylor Lane

Taylor Lane's Coffee
Image is sourced from the official site
Taylor Lane offers locally roasted coffee in unique flavors. It utilizes fairly traded and 100 percent organic beans that are roasted in energy efficient roasters to minimize carbon emissions. The most famous coffee product of Taylor Lane is Organic Goat Rock Roast which has a bold and chocolate taste that refreshes you. The brand also believes in giving back to the community therefore, it makes coffee donations to charitable organizations.

Pura Vida Coffee

Pura Vida's Coffee
Image is sourced from the official site
Pura Vida Coffee provides fresh roasted coffee which is obtained from local sources. It is made from fairly traded and completely organic coffee beans. Moreover, the coffee is shade grown which reduces water pollution and maintains soil health in regions where it is produced. It provides a variety of coffees harvested in different seasons having a unique and complex taste that differentiate it from others. To promote human welfare, Pura Vida Coffee initiated a non-profit program named as Create Good Foundation which helps destitute communities.

Choose Fair Trade Organic Coffee!

The small step we make today, ensures the future sustainability of our environment. So, switch to organic and fair trade coffee to conserve the planet. If we start buying such organic products, the demand for inorganic ones will certainly fall and producers will be pressured to produce and source their products from fair trade certified organizations that ensure human and environmental welfare.
Many of the fair trade organic coffee brands mentioned above are also featured in our sustainable coffee brands article. Check out these sustainable coffee brands and why you should try them out!

Author: Monica Chang
Started my ethical journey in 2010. Always looking for better options for me and the environment.