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Many of you have heard of Fairtrade International, World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation, and so on. So how much do you know about fair trade organizations? There are many fair trade organizations available and depending on the region you are living in there are some exclusive fair trade organizations. Today in this article we are going to talk about a few big and international fair trade organizations you should know about. What these fair trade organizations do and how are they different from one another.

Purpose of Fair Trade Organizations

Fairtrade International's logo, one of the fair trade organizations
You must be wondering what is the purpose of fair trade organizations. While fair trade is an amazing movement and one that we should have more of, it is often hard to tell if the companies or brands are truly fair trade. The purpose of these fair trade organizations is to help the consumers know that the products that they are buying are truly fair trade and encourage more people to join the fair trade movement. Many of these fair trade organizations offer certification services, where they will make sure the brand or producers are truly fair trade and certified. Allowing consumers to easily identify fair trade items apart from non-fair trade items and rest assured that the product is checked and regulated. In addition, many of these fair trade organizations also offer other ways to help the people in need and provide additional benefits for the workers and growers.

3 Fair Trade Organizations

Now let’s take a look at 3 fair trade organizations that you should know about, or you might have already seen before. I am going to talk about each and give you some background on the different fair trade organizations. They are all good and depending on the country you live in, you might see one more than the other. Or maybe, your country has its own fair trade organizations too.

Fairtrade International

The Fairtrade International or sometimes referred to as Fairtrade Labelling Organization International (FLO) is one of the biggest international fair trade organizations. Fairtrade International has multiple subdivisions and often has national representatives in charge of certifying and marketing certain fair trade products. Like all fair trade organizations, Fairtrade International’s goal is to help all farmers and producers earn a living wage, a fair wage. Not only do they provide fair trade certification services, they also help brands and producers market their products through their networks. It is an ever-expanding and non-profit organization with much smaller and some limited companies that help regulate the overall organization, such FLOCERT (the certification company) or region fair trade marketing organizations.

World Fair Trade Organization

Another big international fair trade organization is the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). According to WFTO, they are a “global community of social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade. Our Guarantee System verifies that our members are truly Fair Trade Enterprises. This means they pioneer models of business that put people and planet first.” The World Fair Trade Organization follows 10 principles on how their organization is operated, including their verification and other programs such as crowdfunding and so on. Find out more about the 10 principles, check out this article about fair trade practices. Just like Fairtrade International, the World Fair Trade Organization also has a certification body, where they verify if the product and the company is truly fair trade.

Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade Federation is a non-profit organization that mainly focuses on promoting fair trade products in North America. “The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a community of verified businesses that are dedicated to holistic fair trade. This commitment to fair trade means the entire business is socially and environmentally responsible in everything they do.” In addition, the Fair Trade Federation focuses on a lot of smaller and artisan products in their network. Which is a great way to expand more fair trade products overall.

Without Fair Trade Organizations

While fair trade organizations are great, there are some smaller companies that are fair trade but do not have a certification mark or part of the fair trade organizations. One main reason is that by using the certification mark, the brand and the producers need to pay a fee. Depending on the company, some might not have the budget or don’t have plans yet. However, that does not mean the product itself is not fair trade, so a quick google search would be the best way to know if they are fair trade.

Look Out for Fair Trade

Woman shopping while looking for fair trade organization's logo
Next time you go to the supermarket or your local grocery store, check out what fair trade products they have. You will be seeing a lot of familiar names and labels as mentioned in the article. If not, maybe it is time to do some extra research on the local and or national fair trade organization. Don’t worry, it won’t be a hard search, a quick google on fair trade organizations and your country will pop up and some great fair trade product links will too.
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