Let’s brew a cup of Fair Trade Tea

Fair Trade

What is your choice of caffeine? For many people it is tea. Not just for caffeine, tea can be quite soothing and all just good. With a wide range of tea, it is no wonder people like tea so much. With tea being so well-liked, it might be hard to imagine the life that many tea farmers are enduring. Just like coffee, the tea farmers often suffer a lot from the hardship of the work, to the fluctuation of the market, and climate changes. With all the factors and uncertainties, fair trade tea is very important and necessary for the betterment of the future generations and earth. Fair trade tea is a great option for those of you that prefer tea over coffee or just want something warm. Let us check out some fair trade tea together and see what else is brewing.

Fair Trade Tea

First of all fair trade tea does not stand for any specific tea, but all tea in general, whether it is black tea, green tea or even white tea. Fair trade tea means the tea is produced with ethical procedure, where the farmers and workers are paid their fair wages, with safe working conditions, and the tea itself has transparency throughout the supply chain. With fair trade tea, you are supporting the workers and farmers and helping them achieve a better life. Ensuring that the tea farmers can get fair wages and in return help their community.

How Does Fair Trade Tea Work?

You must be wondering how fair trade tea works, how do you achieve fair trade. Often fair trade tea brands are either brand to farmer direct contact partnership or the brand uses fair trade certified tea farmers. The goal with either option is to ensure that the tea price is at a fair trade minimum, which is the minimum price for tea in order for the farmers to get a living wage. Depending on the brand, some brands would even pay above the fair trade minimum pricing, where the extra money goes back into the local community or to ensure there are better working conditions for the tea farmers. Either way, their ultimate goal is to ensure that the farmers are getting the best and making a difference. To understand fair trade tea more, let’s take a look at fair trade tea producers.

Fair Trade Tea Producers

A woman picking fair trade tea leaves
Just like coffee, tea is being produced in many countries. Due to the specific needs of tea plants, tea needs to be planted in specific regions and climates, oftentimes, these places are some developing countries or regions that might be struggling with poverty. The fact that tea is only able to be grown in certain areas makes it important to help the people that are living in those areas so that we can continue to have tea. In addition, providing the local community a chance to get out of poverty and improve their lives. To do so being aware of fair trade and the climate change effect on tea and other agricultural products is a great way to help.

Random Tea Fact:
Around 35% fair trade tea workers are women. (Tea)

Some Option for You

Now that we know all the good things about fair trade tea, let’s check out some fair trade tea options. These are just a few popular or interesting fair trade teas that we recommend. However, there are so many more fair trade tea available in the market, and there are more coming out every day.

  • Equal Exchange > A wide range of organic tea
  • Hobbs Tea > Organic handpick tea from Hawaii
  • T Project > Organica and biodegradable packaging, not only is it ethically sourced tea but it is sustainable.
  • Numi > Another great organic tea that is non-GMO, fair trade, B-Corp and many other outstanding certifications.
  • Pukka > Pukka is a fair trade tea, they are also in the 1% for the planet and organic.

These are just a few fair trade tea brands you can try out. There are so many other fair trade tea brands out there, you should definitely check them out.

Sipping Some Tea

Beautiful plantation for fair trade tea
I hope you enjoy this article about fair trade tea and also learn a few things about fair trade. Fair trade tea is a great way to try out some new tea. So get your boiling water ready and let’s make some fair trade tea! If you are just about to finish with your current tea, why not try some fair trade tea. Or if you don’t know how to get your friend’s birthday present, fair trade tea is also a great option. If fair trade tea is not something you are interesting, we also have an article about fair trade coffee. Or just learn more about fair trade in general!
If you do end up getting some fair trade tea or already are, please share it with your friends and family! You can share it on Instagram or Facebook! By sharing the fair trade tea, you are supporting the fair trade movement, which is amazing, as you are making an ethical choice and giving others an ethical option too.

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!