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The month of October signifies many things, including spooky season (Halloween) and the fall weathers (pumpkin, fallen leaves and so on), and breast cancer awareness. October is also the Fairtrade Month. Fairtrade Month celebrates the brands that are certified fairtrade, encourage more brands to start using fairtrade resources, and of course, motivate more consumers to buy fairtrade. Similar to plastic-free month or breast cancer awareness month, it is important to show you during Fairtrade month to fair trade brands, retails, and companies. Raise more awareness to fairtrade. So let’s find out together more about fairtrade month and what are some things we can do to promote fair trade even more!

Fairtrade Month, October

Starting from October 1st you are officially into the fairtrade month. Where you are encouraged to buy fairtrade products, support fair trade companies, brands, and retailers. In addition, there will be many educational opportunities during the Fairtrade month for you to learn more about fairtrade and what you can do to help with fairtrade. You have an entire month to explore new fairtrade products and share your opinions. Fairtrade month is more than just raising awareness, but also allows you to learn and educate others, try new products and discover new restaurants and stores in your local community. Fairtrade Month is going to be an exciting month!

Fair Trade Month Activities

Fairtrade Month is about realise awareness about fairtrade and fairwages for producers and makers in the image.
There are many activities encouraged for people to do during Fairtrade Month, such as sharing on social media, buy more fairtrade products, donate to fairtrade organizations, and if possible support your local community and businesses. These activities are great in promoting fairtrade and actively changing the society and the community you are living in. Now let’s take a closer look into each of these fair trade month activities.

Share Your Fairtrade Month

It is really important that you share your thoughts, opinions, and overall journey throughout Fairtrade Month. Everytime you share something about Fairtrade Month or fairtrade you have a very high chance of reaching new people and educating them about fairtrade. That being said you don’t have to be all educational and share long paragraphs or essays about fairtrade, if you want to, sure! However, for most of us sharing a nice product that is fairtrade or talking about a fairtrade brand would be enough for fairtrade month. For Fairtrade Month, you can venture out from your regular retail store or online store and try a fairtrade brand and store. Buy something a fairtrade replacement of your regular soap, coffee, or snack. See how things are and if the fairtrade one is actually better, you should definitely try to support it more by buying that product instead from now and or tell a friend about it. The most important thing is that you are talking and sharing about fairtrade and that’s the goal for Fairtrade month, to spread and raise awareness.

Shop at Fairtrade Stores

More and more stores are becoming fairtrade and getting certified or using fairtrade ingredients and material in their products. Which is great because this shows that consumers demands and trends are shifting and companies are following. By shopping or buying more of these fairtrade products instead of regular ones, you are making it even more obvious for the companies. Which is what Fairtrade Month is about, spreading awareness and advocate for more fairtrade products.


If you can, you can also donate to organizations that help workers and producers get fair wages. Donate to organizations that help out the local community rebuild or ensure safety. For donate to small organizations that support local artisans or workers. There are many ways to donate and even if it is a little, it is still good.

These are some ways you can participate in Fairtrade Month, pick the one that suits you best. If you can do all three great! If you can’t that’s ok too, just going online and learning about fairtrade for the future is better than nothing. Simply like a friend’s post about fairtrade or sharing their post is also a great way to contribute.

Fairtrade Products:

Try out some new fairtrade products during fairtrade month, like bananas.
Since Fairtrade Month is all about fair trade products, I thought it would be nice to share some fairtrade products. There are many fairtrade products available and definitely worth you checking out! Here a few fairtrade products that you should definitely look into!

Coffee and Tea
Fairtrade coffee or tea is not something new but it is a great fairtrade beginner product. Both would be great as gifts for your friends and family. Even if it is just for you to try out a new drink, why not try fairtrade.

Fairtrade Gold
This one might be a new one for some of you, as briefly mentioned in Ethical Jewelry, fairtrade gold exists. So why not check out some cute accessories during the fairtrade month. Check out Ethical Jewelry for more information!

Herbs and Spices
Fortunately, Fairtrade month is October, where a lot of more spicy drinks and dishes are coming out. Why not make your own pumpkin spice latte but with fairtrade cinnamon, nutmeg, and so on.


Now that you know it is Fairtrade Month, what are you still waiting for? Within the next 31 days, if you see something that is fairtrade and something you need, why not try it out and share your thoughts with family and friends. Or support a local business that sells or uses fairtrade products. Afterward, share your experience with your friends and family about fairtrade and the product.

Still not sure about fairtrade and what it is? Check out our article dedicated to fairtrade.

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Author: Monica Chang
Director of Ethical Choice
I am passionate about finding amazing sustainable and eco-friendly products and sharing them with more people. Interesting in plastic-free, reduce waste, and DIY.