Why not try fairtrade products?

Fair Trade

Looking for some ethical products? Don’t know what kind of ethical products you should get? Try fairtrade products! Fairtrade products are a great way to start your ethical journey and make a difference. In fact, you will be surprised how easy it is to find fairtrade products and why you should buy them more! Keep on reading to find more about fairtrade products, why you need them, and what are some options!

What are fairtrade products?

Fairtrade products are essentially products that are grown by producers that are being fairly compensated for their work and that they are guaranteed with ethical conduct and vertified with transparent processes throughout the supply chains. So by buying fairtrade products, you are supporting companies that are treating their workers, partners, and sources with proper payments. These fairtrade products often help your local businesses and the local communities where the materials are sourced from. Fairtrade products’ goal is to provide everyone the best and fair treatments. Let’s take a look at the definition of fairtrade to truly understand what fairtrade products are.

Quick fair trade definition

For those of you that are not sure or familiar with what fairtrade means. It would be hard to understand what fairtrade products mean. It would be difficult to want to support fairtrade products if we don’t know the purpose and the meaning behind fairtrade products. A simple meaning of fair trade is when the company selling the products that are trading with the producer fairly, where the wages are fair and reasonable, the process of the trading is transparent and traceable and that it is beneficial to both sides. Fair trade ensures that the producers are not being taken advantage of, that they have fair wages, safe working conditions, and chances to improve their local community and their overall quality of life. Having fair trade can mean a lot for the producers and farmers, where the money allows more people to develop and have a better life.

Why should you buy Fairtrade products?

Fairtrade products make a difference for the producer like the banana farmer in the image.
Why should you not buy fairtrade products, is the bigger question. It is highly recommended that if there are fairtrade products available that you should support fairtrade products. From the consumer side there might be a few differences here and there. Such as a higher price, due to the farmers or producers getting their equal pay. If you can afford it, why not try the fairtrade option instead. In addition, fairtrade products are more than just making a difference for the people, often time fairtrade’s ultimate goal is to create a sustainable business, taking care of all people that are involved and sometimes it might be better for the environment too.

Popular Fairtrade Options

There are many different types of fairtrade products available. You will be surprised at the different choices you have with fairtrade products or products that use fairtrade materials.

Here is a quick list of some fairtrade products you should definitely check out!:

  • Bananas
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Flowers
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Honey
  • Gold
  • Cotton
  • Herbs/Spices

There are many more other fairtrade products available. In addition, if you have the chance, you should also check out a business that supports and uses fairtrade products. Support cafes, restaurants, or stores that sell fair trade or use fairtrade products. Hopefully, in the future there will be more products that have fairtrade options.

Where to buy fairtrade products

You can easily find fairtrade products at local stores or supermarkets. In addition, many online stores also sell fairtrade products. If you still have a hard time, just look for products that have the fairtrade mark. The fairtrade mark is meant to help consumers identify fairtrade products and be ensured that the product is actually fairtrade. Going to a local cafe or restaurant that uses fair trade products is another way you are supporting and getting fairtrade products. Another way to get fairtrade products is Google or check out the fairtrade website. You can easily find a variety of fairtrade products. Or you can keep on reading our articles and find some amazing fairtrade products that are loved by our editors, their families, and friends.

Support Fairtrade

Fairtrade Products: Tea, Honey, Spices
By supporting fairtrade business with fairtrade products, you are making a difference for someone else. That small change for you might mean a lot to another person. Next time you go to the supermarket why not check out the fairtrade banana or other fairtrade products. You might be surprised by the fairtrade products and officially be converted! Using fairtrade products is more than just doing good for others, but it is good for the children, the community, the people, and the earth overall. I hope this article will inspire you to check out some fairtrade products next time you go shopping.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!