9 Food Waste Applications to Fight Food Waste

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Food waste is one of the crucial environmental problems we face today. With tons of edible food thrown into landfills, food waste can cause global warming, encourage deforestation and could even lead to toxins such as methane, produced into the atmosphere when thrown into landfills.

In the US alone, 40% of the food supply, 80 billion pounds of food which is around $1600 worth of produce per family is wasted. Imagine spending $1600 on food but none of the food goes into our bodies but right into the landfill as trash!

With the world recognising the effects of food waste, these mobile applications took matters into their own hands and came up with innovative ideas on how producers and consumers can help in reducing the food waste in our lives. Let us explore what are some of the applications we can use in our daily lives to fight food waste.

What are Food Waste Applications?

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Food waste applications are mobile applications that were created with the concept of reducing food waste. This includes educating the public about food waste and food loss.

Food waste refers to food that has been wasted through the hands of consumers, such as your grocery or food at the restaurants. While food loss refers to food that has been wasted before the process of consumption, which means that food that did not make it to the marketing/sale benchmark due to their close expiration date, unpleasing appearance or simply leftovers that did not reach the hands of the consumers.

With the understanding of food waste and food loss, developers looked at the problem and created ways for consumers to reduce their food waste by working with businesses and producers. These applications are built to make users aware of ways to reduce food waste. These food waste applications not only help us save money, but in the bigger picture help save the planet. Let’s take a look at some food waste applications that you should check out.

9 Food Waste Applications to Try

In this section, we will introduce 9 Food Waste Applications you can check out to reduce food waste around the world.

Affordable Food, Less Food Waste

This category of food waste applications resell food that is left in shops and restaurants at up to 80% discounted price to ensure good food is not gone to waste. If you are looking for late night food after work or just trying to save some money, these applications have your back!

  • Too Good To Go

  • too good to go

    Too Good to Go is an applications that joins consumers and restaurants. This food waste applications allows restaurant owners to sell their leftover food at the end of their business hours at a discounted price. You can choose the restaurant you want to get the food from and collect it from the presetup window of the store once your order is ready. These foods come in mystery bags so you won’t know what you are getting until you have collected your bag.

  • Flash Food

  • flash food app

    Flash Food joins consumers and food markets and shops on the application. The application allows shops to sell their close to expired food or food that is left on the shelf at a discount price. Once the order is placed on the application, you can pick up your groceries at the shop where there is a Flash Food booth set up. Remember to bring your own bags because you will be getting your food from a booth and not the store! Also, bring your own bag is much better for the environment too!

  • goMkt

  • goMkt food waste app

    goMkt connects restaurant owners with customers looking for food at discounted prices. The customer can get food up to 75 percent cheaper than the original price. Restaurant owners can post their food on the application while users can browse food and restaurants on the application and choose their preferred food, purchase and pick it up at the store.

    These applications help reduce food waste from stores and restaurants that are likely to be throw away as food waste as well as provide food for consumers who are looking for cheaper alternatives.

    Zero Food Waste, for Zero Dollar Food Waste Applications

    In this category, food waste applications that offer food for free will be introduced. These applications either offer food through people to people or store to people. If you are hoping to share your over bought food or hoping to receive some, check out these applications.

  • Olio

  • olio food waste applications

    Olio is an application that brings people to share and give their extra food to neighbours. You can either create pickups for food that you have excessively or cannot finish in time for the expiry date to others or find a post that offers pick up. This application helps people to create a community to circulate their food in order to reduce food waste at home.

  • Food for All

  • food for all app

    Food for all is a food waste application that offers free food from stores and restaurants that are left over. You can choose from restaurants and cafes that have extra meals close to you and reserve them and pay for them from the application. While you need to pay a discounted price on the application to get your food, there is a system where people can donate food to others who are in need and one can also register to receive meals as well!

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    Delivered to Door Food Waste Applications

    If you are looking to reduce your food waste at home, here are some applications you can try that provide you with food that might be wasted but are good to eat into meals and packages delivered to your door.

  • Imperfect Food
  • imperfect foods app
    Imperfect Food is a food waste application that allows users to get imperfect groceries that did not make it to the store shelves due to their appearance or packaging. You can subscribe to the application with your food preference and Imperfect Foods will handpick the items, fresh from the farm and things based on your preferences. You can add or take out any items from your groceries and once it’s confirmed, the items will be delivered to your doorstep.

  • Nosh
  • nosh app

    Nosh is an AI-based application offering an option to track the food you have in your home by scanning the recipes of your groceries items. This application helps you to keep track of the expiry date, ‘best by’ and ‘eat before’ to ensure you do not waste the food you have bought. It also offers recipes that you can refer to if you are unsure how to use your soon to expire food.

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    Rescuing Food Waste and People

    These food waste applications not only helps reduce food waste but you can be a part of the food security committee to help transport food to people who are in need or simply, provide funds for people who need food.

  • Food Rescue US
  • food waste rescue US app

    Food Rescue US gathers local stores to supply food for people who are in need. You can participate in the food rescue by volunteering to pick up the food that is donated to the Food Rescue US and contribute to the food rescue.

  • Food Rescue Hero
  • food waste hero app

    Food Rescue Hero is an application that allows people to be transporters of food that nonprofits serve to food insecure people. People can volunteer to drop off the food that is donated by the restaurants to Food Rescue Hero, where they will redistribute the food to housing authorities, daycare centers, churches, community centers, and more.

Food Waste Applications Just A Download Away

The food waste we produce going into landfill is not only a waste of natural resources but also contributes to climate change. Moreover, we might be throwing away food that might save someone’s hunger! With new technologies, many are creating sustainable business models for food waste, let’s all do our part in supporting these businesses while getting the best out of it. With different applications having different purposes, download and try them out and see what is the best for your lifestyle.You are just a tap away from making a change, so what are you waiting for?

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