International Peace Day : Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable world


On September 21, International Peace Day is celebrated to commemorate the importance of peace around the world. Peace is an important aspect of humanity as it brings us tranquility and happiness and freedom from unrest.

Peace is the foundation of that recovery. The global vaccination effort cannot advance amidst armed conflict. Nor can we build a sustainable, resilient, peaceful world while we are at war with nature. Recovery efforts offer an opportunity to transform our relationship with our planet and our environment. The world cannot go back to what it was. As we count down to the International Day of Peace, I call on people everywhere to be part of a transformation for peace, by standing up against hatred and discrimination, by caring for the planet, and by showing the global solidarity that is so vital at this time.

What is International Peace Day and Why?

The International Peace Day was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly unanimously voted to designate the Day as a period of non-violence and cease-fire.

Peace according to the oxford dictionary defines as, as state lack of disturbance, conflict and freedom from unrest. To honor this meaning, International Peace Day is celebrated for two causes, recognizing the work of people who are working hard to end conflict and promote peace as well as to show respect and build up the ideals of peace for nations and people.

What happens on International Peace Day?

While the day is devoted to observing 24 hours of cease-fire and non-violence, International Peace Day invites people around the world to join in efforts to establish peace and fairness to the world by participating in events online and offline to promote peace around the world.

What is the theme of International Peace Day 2021?

Each year there is a theme for International Peace Day, in 2018, The Right to Peace regarding human rights, in 2019 Climate Action for Peace focusing on climate change and in 2020 as Shaping Peace Together, to tackle the deadly virus of COVID-19.

2021 Theme: Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world

International Peace Day 2021 Theme: Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world
This year, the international committee is focused on recovering from the existing pandemic and coming together to find ways to build strength and change our world to become more equal, just, impartial, sustainable, healthier and to leave no one behind.

How is World Peace Day celebrated?

So how do people celebrate International Peace Day? The idea of this day is to ensure that peace is understood and spread around the world. One way International Peace Day is celebrated is the Peace Wave at 12 noon of every time zone, a minute of silence to observe peace and be reminded of the tranquility of peace and why the world needs it as well as commemorating the people who have contributed to peace and are continuing to do so. Other than Peace Wave, organisations and people plan events and educational contents to learn about and promote peace.

What can You do on International Peace Day

Peace Day What can You do?
Wondering what you can do for International Peace Day? The truth is, anything concerning peace! But if you are still unsure, here’s a list of things you can consider.

  • Spread of Awareness
  • Spread awareness on what is happening around the world, places that are in need of peace and do your part in promoting peace by sharing world issues to people around you, online or offline.

  • Education on Peace
  • Educate people about history without peace, fairness, quality and most importantly, the importance of peace in our world and how it can help the world to be a better place.

  • Promote Peace through Activities
  • Such as yoga, running, baking, potluck or just relaxing by yourself or others. You can also engage in online activities that promote and spread peace.

  • Understand the Importance of Global Conflicts and Issues
  • Peace cannot be achieved without overcoming issues around the world such as poverty, climate change, equality, human rights, democracy and conflicts. Understanding these issues, coming up with ways of settling them is the key to achieving peace for all humanity.

Here is a series of global climate issues for you to check out such as Climate Change Caused Famine in Madagascar and Earth’s Alarming Report Card from IPCC is a warning signal for Climate Action.

Peace from Inside Out

Peace Inside man sitting meditation
With global issues rising around the world, peace might not be accessible for all. This is the reason why we should ensure peace can be attained, for a better and brighter future for the Earth and humanity. It can start from family, friends and even yourself. Educate, understand and spread. No matter how small or big, let us all do our part in participating in International Peace Day and promoting peace around the world.

Author: Thiri Zaw Yazawa
Member of Ethical Choice
Started my ethical journey with knowing the truth about pet shops and cafes. Enthusiastic to find interesting ethical products and ideas around the world. Always challenging myself to start small for bigger changes every day because there is no planet B.