Irish Football Association Announced Equal Pay for Women’s Teams


On August 31, 2021, the Football Association of Ireland announced groundbreaking news of equal pay for senior women and men teams. It was a historic moment as both international teams would be paid equally for the match fee on international duty. This is not only a celebratory event, but it should signal other sports and countries to follow in their footsteps.

Historic Announcement

Equal pay for women has always been a second thought and often considered controversial. The same is to be said for women athletes, many women athletes are paid much less and given fewer credits for their accomplishments when compared to their male counterparts. In reality, many of these women athletes are just as good, some even better than the men. However, sports associations continue to treat them differently and pay them less.

This can be seen all around the world, one great example is the US women’s soccer team and their fight for equal pay. As the US women’s soccer team is ranked as one of the top soccer teams, however, compared to the men’s team, the treatment is significantly different. The US women’s team is continuing to fight for their equality and we should definitely support them.

The announcement of the Irish Women’s Soccer team is getting equal pay is definitely a win for women in general.

Great news for Irish Women’s Soccer Team

Irish Women's Soccer Team
Image sourced from FAI
This is great news, especially after what was revealed 4 years ago about the FAI’s treatment of the women’s team. It was reported that the women’s team had to change into uniforms in airport bathrooms and other unfair treatments, which almost led to a strike in 2017.

This announcement is much more than just money, as it brings more fairness, recognition, and better treatments for female athletes. “It is understood that the men’s team agreed to reduce their international fees to contribute to the women’s team salaries. Qualifying bonuses for football tournaments would also be paid equally.”

We have taken a huge step forward with this deal and have shown the world what can be achieved through unity as we offer male and female international players the same opportunities,

Katie McCabe – Captain of Irish Women’s Team

We want young girls to look up and say they want to be a female international, and know they will be treated the same way as the men.

Stephanie Roche – Irish footballer

We are delighted as players to do what we can to ensure that our female international players are treated equally and fairly and we remain fully committed to doing whatever we can to achieve that goal together,

Séamus Coleman – Caption of Irish Men’s Team

Let’s hope that in the future, equal pay will no longer be a big announcement, but something that is correct and fair for all people.
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