OmniMeat Launch Brand New Plant-Based Seafood, OmniSeafood


On World Ocean Day (June 8th, 2021), the innovative and changing making OmniMeat has launched their brand new line of alternative plant-based protein, OmniSeafood. This line is innovative and will Make Sea Change Happen. OmniMeat hopes to change and save the planet through simple and delicious food such as OmniPork and OmniSeafood, and this launch is a big step towards a greener planet.

Let’s find out more about OmniMeat’s brand new plant-based seafood, OmniSeafood.

Vegan Seafood

The ocean with a school of fish
Did you know that “approximately 90% of fish stocks of large predatory fish are already gone, as overfishing has disproportionately targeted the largest fish at the top of the food chain”?
By now, many people already know the impact that livestock farming has on the environment, and many people have thus changed their diet to pescatarian or vegan instead. While livestock is a great threat to climate, we are overlooking the damage we are causing the ocean with plastic pollution and overfishing. In fact, protecting and maintain a healthy ocean is just as important, as the ocean is a large carbon dioxide sinkhole, which can combat climate change, and many people’s livelihood depends on the ocean too. It is important that we take action to protect our beautiful and resourceful ocean.

However, the alternative to seafood is very limited. Vegan or plant-based seafood only takes up 1% of the plant-based protein market in the United States. And knowing that fish is a big part of many Asian cuisines, OmniMeat once again leads the plant-based industry with OmniSeafood.

Make Sea Change Happen

OmniMeat Founder David Yeung at OmniSeafood Launch Event
Luckily, OmniMeat is one step ahead of you. This newly launched plant-based seafood aims to help reduce the stress and damages to our ocean and marine ecosystem. Similar to OmniPork, OmniMeat hopes to encourage people to take more sustainable action through small changes like the switch to plant-based food every now and then. With OmniSeafood, OmniMeat is opening a brand new channel for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and even people with seafood allergies.

“We cannot tackle climate change without taking care of the ocean. Overfishing and bottom trawling are the most destructive actions that devastate our marine ecosystems. That explains why since the breakthrough launch of OmniPork in 2018, we started setting our focus on seafood. After years of R&D and dedication, we are thrilled to officially unveil this revolutionary OmniSeafood series on this special occasion of World Oceans Day. Plant-based fish and chips, filet-no-fish burger, or Sichuan spicy boiled fish all become a reality. This breakthrough guarantees not only to wow our taste buds but also to awaken our consciousness towards the ocean and the planet. With today’s milestone launch of OmniSeafood, we believe it is a big leap forward to a real sea change.

David Yeung, CEO, and founder of GreenMonday Group and OmniFoods

Why You Should Try OmniSeafood

The Garbage Bar New Fish and Chips with Omni Golden Fillet
OmniMeat has launched 5 brand new OmniSeafood products! Due to the versatility of seafood, it made sense to launch different styles of seafood. All products are made with their unique blend of non-GMO soy, rice, and peas. Here are the 5 new products: Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet, Omni Ocean Burger, OmniTuna, and soon-to-be-launched OmniSalmon.

OmniSeafood - Omni Classic Fillet
Omni Classic Fillet: This is the first unbreaded and unbattered vegan fish fillet. Without the batter and bread, you can get the most amount of protein with lesser calories. You can easily recreate all sorts of fish dishes, it can be easily pan-fried, poached, grilled, and deep-fried.
Omni Golden Fillet: This is a crispy, ready-to-eat fish fillet that everyone will love. It can be prepared in about 5 minutes and contains around 349mg omega-3 ALA per serving. A great choice for those of you that like Fish and Chips.

Omni Ocean Burger, a vegan alternative for the famous fish fillet burger
Omni Ocean Burger: This one is for those of you that love a Fillet-o-fish. A perfect vegan fish burger that will make you want more.
OmniTuna: This is OmniMeats’ first non-frozen product. OmniTuna is high in protein, low in saturated fat and a source of fiber, and more importantly, mercury-free.
OmniSalmon: This is a rendition of the popular salmon fillets. Many of the salmon we eat nowadays are farmed, which makes the salmon much more likely to be in contact with diseases and bacteria, however with OmniSalmon, that will not be a problem. OmniSalmon is the perfect eco-friendly option. This product will be released towards the end of this year.

Currently, OmniSeafood is only available in Hong Kong, so if you are in Hong Kong, please do go try it out at Ming Court and Courtis Hong Kong, you can also find them in Green Commons.
For the rest of the world, we will have to wait a bit, but don’t worry! The fact that this option is available is just very exciting.

If you are interested to learn more about OmniMeat and their amazing OmniPork, we have an inclusive interview with the CEO!

Author: Monica Chang
Started my ethical journey in 2010. Always looking for better options for me and the environment.