Starbucks Japan Greener Initiatives With 20% End-Of-Day Discounts!


Recently, Starbucks Japan released a series of new sustainable initiatives. And we are happy and excited to see big corporations look into more sustainable options. As a Starbucks lover, I am happy to say Starbucks is getting Greener!! Here are the new Starbucks Japan sustainable initiatives.

Starbucks Global’s Sustainability Commitment

Starbucks Global has announced that its goal is to reduce its waste footprint by 50% by 2030. Starbucks Japan has announced new concepts including a new circularity program this week. Let’s check out the new sustainable measure that Starbucks Japan is taking to help combat food waste.

Coffee Grounds Recycling Loop Program

Starbucks Japan's Coffee Ground Recycling Loop Program
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“Coffee grounds are the top source of in-store food waste for Starbucks in Japan
Since 2014, Starbucks Japan has been working with local farmers by providing used coffee grounds from Starbucks located in the Kanto and Kansai area. The recycled coffee grounds have then become agricultural compost and animal feed, which in turn help produce vegetables, green tea, and milk. Now, with these vegetables and produce, Starbucks Japan is working with farmers to use these ingredients and create new dishes for the customers to enjoy.
Here are the three new dishes:

  • Matcha Cream Bar: A blondie cake bar that incorporates matcha green tea powder and paired with white chocolate. The perfect dessert with a cup of coffee.
  • Root Vegetable Chicken Salad Wrap: This popular salad wrap has green tea powder kneaded into the tortilla dough with carrots, lettuce and chicken and other delicious and refreshing vegetables.
  • Whole Carrot Cake: This carrot cake is available only through online ordering. It is a fragrant combination of carrot, fruit and spices, with creamy frosting and nuts sprinkled all over.

Starbucks Japan's Whole Carrot Cake
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Return Your Tumblers!

Starbucks Japan has also launched a tumbler collection and recycling program. To reduce plastic waste, over 500 stores in Japan will be collecting used plastic tumblers from customers and then recycling them into new merchandise. 5% discount coupons would be given by Starbucks Japan in return for trading in your used tumbler! Sadly, this program will be available only for a limited time, from June 23rd to August 31st but bringing your own tumbler will get you 20 yen off in your purchase at all times!

New way to reduce food waste

Starting March this year, Starbucks Japan has been running tests in certain Starbucks stores, where donuts and cakes are sold at a discounted price after 7 pm in hopes to reduce food waste. With positive results, Starbucks Japan will start selling donuts, cake, and other fresh food products at a discounted price in August nationwide. In addition, a portion of the sales would be donated.

Saying Goodbye to Single-use Cups

Starbucks Japan with you
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Starbucks Japan will also launch a Reusable Cup-Share program in certain stores in the Marunouchi area of Tokyo. Where customers will be served with a reusable cup and can be then returned to the participating store. The cups will then be collected, washed, and sanitized by a 3rd party company. Not only will this reduce the amount of single-use cup waste, but it can also be a part of an experiment for the future of Starbucks.

Starbucks Japan: There Is More Sustainability To Come!

If you think that is the end of the list for the sustainable initiatives that Starbucks is going to do, then you are wrong. Starbucks Japan will continue to explore and find new ways to be sustainable.

If you are interested in finding out more latest news about the environment or sustainability, check out our recent article about the Great Barrier Reef and what is happening now!

Author: Thiri Zaw Yazawa
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