Organic Cotton Sweatpants You Can’t Live Without


When speaking of sustainable clothing, we rarely hear that a good pair of organic cotton sweatpants are a basic item we should all have in our wardrobe. However, now more than ever, high-quality sweatpants are something we should all have in our closet.
Rather than buying a pair of cheap, unsustainable, low-quality sweatpants from a fast fashion store, investing in a quality piece of clothing pays off more in the long run. This is because fast fashion garments are made to break when ethical fashion clothing is made to last. Don’t just look at the label when determining what pays off the most – calculate the cost per wear. How much wear will you get out of the item and how does the cost compare considering this?
You’ll likely find that, with how well-made sustainable clothing is, you’ll be saving money in the long run.

Why should you choose cotton sweatpants?

First, let’s talk about why you should be choosing organic cotton sweatpants specifically – rather than conventional cotton or polyester ones.
There are two main kinds of fabrics – natural (such as cotton, bamboo or hemp) and synthetic (including polyester, acrylic or nylon). While natural fibres can be composted at the end of their lifecycle and become one with the earth again, synthetics are more complicated.
As with other plastic items, they do not degrade naturally, instead shedding microscopic plastic particles into the environment. However, with synthetic clothing, these particles are also released whenever the piece of clothing is washed. These tiny micro-plastic can then harm the environment and ecosystems.
Therefore, by choosing cotton, you’re preventing this plastic pollution which would result in wearing synthetics.

Why choose organic cotton sweatpants?

Not all cotton is equal. In fact, conventional cotton is certainly problematic, with many environmental and social issues in production.

Cotton is a thirsty crop – globally, a single kilogram of cotton takes 10,000 litres of water to produce (Leahy). What doesn’t help is that much of the world’s cotton production is located in areas which are under high or extreme water stress (Common Objective).

Water use isn’t the only issue, conventional cotton production also uses large amounts of chemicals as herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. It’s not necessary to produce cotton, but using them maximises the yield, which is very desirable for cotton farms which are under constant pressure from fast fashion companies to keep decreasing prices. These chemicals don’t just endanger the health of people working on cotton farms, they are also flushed into rivers by rainfall and irrigation, polluting water sources and poisoning nearby ecosystems.
Working conditions on cotton farms are also typically rough and both child labour and forced labour have been associated with the supply chains. As the prices of cotton tend to fluctuate, farmers are those who are typically hit the hardest, with price dips affecting their income, working conditions and overall quality of life.

Organic cotton largely solves many of these issues, making cotton the sustainable clothing fabric it has the potential to be. Organic cotton farms use smarter irrigation which can save up to 91% of water, by implementing water recycling and utilising rainfall. Organic cotton production also avoids harsh chemicals, using natural fertilisers instead – this is better for the environment and the people working on the farms. Working conditions are also made better in the supply chains so that workers feel safer and earn a fair wage.

Organic cotton sweatpants for your ethical fashion closet

Now that we’ve discussed why choose organic cotton sweatpants, let’s have a look at some of our favourite ethical fashion brands offering organic cotton sweatpants in their range!


Simple sweatpants from tentree
French Terry Cropped Wide Leg Sweatpants – Periscrope Grey (Image Sourced from Tentree’s Official Website)
Tentree is a certified B-corp that, as its name suggests, plants ten trees for every purchase (with over 50 million trees planted to date). They have a large loungewear collection, including many different styles of organic cotton sweatpants for both men and women.
Aside from organic cotton, some of their pieces are also made with the addition of recycled polyester made from post-consumer waste.

MATE the Label – Selection of Organic Cotton Sweatpants

MATE the Label's Organic cotton Sweatpants
Organic Terry Classic Jogger – Clay (Image Sourced from MATE the Label’s Official Website)
MATE the Label makes all of its high-quality sustainable clothing in Los Angeles, including a selection of organic cotton sweatpants. The pieces are dyed with organic, non-toxic dyes to further reduce their impact and shipped in sustainable packaging.
Aside from using sustainable, organic, and non-toxic materials, the brand is also working to implement more circular solutions through its supply chains.

Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill's sweatpants
Organic Jogger Pants – Black (Image Sourced from Harvest & Mill’s Official Website)
Harvest & Mill creates high-quality organic loungewear made in the USA from organic cotton grown locally, using natural and low-impact dyes. Additionally, most of their pieces are also carbon neutral and your purchase comes in fully compostable packaging.
Their organic cotton sweatpants are super comfortable and breathable, which is ideal if you live in a warmer climate or prefer to keep cool.

Luxurious Organic Cotton Sweatpants – Christy Dawn

Luxurious Organic Cotton Sweatpants from Christy Dawn
The Sonny Pants – Olive (Image Sourced from Christy Dawn’s Official Website)
At a slightly higher price than the other brands on our list, Christy Dawn offers sustainable clothing with a touch of luxury. Their organic cotton sweatpants come in a variety of colors and can be matched with corresponding sweatshirts for a comfy yet put-together stay-at-home look for your home office.
Their collections are ethically and sustainably made in Los Angeles and India, using low-waste practices and non-toxic dyes. We also love their size inclusivity – from XS to XXL – which is sometimes hard to find in sustainable clothing brands.

Let’s lounge in our Organic Cotton Sweatpants

Who said being eco-friendly and sustainable has to be hard. With organic cotton sweatpants, you are making a difference and support something that is better for the environment. Organic cotton sweatpants are comfortable and you are saving water and help reducing cotton farmers to toxic chemicals. Everything counts when it comes to an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, so by choosing organic cotton sweatpants, you are showing others that you care and what to make a difference.
Do you know what would go perfectly with organic cotton sweatpants? Organic cotton sweatshirt!
Organic cotton is overall an amazing product and there is so much you can learn.

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!