Organic Cotton Sweatshirts You Need for WFH


Covid-19 has changed the life for all of us in many ways but the most important change it brought was the idea of working from home, which once felt like impossible. Work from home is the new normal. You do not have to get up early for the office and can wear comfy clothes at home. But, it is important to consider that the clothes you are choosing to wear are work-appropriate along with being comfortable because you might have to show up on a zoom meeting and would definitely not want to get embarrassed because of your look. Over the past few years, the shift towards organic clothing has been increasing so you might also want to have organic cotton sweatshirts in your closet to contribute for the betterment of the environment.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Various brands are offering organic cotton sweatshirts that are not just comfy but also very stylish. The reason you should opt for organic cotton sweatshirts is that organic cotton is produced through natural processes rather than artificial techniques. Its production does not allow the use of artificial fertilizers and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which help keep the soil healthy. It helps in minimizing ground water contamination and air pollution which in turn positively impacts the lives of people living nearby the farms. Moreover, organic cotton is breathable and anti-allergic. You can wear organic cotton sweatshirts in the summers as they don’t trap heat and allows the sweat to dry up easily. It keeps the sweatshirts to odorless than shirts which are made of other materials due to which you do not have to wash it frequently; saving water, electricity and retaining their quality so they can last longer. Below are some of the brands that offer organic cotton sweatshirts.

8 Brands Offering Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Here are 8 different sustainable brands that offer organic cotton sweatshirts. Check them out!

Pact – Fair trade & Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Organic cotton sweatshirt from PACT
Essential Vintage Sweatshirt – Thyme (Image Sourced from Pact’s Official Website)
Pact offers sweatshirts that are made with organic cotton in a fair trade factory. These sweatshirts are available in a variety of colors, are shrunken, and fit flat against your body giving you a smart look. Pact makes sure that their products are made from eco-friendly materials because they care for the environment. Pact focuses on eco-friendly packaging and shipment process by becoming a partner with an echo-tech company that helps its buyers to balance out the carbon footprint.

MATE The Label – Organic Cotton Sweatshirts & Sweatpants Sets

Charcoal Sweatshirt from MATE the Label
Organic Terry Raglan Sweatshirt – Charcoal (Image Sourced from MATE the Label’s Official Website)
MATE the Label provides you with a variety of sweatshirts in fresh colors made with 100% organic cotton that is good for your skin as well as the environment. They use organic and non-chemical materials in the manufacturing of these sweatshirts. Also use low impact dyes for dyeing their products and offer eco-friendly packaging to support a healthier environment.


Simple Organic Cotton Sweatshirts
Fave Sweatshirt – Black (Image Sourced from SYNERGY’s Official Website)
SYNERGY is an organic clothing brand that offers fashionable sweatshirts in subtle and inviting colors made with 90% organic cotton and 0% spandex. These sweatshirts are cross bottom and can be worn two ways making it a perfect item for your work from home clothing. All products at SYNERGY are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and dyed with low impact dyes to minimize its harmful effects on the atmosphere.


Finisterre's Yellow sweatshirts
Coho Sweater – Yellow (Image Sourced from Finisterre’s Official Website)
Finisterre offers bright colored sweatshirts made with 100% organic cotton having breathable inner surface making it soft and durable along with sweat absorbing quality. These sweatshirts have embroidered type logo with beamed cuffs and hem. Finisterre makes sure that their products are sustainable and have a minimum footprint on the environment.


Known Supply's Sweatshirts
Face Embroidery Hoodie – Black (Image Sourced from KNOWN SUPPLY’s Official Website)
KNOWN SUPPLY has sweatshirts for both men and women mostly in shades of black and grey. These sweatshirts are made of 100% organic cotton with fair trade certification. In order to resist shrinking, the sweatshirts are washed prior to the sale so that their size doesn’t change when you wash them at home. KNOWN SUPPLY promotes ethical fashion and sustainable manufacturing practices for a better environment. They believe in the long-lasting quality of products and celebrate their hardworking employees.


Classic Sweatshirts from Tentree
C2C Classic Hoodie (Image Sourced from Tentree’s Official Website)
Tentree provides customers with a variety of sweatshirts in different colors and beautifully embroidered logos. These sweatshirts are made with 60% organic cotton and 40% reprocessed polyester made from plastic waste. Tentree sweatshirts are perfect for your work from home look as they are comfy and trendy. They manufacture their product through sustainable and comfortable materials and plant ten trees whenever you buy one item from them to ensure the environmental sustainability. The production of a single sweatshirt takes about 70% less water than the sweatshirts made from non-eco-friendly materials.

HARVEST & MILL – 100% Organic Cotton Sweat

Harvest & Mill's limited edition sweatshirt
Limited Edition: Women’s Organic Heirloom Brown French Terry Sweatshirt (Image Sourced from HARVEST & MILL’s Official Website)
HARVEST & MILL is an organic clothing brand that offers a variety of clothing items including sweatshirts. These sweatshirts are made of 100% organic cotton specifically grown in the United States of America. 100% dye-free sweatshirts are also available that are crafted from organic cotton that is naturally brown in color which helps in minimizing the carbon footprint as it does not need chemical dyes for dyeing the sweatshirts. Naturally colored heirloom organic cotton reduces the use of water and energy during production as well. The ethical and sustainable practices of HARVEST & MILL ensure the safety of our environment.


Tie Dye Organic Cotton Sweatshirts
Cathy Oversized Cloud Tie Dye Crew Neck (Image Sourced from THREADS 4 THOUGHTS)
THREADS 4 THOUGHT provides you with a range of printed and single colored sweatshirts mostly made with 60% organic cotton and 40% reprocessed polyester. These sweatshirts are cozy, trendy, and easy on the skin. They use GOTS certified organic cotton which is chemical free to ensure the safety of your skin. The polyester used in their products is manufactured from reprocessed plastic bottles which keeps such harmful materials from entering into oceans and landfills and minimizes their impact on the environment. About 80% of the water discharge from their factories is reprocessed and used again for production purposes which in turn sets less pressure on the water resources.

Let’s Lounge in Our Organic Cotton Sweatshirts!

With the passage of time, businesses are opting for sustainable and green manufacturing practices to put less pressure on natural resources. Sustainable clothing is not just beneficial for ourselves but also the people involved throughout the supply chain. So, we all can help make a better future for ourselves and upcoming generations by making the right choices when it comes to what we wear.
Let’s match them organic cotton sweatshirts with some organic cotton sweatpants! Or find out more about eco-friendly fashion.

Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!