Best Plastic-Free Beauty Products to Use in 2021

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When it comes to beauty products, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. Yet, these products come at a price. From toxic ingredients to plastic packaging, the beauty industry causes several problems for the environment.
If you want to go plastic-free, then you should also look for plastic-free beauty products and avoid single-use packaging. Thankfully, nowadays many brands offer plastic-free options for your beauty routine. So, there’s no need to worry!
Keep reading to find out how much plastic waste the beauty industry produces and discover the best plastic-free beauty products to try in 2021!

How Much Plastic Does the Beauty Industry Produce?

Have you ever noticed how much plastic packaging there is in the cosmetics aisles of grocery stores? Lots of plastics everywhere, from lotion bottles to lipstick tubes and shadow palettes. And that’s without counting the liners that prove the products are sealed.
If you want to switch to plastic-free beauty products, cosmetics aisles are a nightmare! And as you’re probably guessing, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Globally, the beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging every year! What’s worse, only 14% of these plastics will make it to a recycling center. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to go plastic-free.

What about Microbeads in Beauty Products?

Microbeads is an issue for the beauty industry
Surprisingly, plastic packaging is not the only thing to avoid when looking for plastic-free beauty products.
Do you know what’s inside your beauty products? Well, some cosmetics and personal care products contain lots of tiny plastics you can’t see. These microplastics are called microbeads and they’re smaller than 5mm.
So, which cosmetics contain microbeads? The most common ones are facial cleansers and body scrubs. But microbeads could also be found in other personal care products, like your toothpaste and sunscreen.
Keep in mind that microbeads are present in different products at different percentages. According to the UNEP, a typical exfoliating shower gel could contain roughly as much microplastic in the cosmetic formulation as is used to make the plastic packaging it comes in!

The Solution: Plastic-free Beauty Products

Whether it’s a straw or a lipstick tube you’re discarding, the problem is the same: a plastic item that will last forever. Even though most people think of plastic bags when talking about plastic pollution, the beauty industry is also a large contributor to this problem.
That’s why the cosmetics industry should focus on going plastic-free by offering plastic-free beauty products instead. They need to come up with better alternatives to solve this problem.
The good news is that below you will find the best plastic-free beauty products already available on the market. So, check them out!

Best Plastic-free Beauty Products to Use in 2021

Nowadays, there are many options to go plastic-free in your beauty routine. Most plastic-free beauty products come in aluminum, bamboo, glass, or refillable containers. You can also find solid products to replace liquid products and avoid plastic packaging.
Here are some fantastic plastic-free beauty products you can use in 2021:

Plastic-free Beauty Product: Cream Blush by Kjaer Weis

Luxurious Plastic-free beauty products: Kjaer Weis Blushes
(Image Sourced from Official Website)
Kjaer Weis is a sustainable beauty brand that offers refillable, recyclable, and compostable packaging options. One example of this is their Cream Blush, which features refillable metal packaging. You can refill this plastic-free beauty product over and over again. Besides, you can also use it on your eyes and lips!
So, it’s a fantastic option to go plastic-free!

Plastic-free Skincare: Meow Meow Tweet’s Tea Tree Charcoal Facial Soap

Plastic-free facial soap
(Image Sourced from Official Website)
Would you like to use a facial soap bar to go plastic-free in your skincare routine? Then, you should try the Meow Meow Tweet’s Tea Tree Charcoal Facial Soap! This vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free and handmade product is a natural astringent that combats skin blemishes.
Plus, you can use this zero waste skincare product on your body as well!

Plastic-free Makeup: Pearly Eyeshadow by Zao

Zao's Plastic-free beauty product: Pearly Eyeshadow
(Image Sourced from Official Website)
If you want to lift your eye look while using a plastic-free beauty product, these Pearly Eyeshadows are a must-have. These beautiful eyeshadows come in varnished bamboo cases and they’re refillable!
This brand also offers many other plastic-free beauty products like eyebrow powders, bronzing powders, blushes, and more. And the best part is that all their products are cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic!

Plastic-free Beauty Product: Aloe Lotion by Fat and the Moon

Fat and Moon's Aloe Lotion
(Image Sourced from Official Website)
Aloe Lotion by Fat and the Moon is a wonderful option to go plastic-free and keep your skin soft and moisturized.
This plastic-free beauty product comes in a glass jar and it’s made from natural ingredients, so it’s safe for sensitive skin people. Moreover, this zero waste skincare product can be used for both the face and body.

Zero Waste Skincare: Organic Face Serum by Upcircle

Zero waste skincare: Upcircle Face Serum
(Image Sourced from Official Website)
Not only does this organic face serum help you brighten your skin and go plastic-free but it also saves natural ingredients from ending up in landfills! That’s because this plastic-free beauty product is made of coffee extract from waste grounds.
Also, this beauty product comes in a glass jar and you can order plastic-free refills. You just need to save the pump from your first order.

Support Plastic-free Beauty

When choosing the right plastic-free beauty product, look for materials that can be infinitely used or recycled. And remember, you don’t need to throw away your old products to go plastic-free. You can use those products until you finish them and afterward, find plastic-free beauty products to replace them!
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All of the plastic-free beauty products mentioned above are great ethical gift ideas.

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