Best Plastic-free Cleaning Products for a Zero Waste Life

Plastic Free

There are so many cleaning products for different areas of your house that it seems impossible to go plastic-free! Also, plastics aren’t the only problem here. Even though you will have a “clean” house, you will also expose to toxic chemicals that can affect your health and the environment!
Because of that, it’s important to choose eco-friendly and plastic-free cleaning products. Fortunately, finding plastic-free products to clean your house is easier than you think!
If you want to have an eco-friendly cleaning routine, keep reading to find the best plastic-free cleaning products for your house!

Best Plastic-free Cleaning Products

There are plenty of Plastic-free cleaning products available nowadays
According to the Cleveland Clinic, many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, and throat. What’s worse, mixing some products could release poisonous gases! Additionally, having so many products result in lots of plastics to discard. Thus, to have a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, it is recommended that you use plastic-free products, including plastic-free cleaning products.
The good news is that you can replace many of them with a few plastic-free cleaning products:

Refillable Plastic-free Cleaning Products

The easiest way to use plastic-free cleaning products is to look for refilling stations or brands with refill programs. You could use your own containers or return your bottles to refill your laundry detergent, disinfectant, cleaner, and other products.
If you can’t find refilling stations or zero waste brands, don’t worry! There are other plastic-free options for your cleaning products below!
If you are looking for a refillable plastic free cleaning product, you should check out Blueland.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is a cleaning product you can find in a cardboard box. The next time you go to the supermarket, choose a plastic-free product such as laundry powder instead of your regular liquid detergent. The best part is that you will also save money because laundry powder tends to be cheaper!

Homemade Bleach

Bleach is one of the most dangerous household cleaning products, so you should be careful when using it. However, a better option for your health and the environment would be replacing it with a plastic-free product. You might be surprised to know that you already have a powerful natural bleaching agent in your house!

If you want to whiten your clothes, you just need lemon juice:

  1. Collect your white clothes and put them in a container.
  2. Add lemon juice and fill up the container with hot water.
  3. Let the clothes soak for at least an hour.
  4. Wash your clothes as usual.
  5. If it’s a sunny day, line dry your clothes outside.

With this plastic-free product, your white clothes will always look great!

Eco-friendly Scouring Powder

You can also replace your scouring powder with a plastic-free cleaning product: baking soda! Just make sure to buy this plastic-free product in a cardboard box. It will help you clean several hard surfaces and cut down on plastics. This eco-friendly cleaner is great to clean stove tops, counters, tile, pots, and more!
You can use your plastic-free scouring powder by sprinkling a damp cloth with baking soda. Then, you’re ready to rub it into dirty surfaces. Afterward, rinse with water! Likewise, you can create a scouring paste with baking soda and water to remove stubborn stains!

Multi-purpose Cleaning Spray

Another plastic-free product you can create to replace many cleaning products is a multi-purpose cleaning spray. You will only need to buy distilled white vinegar in a glass bottle to avoid plastic packaging.

Check how to create and use your plastic-free cleaning product:

  1. Mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar and warm water.
  2. Optional: you can add a few drops of essential oils to the mix.
  3. Fill a spray bottle with the mix.
  4. Spray your homemade cleaner on a surface and wipe with a clean cloth.

This plastic-free cleaning product is a great option to remove dirt and deodorize different surfaces, like glass, windows, sinks, faucets, and more! That said, avoid using it on granite, marble, waxed wood, cast iron, and aluminum.
Unlike other all-purpose cleaners, it’s safe for your health and the environment because it’s non-toxic!

Plastic-free Cleaning Products: Kitchen Sponges

As you might know, regular kitchen sponges are made from plastic and come in plastic packaging too. But what you probably don’t know is that they also release tiny plastics every time you use them! So, don’t forget to replace this material with a plastic-free product like a loofah sponge.
Loofah sponges are great plastic-free cleaning products because they’re made from plants and you can compost them!

Cleaning Cloths

You should also be careful with sponge cleaning cloths. Just like regular kitchen sponges, these cleaning products contribute to plastic pollution.
On the other hand, if you think that paper towels are a plastic-free option, think twice. Remember that paper towels come in plastic packaging too and many trees will be cut down to create something you will discard!
If you want to use a plastic-free product, you could buy some reusable and washable cloths. Better yet, you could repurpose some old t-shirts you don’t use anymore!

Plastic-free Mop

Some plastic-free cleaning products are more difficult to find than others and plastic-free mops are an example of it. Although they’re difficult to find, it’s not impossible. If you need to buy a new mop, avoid plastic ones and look for one made of stainless steel or wood!

Wooden and Bamboo Cleaning Products

You can avoid several plastic tools to clean your house. There are many plastic-free cleaning products made of wood or bamboo you can choose from, for example:

  • Bamboo dish brush with replaceable head
  • Wooden broom with natural bristles
  • Bamboo bottle brush
  • Bamboo scrub brush
  • Wooden toilet brush
  • And many others!

Clean with Plastic-Free Cleaning Products

Plastic-free cleaning products with wooden brush
As you might have noticed, you don’t need toxic chemicals and lots of plastic waste to keep your house clean. If you have baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and lemon juice, you’re ready to prepare some plastic-free products!
Keep in mind that going plastic-free doesn’t mean you should discard old plastic bottles and tools. If they’re in good condition, reuse them as long as you can! If it’s time to replace them, look for plastic-free products!

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!