Best Plastic-free Hair Products for a Zero Waste Life

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Going plastic-free is one of the challenges of having a zero waste house. If you think recycling is the solution, you should know that plastic can only be recycled once or twice! For that reason, choosing plastic-free products is better than recycling plastics.
If you want to go plastic-free in your bathroom, you can start by preferring plastic-free hair products. Nowadays, there are several plastic-free hair products to keep your hair clean, healthy, and shiny!
In this article, you will find the best plastic-free hair products to cut down on your plastic waste while keeping your hair on point!

Best Plastic-free Hair Products

Let’s face it, your hair care regime could be a little more eco-friendly. Most hair products contain chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment but also detrimental to your hair. Some ingredients in your hair products can cause dryness, irritation, and even increase susceptibility to breast cancer (Vinall)!
That’s not to mention all the plastics you throw away each month. But the good news is that there are lots of plastic-free hair products out there with natural and safe ingredients! Below you will find a few popular plastic-free hair products to start a zero waste hair care routine:

Easiest Plastic-Free Hair Products: Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo Bar: Plastic Free Hair Product
Shampoo and conditioner bars are some of the best plastic-free products you can include in your hair care routine. Just think about how many shampoo and conditioner bottles you and your family could avoid every year!
At first, using shampoo and conditioner bars sounds strange, but it’s really easy once you get used to it. Additionally, these plastic-free hair products have several benefits:

  • They last longer than liquid counterparts, so you will save money!
  • There are different options for each hair type and needs.
  • They’re usually made from natural ingredients.
  • They have plastic-free packaging.
  • They’re cruelty-free.

One of the things you will notice when you start using these plastic-free products is that your hair will have a transition period. Shampoo bars contain natural ingredients instead of sulfates to clean your hair, so it will need some time to get used to them!

How to use plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars?

Using Shampoo Bar for plastic free lifestyle
For the shampoo bar, you can create the lather with your hands and apply it evenly throughout your hair and scalp. Once you’re done, you can rinse your hair as usual. The same goes for the conditioner bar, but you should only apply the lather to the ends of your hair!

Refillable Shampoo and Conditioner

If you feel like plastic-free bars aren’t a good fit for you, you can try refillable liquid options. You can look for refilling stations near you and reuse your old plastic bottles as long as you can! You will get your plastic-free hair products and keep plastic bottles away from landfills!
Another great option is to look for plastic-free brands that sell their products in returnable bottles, such as aluminum bottles. With this, once you’re done with your plastic-free product, you can send it back to them so that they can refill it.

Plastic-free Hair Products: Serum

While keeping your hair clean is easy, making it look healthy and shiny requires a little more effort. Fortunately, you can create your own plastic-free products to style, repair, and moisturize your hair!
You can mix some of the following oils to create your plastic-free hair product and get the results you’d like:

  • Argan oil for softer and shinier hair
  • Almond oil to improve hair growth and fight dandruff
  • Coconut oil to keep frizz away
  • Olive oil to repair damaged hair
  • Jojoba oil to moisturize and strengthen hair

If you want to improve your hair’s health, distribute your plastic-free hair product throughout your hair. Remember that oils can make your hair look greasy, so start with a little. Then, leave it for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.
On the other hand, if you want to style your hair and prevent frizz, use your plastic-free product after towel-drying your hair. Dispense a few drops in your palm and then apply the product throughout your hair. Remember to keep it away from the roots. Lastly, let your hair air dry.

Eco-friendly Hair Ties

Even though plastic packaging is the most common problem, there are other problematic products that go unnoticed. Hair ties, for example. Most of them are made of polyester and dyed with artificial dyes.
But the real problem is that companies don’t design hair ties to last and you end up discarding lots of them, don’t you? If you’re looking for plastic-free products, don’t forget about eco-friendly hair ties!
These plastic-free hair products are made of organic cotton, they’re naturally dyed and you can compost them when you no longer need them!

Wooden Brush and Comb

Hairbrushes and combs are the most useful hair-tools in hair care. In fact, using the right ones can make a great difference in how your hair looks. For example, plastic hairbrushes cause static and frizz!
Additionally, plastic brushes don’t last too much time because their bristles will eventually start to fall apart. So, if you already need to replace your hairbrush with a plastic-free product, choose a wooden or a bamboo hairbrush this time!
These plastic-free hair products won’t break or rip your hair and they will discourage static and frizz. Furthermore, these plastic-free products massage the scalp while they brush, which promotes hair growth!

Find your plastic-free hair products

Wooden Brush and Comb: Plastic Free hair products
Having a plastic-free hair care routine is something that will help the environment and your hair’s health. Most plastic-free products are made of natural ingredients, which your hair will love! Besides, it’s an easy way to start reducing your plastic waste!
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Or if you want more plastic-free products, we got you!

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Author: Monica Chang
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