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Plastic Free

The pertinent global issue of climate change is not novel. Researchers and environmentalists today are concerned about the excessive use of plastic. A year ago, around the same time, a worldwide lockdown was imposed, and researchers saw a decrease in global warming, pollution, and above all, plastic use. In fact, in America alone, a 10.2% reduction in plastic bottles’ manufacture was seen (Tiseo).

While plastic use, in general, is a concerning issue, it is the tourism industry that adds to it a big time. Each year, eight million tons of plastic end up in the world ocean, and around 80% of tourism occurs in coastal areas. If you have stayed in a hotel, you would have seen those single-use plastic items in the form of kits included in your stay. Given the stats, it is time to go for plastic-free hotel amenities. But before we dig deep into it, let’s see what plastic hotel amenities, the effects of your trips to coastal areas, and your use of plastic amenities in hotels are. Then let’s take a look at viable plastic-free hotel amenities that can change the hotel industry and plastic waste.

What are Plastic Hotel Amenities and Their Implications?

Single-use toothbrush and amenities
Earlier, we talked about the plastic kits that you must have used at least once in your life during your stay in a spacious hotel. These plastic hotel amenities usually include combs, toothbrushes, plastic bottles, a razor, toothpaste, face washes, and face masks in some hotels. Most of the time, these plastic hotel amenities are given to you as per the hotel policy, which is why most people don’t carry things like combs and toothpaste when they travel.

A hotel kit makes some sense (not complete) when you stay there for a long time, say a week or more. However, your 24-hour stay at a hotel means that the plastic kit you used will now go to waste. It will most probably be thrown in a landfill or in an ocean where it will harm marine life. In fact, plastic hotel amenities as a whole don’t make any sense at all.

If you frequently visit a hotel, for various purposes, you get a plastic kit on every single visit. Imagine the monumental waste and its implications. According to some resources, during the peak tourism season, the garbage in the Mediterranian increases by a whopping 40%. So much so that researchers have stated that if by 2050, a more circular approach to plastic use in the tourism industry is not implemented, there will be more plastic in the sea than the fish.

Introducing Plastic-Free Hotel Amenities

Hotel's Plastic-free hotel amenities make a difference
Today, a number of hotels are going plastic-free. The plastic kits that these hotels once used to offer; they no longer do that today. Some places where the hotels have gone with plastic-free hotel amenities are as follows:

  1. Maldives
  2. London
  3. Australia

However, the question is: Is it only on the hotels and the tourism industry to go plastic-free? Well, that is not true. While the tourism realm sees humongous plastic waste, one must not forget that the industry thrives on people. Therefore, people are equally responsible. So, how can you as an individual avoid one-time plastic amenities on your stay at hotels?

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Stay in hotels that have gone with completely plastic-free hotel amenities
  2. Get your own amenities
  3. Leave suggestions to the hotel chain, asking for plastic-free hotel amenities. If enough customers ask for it, like any business, if there is a demand there will be a supply.

Bring your own amenities

Depending on people, some people are already doing this. Instead of using the hotel’s plastic-free amenities, you bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, and so on. And good job to you for bringing them! In fact, some hotels nowadays don’t provide amenities, you would be expected to bring your own or you would have to purchases them. However, that doesn’t solve the issue for hotels that provide amenities kits for the customers. This is why staying hotels that do have plastic-free hotel amenities is a great way to reduce plastic waste and make a difference.

Onmateria’s Green Box: Plastic-Free Hotel Amenity Kit

OnMateria's Green Box (Plastic-Free Hotel Amenities)
While sometimes, we just forgets to bring our own toothbrush and amenities kit. Therefore, the first way is more feasible: get in hotels that have plastic-free hotel amenities.

But there are hundreds of amenity kits out in the market that can be bought online. So, how can a hotel choose a better, reliable, and environment-friendly amenity kit for the visitors? There is a simple criterion for choosing the best plastic-free hotel amenity kit, and the criterion is this: a package made of compostable plastic that can be used in a circular business model by the hotels. Where the product would not produce plastic waste once it is done, and the end product can be made into other products or used as part of other materials, so it is not wasted.

Luckily, Onmateria’s Green Box meets the given criteria of plastic-free hotel amenities kits. As a kit, Green Box is more than just a plastic-free hotel amenities kit; it also educates the people/visitors about the threats that plastic can impose on our environment. Therefore, Green Box comes with a bin with every kit you buy. This spacious bin has two sections: the white part for the waste that contains bacteria and general waste, and the green part of the products that can be decomposed.

And now, here’s the best part about Onmateria’s Green Box: The green products, along with the rest of the hotel restaurant’s organic waste, will be composted in an industrial facility after refinement. Left with soil and bio-gas after ten weeks of methanisation process, this kit might have enough capacity to power a regular LED light bulb for over 27 hours. The remaining organic matter can be used as a soil fertilizer. Therefore, Onmateria’s Green Box comes with a complete package.

Find out more about OnMateria and Greenbox in our incoming exclusive interview! Stay tuned!!

Go Plastic-Free Hotel Amenities

The bottom line is that it is essential for the tourism industry to go for a more circular approach to using plastic, including plastic-free hotel amenities. Onmateria’s Green Box is a product that fits the circular approach. If incorporated, it can not only save marine life but also save the whole of the planet. The tourism industry is huge, and a transition to plastic-free hotel amenities is a necessity. Plastic-free hotel amenities are a must, and let’s hope hotel industries will see this and take a leap for more eco-friendly actions.
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Author: Monica Chang
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