What you need to know about Sustainable Development Goal 13


In 2015 the United Nations designed a set of 17 distinct goals with the incentive of bringing about a global development by 2030. All of these 17 goals serve different purposes and were uniquely created but in the longer run, they are all expected to bring about a revolution and betterment in the worlds global climate system and are supposed to make this planet and its resources more sustainable. In this article, we are going to talk about the Sustainable Development Goal 13. We will go into detail about the goal and so far what has done to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 13. Keep on reading to find out more!

What is the Sustainable Development Goal 13 about?

The greatest barrier faced by today’s generation in the journey of global climate prosperity is none other than the dominant issue of climate change. The truth is that if climate change continues to happen in its current rapid speed, planet earth will no longer be habitable and with no alternate planet being present as of yet, effective and quick action has become crucial. The sustainable development goal 13 is one of the steps that have been taken to acknowledge the need for this efficient action. So, this goal typically revolves around the ever-growing issue of climate action and its major incentive is to take prompt action and combat this climate change.

Why is this goal so important?

Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Change: Drought
Well the answer is simple, as hinted above, there is no country present across the globe currently that can claim to be free of the influence of climate change, and in fact right now most of the countries are going through an incredibly dangerous and questionable climatic change. Greenhouse gas emissions have reached increasingly high levels and global warming is creating deadly, long-lasting changes that are not only threatening the environment but are transforming our planet into a hostile and unhealthy place, particularly unfit for healthy human survival. Therefore, to suppress the damaging impacts caused by this rapid change, it became essential to establish and work on achieving this goal.
Not only this, climate change has also claimed the lives of thousands across the globe. It has been stated that 91% of the geo-physical disasters are attributed to climate change and has killed 1.3 million people, and has left 4.4 billion injured between the years 1998 and 2017.
Listed below are a few facts and figures that will help bring more clarity to this subject and will help you understand fully the urgency of this issue:

  • Sea levels have risen by about 20 cm (8 inches) since 1880 and are projected to rise another 30–122 cm (1 to 4 feet) by 2100
  • In order to limit global warming to 1.5C, it is essential for the global net CO2 emissions to drop to 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by2050, and failure to comply with the demand of such a reduction can lead to an even more deadly detoriation of the environment

What are Sustainable Development Goal 13’s set targets?

  • Inculcating and promoting a more resilient and responsible approach towards hazards and natural disasters caused by climate change
  • Integrating a set of systematic policies directed at introducing strategic planning to reduce the effects of climate change
  • Creating awareness regarding the gravity of the situation and shedding more light upon this issue on institutional basis
  • Addressing and helping developed countries recognize the need for sufficient funding by bringing about clear transparency regarding the implementation of the committed targets
  • Creating mechanisms aimed at raising awareness and promoting work and information that will help create an effective plan related to climate change and efficient management schemes to make it more practical and implementable

The proper implementation of these set goals and achievement of the desired targets will not only help make the environment more sustainable but will also generate a massive revenue that can then be invested in further development and sustainability programs. It has been claimed that as a result of the proper fulfillment of the designed rules, the energy sector alone will create 18 million more jobs by 2030 that will be focused mainly on the production and development of sustainable energy. This bold climate action could further lead to the generation of US$26 trillion and various other economic benefits, all by 2050.

What have we achieved so far?

Even though the process of the developments made as a result of the influence and impact of this goal was a very slow and gradual one, it cannot be denied that we as a global community have made significant progress over the past few years. Moreover, in 2019 around 120 developing countries came forward and volunteered to take part in activities aimed at achieving the sustainable development goal and have implemented many rules and regulations that were set as per the national adaptation plan.
Now after reading all the above-mentioned information and realizing the difficulties posed by climate change, you must be wondering what role you as an individual can play to contribute positively to the environment.

How to Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 13

Take action for Sustainable Development Goal 13
Well if you were, just continue reading and you will find out numerous ways to help!

  • Switch to 100% green power because around two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the burning of fossil fuels
  • Switch to usage of renewable energy resources
  • Save energy. Well, I know everyone says it, especially dads! But it really is very important and helps greatly in cutting out unwanted emissions
  • Select you dietary intake wisely. In the EU, meat and dairy production is responsible for 12-17% of its total greenhouse gas emissions and globally it is said that the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all transport vehicles combined! Pretty crazy, isn’t it?
  • Buy organic as it is not only healthier but growing organic food and vegetables is also beneficial for the environment
  • Stop using plastic! This is because almost every plastic is produced from fossil fuels and emits pretty generous amounts of greenhouse gases


Currently with the world being under a major crisis of climate change and its dreadful impact, the sustainable development goal 13 has come forward to bring in hope of a more sustainable future and is working efficiently to form the basis of a positive and sustainable climate action plan. If all the set targets of this goal are reached by 2030, the global community would finally be able to take a sigh of relief and the future generations will find planet earth a resourceful and healthy place for them.
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Author: Monica Chang
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