Sustainable & Reusable Makeup Remover + Face Halo Review


How often do you forget to remove your makeup at the end of the night and just fall asleep? We all know how bad it is to sleep with your makeup on, but removing makeup can be such a hassle sometimes. Don’t worry, reusable makeup remover will change your life. Yes, reusable makeup remover exists and they make removing makeup easier than ever. As a makeup lover myself, I find reusable makeup remover to be life-changing! Reusable makeup remover is super easy to use, it is also amazing if you want to reduce waste and be more sustainable. Keep on reading to find out why you should switch to a reusable makeup remover, and my review on Face Halo.

What is Reusable Makeup Remover?

Reusable Makeup Remover with a small pouch
Reuseable makeup remover is often a cloth that can remove makeup over and over. Reusable makeup remover allows you to keep on reusing 1 makeup remover without producing an excessive amount of waste. Unlike regular makeup remover wipes that are single-use and once you use them, they are trash. The reusable makeup removers are specially designed cloth or pads that can remove all makeup, dirt, and gunk off your face with minimal effort.

There are many different brands that came out with their own reusable makeup remover. But the basic idea of them is all similar, microfiber cloth or pads that are activated with water to help remove the makeup. However, unlike a regular makeup wipe, you can easily wash these cloth and pads by hand or with a washing machine and they will be clean again. You can repeatedly use it for months or even years. Think about how much less trash you have compared to throwing out single used makeup wipes and how easy it is to just add water and gently wipe over your face and makeup is gone!

How does reusable makeup remover work?

So, how does these amazing reusable makeup remover cloth or pads work? Well, each brand has its own special, unique technology, but overall the idea and concept are similar. Many brands use soft microfibers that are super fine and can easily reach all the pores and remove products that are layering on top. The superfine microfibers are different from the regular microfiber towel we use after the shower, these are specially designed to lift the makeup and debris from our face, and trap them so they don’t smear all over the face later on. By adding water, it softens the makeup for better removal. Once you soak the makeup remover in water, you can easily wring the water out and start using it. For very heavy-duty makeup, you might have to re-wet your reusable makeup remover cloth or pad and press for a few seconds, to soften the makeup for smoother removal. Trust me, it works and it is truly unbelievable that some makeup that is super-budget-proof can be so easily removed. It has made removing makeup so easy and honestly, I think more people should use it!

Why you need a reusable makeup remover

If everything above has not convinced you that you need a reusable makeup remover, I hope this section will. As a makeup lover and a big one, I wear a full face of makeup almost every day to work, with layers of primers, foundation, powder, and so on. Reusable makeup removers have truly made makeup removal super easy. Not only is it super easy to use, but there are also many other benefits:

  • It is great for the environment! > You can reduce so much waste, such as makeup cotton pads, or makeup wipes.
  • Reusable of course > You can easily wash off the makeup residue and it will be clean like new.
  • Machine washable > It is recommended you do a quick cleanse after you use it with some soap and water. And then once a week throw it into your washing machine with your clothes. It will come out looking new and clean. The Face Halo reusable makeup remover can be machine washed 200 times!
  • Budget-friendly > Even though initially reusable makeup remover might be a bit pricier compared to single-use makeup remover, they are definitely worth it. Oftentimes reusable makeup remover comes in a multi-pack. For example, Face Halo comes in 3. Also one Face Halo reusable makeup remover pad can last up to 200 wash cycles, so if you machine wash it once a week, that means 200 weeks! For months, you don’t need to buy makeup remover or wipes, you can save that money to get that eye shadow palette you’ve been wanting!
  • Travel-friendly > Since reusable makeup removers are just a piece of cloth or a microfiber pad, you can easily throw them into your suitcase or backpack. No need to worry about liquids spilling or airport security issues.
  • Super fast > With these, you just need wet, wring, wipe, and your makeup is gone. Super fast and easy to do for anyone.
  • Anti-aging > With the super soft microfiber, you can gently remove makeup without tugging your skin, thus preventing wrinkling.

Face Halo Review

Face Halo: Reusable Makeup Remover
Now let’s get to Face Halo Review, after doing some research, I decided to purchase the Face Halo reusable makeup remover.

As Face Halo’s website claimed, you just need to wet it and you can easily remove all the makeup and debris from your face, which is all true! It has made removing makeup super easy and fast for me. In addition, I find the Face Halo to be a very versatile product and I love it!

Here are the ways I use them:

  • As a washcloth when cleansing my face in the morning > Because the microfibers are so fine (100x finer than human hair), it can remove any debris, dirt, and oil that was accumulated on your face when you sleep. So I love to use it in the morning for a quick get-ready, it leaves my face feeling super clean.
  • Removing face masks > I don’t know about you, but I am really bad at washing off face masks once it is dry. I get water all over the sink, down my sleeves and it is embarrassing and annoying. But Face Halo has changed my life, by wetting it with some warm water it just gently glides over the face mask and removing it. No more water all over the sink or wet sleeves.
  • Use in conjunction with makeup removing balm for waterproof mascara > Waterproof mascara are one of the hardest things to remove, but with some removing balm or oil and the Face Halo, it is so simple. You might wonder, if you are already using the oil or balm why do you need Face Halo, well, the Face Halo not only removes the product, but the oily residue that is often left behind when using oily makeup remover. No more cloudy eyes.
  • Temporary Makeup Brush Cleaner > Sometimes when your favorite makeup brush is dirty and you forgot to wash or don’t have time, Face Halo can come to the rescue. It can remove the excess amount of makeup that is on your brush and allow you to use it. However, this is only recommended when you are in an emergency, I always recommend properly wash your brushes whenever possible.

Adding water to reusable makeup remover (face halo)
Now, do I recommend this product? Yes, I do! And for those of you wondering how ethical is it? Let us break it down together!

Face Halo  
Environmental Impact
  • It is reusable and reduces waste (500 makeup wipes).
  • Makeup wipes take up around 100 years to break down in landfills, with Face Halo, no more makeup wipes in landfills!
  • Face Halo has a program where you can turn in your old Face Halo, so it can be properly recycled or upcycled and repurposed for other uses! Which is create because it reduces the amount of carbon contribution when new products are being made!
  • Unfortunately, right now, the package of the Face Halo is still plastic, but it is a good thing that these plastics are recyclable! I am sure they will figure an, even more, eco friendly way to package in the future.
Non-toxic △ 
  • While using Face Halo, you just need water and no harsh chemicals or toxins which is amazing.
  • Unfortunately, there is little information on how the product is being made and if there are toxins in the process of making it. All we know is that the product itself is made in Korea with their special microfiber technology.
Human Rights
  • Recently, Face Halo launched their rainbow, Love is Love Face Halo, where 5% of the proceeds goes to Trevor Project.
  • #Pulluporshutup > with the recent Black Lives Matter movement, companies are transparent of their workers racial makeup. Even though Face Halo is predominately white, their transparency and promise to be better for diversity and inclusivity in their company and marketing is remarkable. Let’s hope that they can bump up the diversity in the near future
  • Face Halo also has over 50% of female-identifying workers and 50% in a leadership position. Which is great, even though the company itself is rather small.

Final Thoughts:

I really like Face Halo, and I like how the brand is constantly improving itself, with new products (Body Halo, Face Halo Pro, and the newest addition, Face Halo X). I recommend and would definitely repurchase, but since you can use it for so long it will take a while for my next repurchase. I am officially a reusable makeup remover supporter now, I want to try the different kinds of reusable makeup removers out there. There are many different reusable makeup removers available in the market, whether you buy from Face Halo or other brands, the important thing is that you are making a difference for the environment. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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P.S. This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions belong to me (Monica Chang). Product information is taken off of Face Halo’s official website.

This article has been updated on March 8th, 2021. Since the article first published, the brand has expanded with newer products and so on. My thoughts on the reusable makeup remover did not change. Reusable makeup removers, in general, are still amazing, and definitely recommend them as an item to have.

Author: Ethical Choice editorial team
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