Plant Power: 5 Incredible Vegan Food Companies to Check Out!


Being vegan hasn’t always been easy. Before meatless burgers and creamy cheese alternatives hit the shelves, there were very limited ways for plant-based eaters to kick their comfort food cravings without turning to animal products. Today, however, it’s a different story – and all thanks to the many incredible vegan food companies revolutionizing the plant-based market.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your vegan journey and looking for tried-and-tested companies to purchase from, or you’re simply searching for new vegan food companies to support and celebrate, here are five great vegan food suppliers you need to know about.

Five amazing vegan food companies you need to know about

Check out these 5 amazing vegan food companies that you should definitely try once!

Good Catch

Good Catch's Crab Cakes (1 of 5 vegan food companies)
Crab Cakes New England Style (Image Sourced from Official Site)
If you’ve watched Seaspiracy, you’ll know that the environmental effects of commercial fishing are extremely damaging. Luckily, there’s an ethical – and much more environmentally responsible – alternative to eating fish: tucking into a plate of Good Catch! A plant-based company dedicated to producing the tastiest vegan fish, Good Catch uses chickpeas, lentils, fava beans, and other legumes to replicate the taste and texture of seafood.

From their fish-free tuna to their plant-based crab cakes, Good Catch wants to make sure vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the taste of the ocean – without harming it! They believe in protecting and preserving marine life through plants, but they don’t stop there. Brothers and founders Chad and Derek Sarno are committed to producing only eco-conscious vegan food products, which means they also say no to palm oil.


Vivera's Garlic Kiev
Garlic Kieve (Image Sourced from Official Site)
Vivera’s motto is “more life, less meat”, which certainly sums up the vegan way of doing things! It’s an ethos they’ve been promoting since the 1990s when they first started developing plant-based meat alternatives that never compromise on flavor. Vivera believes that by creating truly delectable vegan products, they can encourage people around the globe to switch their habits and enjoy a kinder and more compassionate way of life.

It’s certainly easier to promote the benefits of plant power when your products are as tasty as Vivera’s! Whether you try their southern-fried chicken-style nuggets or their plant-based garlic kiev, you’ll be blown away by how flavorsome every bite is. Vivera even offers plenty of vegan recipes to try in the kitchen, with plant-based alternatives to dishes from every corner of the world.

Fry Family Food

Fry-Family Vegan Food
Traditional Burger (Image Sourced from Official Site)
If you’re looking for a vegan food company that is truly committed to protecting animals against harm through great-tasting products, it’s time to check out Fry Family Food! Since 1991, Fry Family Food has been using its mouth-watering meat alternatives to promote the vegan lifestyle – and have calculated just how many lives they’ve saved by doing so. In 2019, they estimate that Fry Family Food products saved almost 650,000 chickens, 10,000 pigs, and almost 12,000 cows – alongside three million prawns.

If you’d like to be amongst the people choosing Fry Family Food over animal products, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a whole range of impossibly appetizing goods to choose from. This includes vegan schnitzel, pea protein mince, mock steak pies, and a whole selection of burgers and sausages. Which will you choose?


Oumph! Kebab vegan food
Kebab (Image Sourced from Official Site)
An increasing number of people now adopt a vegan lifestyle in order to minimize the environmental footprint of their favorite foods – and Oumph! is here to help out. Oumph! uses 100% plant protein from beans to provide a much more environmentally responsible alternative to animal products, by creating delicious and realistic imitation meat. Their products are good for the planet, great for your health, and brilliant for your taste buds!

If there’s nothing more enticing to you than a vegan barbeque, you’ll love Oumph!’s range of mock burgers, kebabs, and skewers. You’ll also be able to tuck into their pulled pork-style protein, meatless meatballs, and chicken-style chunks, which make a fantastic addition to tacos and salads! Every item is seasoned to perfection, so no matter which products you try or recipes you cook them in, you’re bound to fall in love with this innovative vegan food company.

Miyoko’s Creamery

Vegan food companies: Dairy - Miyoko's Creamery
Organic Cashew Milk Mozzarella (Image Sourced from Official Site)
Of course, when you go vegan, meat isn’t the only animal product you choose to live without. You also give up dairy, which means saying goodbye to many delicious products – including butter, cheese, chocolate and ice cream. Yet, with help from Miyoko’s Creamery, you needn’t say goodbye at all! Miyoko’s Creamery is a truly inventive vegan food company specializing in cheese and butter that is just as creamy as their non-plant-based counterparts.

From cinnamon and raisin-flavored vegan cream cheese to cultured vegan butter that tastes and melts exactly like the real thing, Miyoko’s Creamery offers every plant-based dairy alternative that your kitchen (and taste buds) could possibly need.

What are your favorite vegan food companies?

Going vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up great-tasting, diverse, and nutritionally balanced food. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With a vegan diet, and the help of vegan food companies like the five listed above, inviting flavorsome and 100% plant-based ingredients into your diet have never been so simple.

Which vegan food companies do you think are revolutionizing the world of vegan food? We’re always looking for great recommendations.
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