Delicious Vegan Holiday Desserts to Enjoy This Wonderful Season


After a hearty meal, there is no greater comfort than indulging in a sweet treat. The festive season is the ideal time to do this, as there are so many great puddings and desserts to enjoy! What’s more, so many of them can be made vegan quickly and easily. With just a few simple ingredient swaps, there’s no reason why you can’t embrace the spirit of Christmas and New Year with tasty desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so tantalize your taste buds with these five delicious vegan holiday desserts! We don’t need presents under the tree this Christmas; just some mouth-watering plant-based treats.

Embrace the holiday season with these five vegan holiday desserts!

So let’s look at these amazing 5 vegan holiday desserts!

Vegan Holiday Dessert #1: Mince pies with a dusting of icing sugar

There’s no mince in these pies – we promise! These quintessential holiday pies are actually packed with a flavorsome combination of spices and dried fruits (including apples, raisins, and cherries). The pie casing is traditionally made using butter and egg, but these can be substituted with coconut oil and a splash of your favorite plant-based milk.

Once you have baked your vegan mince pies until golden brown, sprinkle them with a light dusting of icing sugar for the finishing touch! This extra burst of sweetness will pair beautifully with the flaky pastry and zesty dried fruit.

Top tip: Serve your mince pies with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Heat some cocoa powder in a pan with your favorite plant-based milk (hazelnut milk works particularly well) and a dash of vanilla extract. Top with cinnamon for extra depth!

Yummy Egg-free eggnog with whipped coconut cream

Vegan Holiday Dessert: Vegan Eggnog
A highly traditional holiday drink, eggnog unfortunately isn’t vegan. However, it’s possible to capture the flavors and creaminess of this classic tipple without using egg or milk. Best enjoyed next to a roaring fire with a plate of lebkuchen in hand, vegan eggnog will certainly lift your spirits this season.

Simply mix sweetened plant-based milk with coconut cream, cinnamon, and as much maple syrup as you would like. Then, fold the mixture together with bourbon and crushed ice and serve in your favorite glass! For a non-alcoholic version, swap the bourbon for lashings of vanilla extract and brown sugar.

Top tip: If you have any coconut cream leftover, whisk until whipped and layer scoops on top of your eggnog. Crushed hazelnuts and a sprinkling of cinnamon will also take this drink to new heights!

Adventurous Vegan Holiday Dessert: Chocolate and orange avocado mousse with hazelnuts

See in the New Year with sophisticated chocolate and orange avocado mousse. With a cloud-like consistency and rich cocoa flavor, this mousse is the perfect vegan holiday dessert to impress your loved ones. It’s also much healthier than traditional chocolate mousse with a nutritional base of avocado, a buttery fruit packed with monounsaturated fats, carotenes, and antioxidants.

To prepare this velvety dessert, whisk ripe avocados with cocoa powder, melted dark chocolate, a splash of orange juice and some maple syrup to sweeten! Simply blend in a food processor and spoon into bowls to serve. Whether you are preparing a decadent treat for yourself or guests, rest assured this will soon become your new favorite vegan dessert!

Top tip: For extra zest, grate fresh orange rind for the top of each mousse. Scatter some crushed hazelnuts and enjoy with a glass of egg-free eggnog!

Apple and cranberry crumble with dairy-free ice cream

Delicious Apple, Cranberry Crumble (vegan holiday dessert)
Crumble is a truly comforting winter warmer that can be adapted to suit every dietary requirement. To give the classic fruit crumble a holiday feel, stew sliced apple and cranberries in brown sugar and add a dash of red wine to the season! The tartness of the fruit combined with the buttery crumble topping will certainly leave you reaching for a second serving.

For the crumble, rub together dairy-free butter with flour, sugar, and oats and layer on top of the apple and cranberry filling. Dust with a light layer of nutmeg and cinnamon and bake until golden. This is the perfect vegan holiday dessert for a cozy night spent with your loved ones.

Top tip: Serve your festive crumble with vegan banana ice cream. To make this dairy-free accompaniment, simply freeze chopped banana and blitz in a food processor until whipped and creamy!

Last Vegan Holiday Dessert: Christstollen with spiced glühwein

Christstollen is the ultimate vegan holiday dessert to bring warmth and merriment into your home. Ideal for a post-dinner treat on Christmas Day or as a table centerpiece at a celebratory New Year’s Eve party, this traditional German fruit bread will leave you feeling nourished and warm from the inside out! This dessert is typically made with butter but it works just as well with dairy-free spread alternative.

Simply choose your favorite dried fruits and stir into your bread dough with a generous serving of almonds and cinnamon. Most Christstollen recipes will include marzipan, but you can replicate this flavor without the dairy by folding in an extra portion of crushed almonds. A drizzle of vanilla essence will also bring out the sweetness of this dish!

Top tip: Complement your Christstollen with a mug of authentic German glühwein! Heat red wine, a dash of rum, slices of orange and fresh cinnamon for a truly aromatic punch.

Have a Great Holiday!

End the year with a selection of mouth-watering vegan holiday desserts and embrace every flavor this season has to offer. Whether you have a penchant for whipping up chocolate mousse or you would like to welcome festive cheer into your home with an icing sugar-topped Christstollen, the holiday season is the time to get creative.

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