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There is much more to living an ethical lifestyle than preparing wholesome, plant-based food – although this is a significant part of it! To minimize your environmental impact and promote compassion for every species, you also need to evaluate your bathroom habits. This means swapping chemical-heavy and animal-tested toiletries for vegan shower products.

Giving your bathroom a planet and animal-friendly update doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your toiletries. Many brands now offer beautifully-scented vegan shower products that will leave your hair and skin feeling and looking nourished!

Choosing cruelty-free toiletries truly can enhance your shower experience, and with so many options available, finding the perfect combination of products doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Find gorgeous vegan shower products that are kind to animals, the planet, and your body

Before we begin, let’s consider what constitutes a vegan shower product. Vegan toiletries are those that don’t contain animal or insect-derived ingredients and which haven’t been developed using animal testing. A product can have a vegan ingredients list but may have been tested on animals, so it’s important to find toiletries that tick both boxes. We want the choose the most ethical option, so vegan shower products that don’t test animals are the best.

The easiest way to check whether a product is both vegan and cruelty-free is to purchase from dedicated vegan brands. Doing so can help to ensure that your shower routine is as ethical as possible!

Not every shower product will be labeled, so you may want to become familiar with reading packages and ingredients lists. Some of the non-vegan ingredients to avoid include honey, beeswax, carmine, keratin, collagen, glycerin, lanolin, oleic acid, and shellac (Chiorando, 2020).

Enhance your bathroom experience with cruelty-free vegan shower products

Today, many companies have realized the importance of offering toiletries to suit every lifestyle, largely because more people than ever before are making eco-friendly changes to their bathroom regime. A 2015 study even found that ‘not tested on animals’ is the most important packaging claim for toiletries consumers (Postlewhite, 2018).

To update your bathroom, start by considering these three essential shower products: soap, shampoo, and conditioner. However, you might also want to consider the razors you buy; not many people realize that some razors contain lanolin, so double-check next time you purchase any hair removal product.

You can reduce your ecological impact further by avoiding non-recyclable packaging as much as possible. The planet is currently facing a plastic crisis, and with the amount of plastic polluting our oceans set to triple by the year 2040, it has never been more pressing to make responsible choices (Parker, 2020).

To help you find revitalising vegan shower products that don’t harm animals or the planet, here are three incredible brands to shop from!

Dreamy vegan shower products from three amazing brands

Evolve Beauty: Vegan Shower Product (superfood shine natural shampoo)
Image sourced from Evolve Beauty’s Official Website

Evolve Beauty’s Vegan Shower Products

With cruelty-free shower products from Evolve Beauty, you’ll want to listen to the pitter-patter of the shower for hours on end! Refreshing, moisturizing and enriched with gentle fragrances, Evolve Beauty’s skin and haircare range is guaranteed to make the bathroom your favorite room in the house.

Each product is formulated using only vegan, biodegradable, and GMO-free elements, so you can enjoy the lather of these luxurious creams and soaps without compromising your environmental efforts. What’s more, they only use glass, cardboard, and recyclable plastic packaging, so you don’t need to worry about clogging up your bathroom bin with waste that will only end up in a local landfill site.

No matter what your bathroom routine looks like, Evolve Beauty has the formula for you. Why not infuse your next shower with the delicious scents of fruit and aloe vera with their organic Pomegranate and Goji Aromatic Wash?

Sukin Natural Body Wash
Image sourced from Sukin Naturals’ Official Website

Carbon Neutral: Sukin Naturals

To leave your hair and skin feeling silky-smooth after every wash, it’s time to welcome Sukin Naturals into your bathroom! Another completely vegan brand, bathing with Sukin Naturals gives you total peace of mind that your shower regime is ethical and free from harmful practices.

In addition to using all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, this innovative company has also achieved carbon neutral status! This means that they offset destructive greenhouse gas emissions to ensure their range of beauty products doesn’t exist to the detriment of the planet.

Catering to all skincare and hair types, Sukin Naturals will revolutionize your next shower. To give your hair the boost it deserves, try their sulfate and silicone-free Hydrating Shampoo.

Vegan Shower Product: Vegan soap bar from The Body Shop
Image Sourced from The Body Shop’s Official Website

The Body Shop: The Affordable Option

For affordable skin and hair care to leave you feeling energized after every shower, fall in love with The Body Shop! With an expansive range of vegan shower products, they have everything you need to prepare for the morning ahead or wind down at the end of a busy day.

Approximately half of The Body Shop’s cosmetics are vegan, with a wide range of exfoliation scrubs, zesty shower gels, and hair-replenishing shampoo and conditioners. Each product is packaged in recycled plastic and blended with carefully selected ingredients to help you bathe responsibly and sustainably.

For an invigorating all-in-one solution, why not try The Body Shop’s Lemon Purifying Hair & Body Wash? The lemon-scented steam from your shower will help to kickstart your morning and prepare you for whatever comes your way!

Give yourself the spa treatment with ethical and sustainable vegan shower products

To improve your shower routine while minimizing your global impact, it’s time to find beautifully-fragranced and expertly-crafted vegan shower products. Whether you’re looking for vegan soap or vegan shampoo and conditioner, keep our top tips and brand recommendations in mind to simplify your search and elevate your beauty regime.

Let’s find your favorite vegan shower product together!
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