Happy World Vegan Day, Let’s try something new!


Many of us have friends or family members that are vegans or know someone who is vegan. In addition, in recent years, many people have decided to become a vegan. With the rise of vegan or people who are on a plant-based diet, no meat, no dairy products, no eggs, or any animal derived products, it is good to take a look at them. Especially on the World Vegan Day.

For those of you who have never heard of World Vegan Day, don’t worry, we will take a deep dive into what is World Vegan Day and what you can do to participate. Even if you are not a vegan you can still participate in World Vegan Day or try something new. So let’s get started and learn more about World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day is all about trying new dishes
Every year on November 1st, many countries around the world celebrate World Vegan Day. It is not a day just for vegans to show off, but on World Vegan Day, people take a look at their progress and raise awareness to many issues that the world is currently facing. Which is why World Vegan Day is an important day and one day where people should learn more about. World Vegan Day is a day to encourage people to take a chance and maybe try out a vegan restaurant or dish.

The Meaning Behind World Vegan Day

On World Vegan Day, vegans would celebrate by sharing their vegan tips and their everyday life and of course, their accomplishments. But in addition, on World Vegan Day is about raising awareness to the treatment of animals, the ethical issue of mass livestock, the environmental effects of having livestock and so on. There are many reasons why one individual would choose to be vegan and on World Vegan Day is the perfect day to share and spread the word about veganism.

The Origin of Vegan Day

You must be wondering when World Vegan Day started and how it started? World Vegan Day was started by the Vegan Society, which is a group that was created by Donald Watson. It was November 1944 that Donald Watson came up with the word vegan. And from then on, Vegan was the thing. It was until later that the Vegan Society began to celebrate World Vegan Day which is designated on November 1st of each year, in addition, the Vegan Society also celebrates Vegan month, which is also the month of November. So if you are interested, you should definitely check it out and or even participate in it.

How to Celebrate Vegan Day

If you are vegan, share your thoughts, your vegan journey on World Vegan Day. By sharing how you started out as a vegan on World Vegan Day is a great way to encourage more people to be vegan or treat vegan food. Show the benefits and the hardships about being vegan. Also, show some delicious vegan recipes or food with others, oftentimes being vegan have an image of being a little bit more expensive and hard to make. So by sharing your vegan recipes or going to snack on World Vegan Day is very helpful.

If you are not a vegan, you can still celebrate World Vegan Day! First of all, find out why some people choose to be vegan. And see if it is something you want to improve on or would like to try out, maybe World Vegan Day is the day to start. In addition, there will be many people with you, sharing their journey and their hacks on how to be vegan and why you should be vegan.
If being vegan is nothing something you are ready for or sure about, no worries. You can also just try vegan food and vegetarian options. You will be surprised how delicious vegan food can be. World Vegan Day is the perfect day to try out some vegan dishes and food. If you end up liking it, that’s great, you now have a vegan option that you can choose to eat to reduce some meat consumption, which is definitely better than nothing.

Vegans and Future

There are many options for vegan dishes
Veganism is definitely staying and more and more people will become vegans, which is great! For those of you who are vegan, that is amazing! For those of you who are not, that is ok too, maybe one day you will find being vegan is fine. But it is important to know that not all people are suitable for being vegan, and that’s fine too, because they can do other things to help with the same ethical or environmental cause or just try to eat less meat than before. The important thing about World Vegan Day is that we are celebrating some delicious vegan dishes and trying out new things

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Author: Monica Chang
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