8 Products You’ll want for a Zero-Waste Bathroom

Zero Waste

Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle all at once is quite a task. However, we can take one step at a time. So if you are confused about where to begin, then why not look into your bathroom? There are a lot of daily-use bathroom products that are doing more harm than good. But, you can still strive for an eco-friendly bathroom by exploring a range of zero-waste products. Let’s take a look at how to make your bathroom into a zero-waste bathroom.

For ease, we have compiled a list of zero-waste products for you, that will help you adopt sustainable living and have the perfect zero waste bathroom.

Guide to Zero-Waste Bathroom

replacing with bamboo toothbrush for zero-waste bathroom
As mentioned, it is hard to suddenly switch to an eco-friendly and zero-waste lifestyle. However, with the following products, you can slowly swap them out to create your zero-waste bathroom with ease.

Zero-waste bathroom #1: Switch to “Bamboo Toothbrushes”

Bamboo toothbrushes are gaining popularity because they come in plastic-free packaging, have bamboo handles, and nylon or natural fibers that provide them the same strength as plastics.

It has been observed that over a billion toothbrushes are disposed of in landfills and it takes almost 1000 years for them to be decomposed. Therefore, to contribute towards a plastic-free planet and to avoid a Bamboo toothbrush is the right choice.

Besides being biodegradable, bamboo toothbrushes can also make your bathrooms look classier by giving them an aesthetic look. So what else is stopping you to make your bathroom become zero-waste? Why not try switching to a bamboo toothbrush to beginning your zero-waste bathroom journey.

Try Shampoo Bars

Finding a product that best suits your hair is an arduous task. But, coconut shampoo bars can help you have strong, shiny, and dandruff-free hair coupled with rapid growth.

The natural, chemical-free, bars could serve as a great replacement for bottled shampoo. They not only help minimize plastic waste but also reduce the disposal of toxic chemicals in the waterways.

Soapbox Store offers shampoo bars containing coconut oil and shea butter. The natural ingredients will strengthen and nourish your hair without causing harm. Another benefit of using these coconut bars is that there would be no need to use a conditioner because these bars tend to make hair soft and silky. Thus it can save more money.

Cleanse your body with Natural Soap Bars

bar of soap on a wooden dish
Soaps usually come with synthetic chemicals and plastic packaging, making them harmful both to our bodies and the environment. Therefore, using natural soap bars could be one of the ways to have zero-waste products in your bathroom.

The natural soap bars are economical, chemical-free, and come in plastic-free packaging. You might want to give a try to Native’s coconut and vanilla soap bars that are made with natural plant extracts and are free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Wooden Soap Dish

Now that you have thought of replacing the synthetic soap bar with a natural one, here comes the idea of placing that onto the wooden soap dish instead of plastic soap racks.

The wooden soap dishes can make natural soap bars dry quickly and will also enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Zero-waste wooden soap dishes by BrooklynMadeNatural provide you with an all-natural experience as they are crafted from raw wood and are not coated with any lacquer.

If a wooden soap dish doesn’t fit your zero-waste bathroom style, ceramic or stainless steels ones are just as good!

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper: Simple Zero-waste bathroom swap

Bamboo made Toilet Paper
The toilet paper that we generally use is made from trees. Thus causing climate change and loss of habitat for most of the species. Also, the production of toilet paper requires great electricity consumption.

Few of the brands that make environment-friendly and sustainable toilet papers include Reel tree-free toilet papers which make chemical-free bamboo paper.

Eco-friendly toilet papers are 100% biodegradable. So, let’s swap our tissue papers for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Recyclable Shower Curtain

Most of the bathrooms have PVC shower curtains that are potential sources of indoor pollutants like volatile organic compounds which can pose a serious threat to human health. As these curtains can not be recycled everywhere, it is better to replace them with eco-friendly curtains made from hemp or jute.

Besides being water repellant, the organic and natural materials are also antibacterial so they inhibit both bacterial and fungal growth. What a great find for your zero-waste bathroom.

Wooden Shower Mat

Typical mats that are used in bathrooms can cause foot allergies when wet feet are placed on a dusty mat. Besides that, the plastic fibers of the mat do not degrade and either get discharged in drains or become a source of microplastic dust.

A definite zero waste solution is to keep a wooden shower mat. It will not only dry faster but also be safer for human health and the environment.

Safety Razors

Bamboo safety razors are a perfect zero waste swap that can provide a great shaving experience for both men and women. The razors often come with blades that are irritation-free and pose no risks for blade-cut.

Or you can also try a long-lasting metal razor blade for your zero-waste bathroom.

Before switching to zero-waste bathroom

zero-waste bathroom sink
No matter what product you wish to replace, there is a zero-waste swap available for all bathroom products. Start small and slowly work towards a zero-waste bathroom. Used up the current product and properly dispose of it before you switch to the zero-waste bathroom. Also, it is also if you didn’t like the new switch and go back, what matters is you taking the time and effort to look for zero-waste options and making ethical choices.

So, pledge today for a safer, healthier, and sustainable tomorrow. Explore the products around you and start buying eco-friendly alternatives for sustainable living. Don’t wait for tomorrow, the zero-waste products are just a click away.
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Author: Monica Chang
Started my ethical journey in 2010. Always looking for better options for me and the environment.