10 Amazing Zero Waste Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Zero Waste

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones is already a difficult task. But finding zero waste gifts they would like to receive, sounds even more complicated! As a conscious consumer, you don’t want to gift something that will end up as waste or forgotten in a cardboard box!
Zero waste gifts are a great opportunity to get creative and come up with something that the other person will actually enjoy. Besides, they could help you promote a sustainable lifestyle!
If you want to gift a meaningful present without producing waste, keep reading to find 10 amazing zero waste gifts!

What are Zero Waste Gifts?

When you look for a zero waste gift, you should take into consideration the amount of waste it could produce. You think about packaging, shipping, wrapping, and durability. In other words, zero waste gifts produce minimal or no waste at all!
Zero waste gifts are things or experiences you gift to your loved ones without sending materials to landfills or incinerators. Additionally, when you choose a product as a zero waste gift, it should be useful and durable, edible, or compostable. With this, you will make sure it won’t end up as a waste!
You could also gift products that promote zero waste living, like reusable alternatives to single-use plastics!

10 Amazing Zero Waste Gifts

A variety of zero waste gift: straws, utensils, reusable water bottle, bag
Before choosing a zero waste gift, make sure to know more about the things your loved ones like or need. As a result, it will be easier to choose something meaningful to them. Check the following zero waste gifts to get some inspiration:

Zero Waste Gift #1: Reusable Straw

Gifting reusable straws to friends or family members is the easiest way to introduce them to the plastic pollution problem. There are many types of reusable straw, such as metal, glass, bamboo, paper, and silicone. It’s a great product to explain the problem. Moreover, it’s useful to show them that they can be part of the solution by taking small actions like refusing plastic straws!

Homemade Edible Gifts

If you like to bake or cook, your loved ones will probably be glad to taste some of your delicious creations! They will appreciate the time you put into cooking or baking for them and you will save money too!
It’s a great zero waste gift because it will be an edible present and you won’t need paper wrapping or plastic packaging. You can use glass jars, reusable containers, or cardboard boxes.

The common zero waste gift: Reusable Bags

You can also gift a few reusable bags to your loved ones and encourage them to ditch plastic bags once and for all! If they still use plastic bags, they might not know that plastic bags are the deadliest plastic item found in the ocean (Readfern).
So, reusable bags are great zero waste gifts to prevent new plastic bags from affecting wildlife!

Experience Gifts

You don’t necessarily need to gift physical presents to your loved ones. In fact, they could prefer having a great memorable day with you rather than getting something they won’t use. This is a fantastic idea to give some unique and fun zero waste gifts! You could spend a day at a spa together, go hiking, have a picnic day, or any other activity! Personally, this is one of my favorite types of gifts to give, a memorable event and some photos.

Reusable Water Bottle

Another useful item you could gift to promote a sustainable lifestyle is a reusable water bottle. The other person could use it to stay hydrated while exercising, going on a trip, or even better, on a day-to-day basis!
With this gift, your loved ones could avoid plastic bottles, which take more than 450 years to degrade (Parker)!


Houseplants are a great gift for those who are avid gardeners and even for those who aren’t. Having plants is a great opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate it more. Besides, they will add a nice touch to their houses!
There are different plants you can choose to gift and you won’t need to use packaging because they already look great! Unlike cut flowers, this zero waste gift could last for years!

Digital Subscription

Unlike physical gifts, digital gifts won’t produce any waste. For that reason, they’re one of the best zero waste gifts you could choose. If you would like to opt for a digital gift, you should consider gifting a digital subscription to a streaming platform. Make sure to find out what streaming platform the other person would like to use!

Perfect zero waste gift for her: Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable makeup remover pads are a great zero waste gift to help others have an eco-friendly grooming routine. Most people use disposable cotton pads or wipes to remove their makeup or clean their skin, but these options produce too much waste. So, reusable makeup remover pads are a useful gift so they can take care of the environment and save money!
If you are interested in a detailed review and article about a reusable makeup remover, I got you!

Gift Certificate for Lessons

Another amazing zero waste gift is giving gift certificates that allow your loved ones to take some lessons or classes. You could help them improve their skills or learn something new!
When choosing an activity, think about their hobbies, current skills, aspirations, and so on! You could give a gift certificate for cooking classes, guitar lessons, dancing classes, or anything else you can think of!

Donation to an Organization

Sometimes, people tell you that they don’t want to receive a gift. In that case, it might be a good idea to donate money or supplies to an organization on their behalf. Make sure to donate to causes that matter to them, like children’s education, environmental projects, animal protection, or any other!

What kind of zero waste gifts do you like?

Zero waste gift - a plant is a perfect choice
Zero waste gifts are a great opportunity to get creative and show others that it’s possible to prevent waste and gift something meaningful! Remember that the best zero waste gift is the one that is both sustainable and able to make your loved one happy!
What are some zero waste gifts you would like received? You can start your wishlist by checking out this list of zero waste products.
If you are avid about zero waste, find out more about zero waste and how to start your zero waste life here!

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Author: Monica Chang
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