Zero Waste Movement: Everything You Need to Know

Zero Waste

As the world becomes more aware of climate change and other environmental issues that have been going on. We become acquainted with the phrase zero waste or the zero waste movement. However, many of us don’t actually know what the zero waste movement is about or how it comes up and about. So today, in this article, we will be sharing about the zero waste movement. From how the zero waste movement started to key figures. At the end of the article, you will understand the zero waste movement and want to be a part of the zero waste movement.

Zero Waste Movement

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So what is the zero waste movement? For those of you that don’t know, the zero waste movement is based on the idea of reducing the amount of waste you produce to zero, and reducing the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill. Zero waste to landfill is a goal that many people who are part of the zero waste movement are trying to achieve. Since the amount of waste that already exists in landfills is tremendous. Plus, the increasing amount of trash causing significant consequences on the environment.

Zero waste movement might sound easy, but in reality, it can be quite a hard task. In order to become zero waste, there are some harsh decisions you have to make that might be a drastic change in your life. Such as refusing to use any plastic or disposable utensils, stop shopping at fast fashion retailers if possible. However, every step you take towards reducing your waste is a huge step.

Zero Waste Movement’s Origin

You must be wondering where did this idea come from? Where did the zero waste movement come from, who started it? Well, it is hard to pinpoint exactly who and where it was created, however, the zero waste movement is definitely not something that is brand new. In fact, scientists and environmental activists have been aware of the zero waste movement for a long time, and hope to raise more awareness to it. However, in the past few years the amount of trash that has accumulated and causing significant environmental issues, zero waste movement have become more prominent. The modern zero waste lifestyle was started by a French-American woman, Bea Johnson, who currently resides in California. She and her family’s zero waste journey blog blew up and more and more people joined the zero waste movement or zero waste lifestyle.

Zero Waste Movement’s Ultimate Goal

The zero waste movement hopes that we can reduce the amount of waste that ends in landfills or being discarded improperly causing environmental consequences. The amount of trash that we produce is a crazy amount every single day and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop or decrease anytime sooner. With all this trash ending up in landfills, which not only takes up a lot of space, but it destroys the environment through creating the dumpsite, contaminating the soil, and contributing to climate changes through greenhouse gases. With all these factors, going zero waste or reducing waste is a big change and one more person should take part in it.

Zero waste for the Environment

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Join the zero waste movement is for the environment, at the same time, it could be very much about your life too. As mentioned above, the amount of trash is causing significant problems for the environment. With all sorts of trash being dumped together out in the wild, the items become broken down and sometimes they contain harmful chemicals. With the dumpster being out in the open, the rain would often wash the chemicals into the soil and cause soil contamination. In addition, food waste would be mixed into the landfill. Instead of properly composting, the food waste is being trapped by plastics and metal with no air, thus creating methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas. With the excess amount of methane being released into the atmosphere, there is a high possibility that climate change speeds up and becomes even more drastic.

For many people, the zero waste movement is a great change for their life. With the zero waste movement, one becomes much more minimalist, there can be significantly less clutter because you start to reduce the amount you buy and declutter many things that you no longer need by donating or selling second hand. In addition, joining the zero waste lifestyle can also mean you are saving money, saving money by only buying necessities, selling second hand products, thrift shopping, cooking more, and many DIY projects. The zero waste movement’s ultimate goal is for the environment, however, individuals’ lives can be changed for the better.

Join the movement!

Now that you know all about the zero waste movement, what do you think? I hope that this article has encouraged you to look at zero waste more, maybe even start your own zero waste lifestyle. If you are thinking about starting your own zero waste lifestyle, we got the perfect articles for you, Zero waste lifestyle and why you should start, and 10 easy hacks for zero waste beginners. I hope you enjoyed this article!

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