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Zero Waste

Feels like there is clutter at home? Tired of having too many plastic products that you have to constantly replenish? Well, you need zero waste products! Zero waste products will solve your problems with decluttering and organizing your house and life. Not only is zero waste products good for decluttering, but it is also great for the environment! Why not kill two birds with one stone, zero waste products!
Not sure what zero waste products are? Don’t worry, this article will help you understand zero waste and share some amazing zero waste products that would be life changing.

What is Zero Waste?

1 Jar of trash: ultimate zero waste goal

So first thing is first, what is zero waste? Zero waste is the idea to reduce waste, especially single use waste for environmental concerns, to produce zero amount of waste. The source of this idea is based on the fact that our landfills are filled with waste and every day only more waste is being created and it is causing a lot of damage to the environment and our earth. The idea of zero waste is to encourage people to be more cautious about our waste and it often refers to a new way of lifestyle where the individual tries to produce as little waste as possible, by properly disposing trash (recycling or rotting), reducing and replacing single use products and reusing, repurpose products we already have. While it might be impossible to be 100% zero waste, there are people who can get real close. In fact, one lady was able to reduce her waste down to 1 jar of waste in one year, incredible right?

Zero Waste Products are?

So now that we know what zero waste means, I think it is much easier for us to understand what zero waste product means. Zero waste products are here to help you produce zero waste. Zero waste products will help you reduce your single use waste. Other benefits of having zero waste products are they can be money saving and they are long lasting. Don’t worry, zero waste products are nothing crazy, they can be very affordable and chances are you already have them. An example of zero waste products would be a reusable water bottle, which most of us already have. But instead of just displaying, maybe we should actually use it. By using a water bottle, we are reducing the amount of single use water bottles waste and the money we spend buying a bottle of water each time. Now let’s take a look together at some great zero waste products that you should have.

Zero Waste Product Recommendation

These are 5 zero waste products you should get and if you have a great!

Zero waste product that can save marine life

A reusable shopping bag! I am sure many of us already have one. If not you could either buy an eco bag. There are so many options nowadays for a shopping bags, there are ones that can be folded up into something tiny, there are super lightweight bags, and there are ones that are waterproof. By using a reusable shopping bag, you are significantly reducing the amount of plastic bag waste being produced. Oftentimes these plastic bags ends up in landfills or the ocean and get eaten by turtles, which can lead to death and malnutrition for the turtles.
If you want to be even more environmentally conscious, use an old tote bag or a cloth bag that you already own. Not only are you saving money, you are also making a zero waste choice.

Reusable Food Wraps

We use a lot of plastic wraps every day and it makes sense they are so easy to use and affordable. However, it can be a lot of waste, so here is a zero waste product replacement, reusable food wraps! Many of these reusable food wraps are made with ethical materials and they can be used multiple times for a long time. Save money and reduce waste! Plus they have some really beautiful patterns too!

Zero Waste Straws

Reusable straws are another great zero waste product option. There are many kinds of reusable straws. There’s glass, silicone, and metal straws that you can use as long as you want. In addition, there are also different sizes for the straws, so if you like boba, there is a straw for you too.

Cleaning Zero Waste Product

Bar of soap! Yes, buying a solid bar of soap can reduce the amount of plastic waste produced compared to liquid soap. This could be dish soap, body soap, or just hand soap. In addition, you can even DIY make your own soap, which is also really fun!

Reusable Swabs

In recent years, reusable cotton swabs are going around and they are definitely a zero waste product that you should check out. Just like plastic bags, cotton swabs or q-tips can end up in the ocean or some marine animal’s body. Especially because q-tips are relatively small and they can have easily transferred and many do end up in the sea and harming marine animals, it is best we try reusable q-tips, so we can reduce some waste and save some money too.

Time to Shop Ethically!

zero waste products: bottles, eco bag and more
There are many more zero waste products available! Don’t worry, more articles will come and we will be sharing a lot more amazing products with you. But before then, you can easily find zero waste products just by googling. However, understanding zero waste and embodying it is much more important than buying new zero waste products are.

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Author: Monica Chang
On my own ethical journey since 2010. Always happy to learn more!